TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round#2 Poll#7

Of the following songs, which 4 are the best?

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The 7th poll on the 27th for a website primarily for fans of Final Fantasy 7!!!!!!! :megusta:

This is Poll #7 of Round 2 of the TLS Ranks FF Songs event! Please, limit yourself to choosing your top four songs from this list.

If you feel you absolutely must vote for a fifth song, you are allowed 1 Joker Card or a vote for one extra song PER ROUND. In order to utilise this “card”, PM either Flare or Fancy your fifth vote or go ahead and state your choice in this thread.

Song Links:
FFIX - A Place to Call Home
FFIV - Theme of Love
FFVII - Interrupted by Fireworks
FFVIII - Balamb Garden
FFX - A Fleeting Dream
FFVII - Cid's theme
FFVII - Prelude (FFVII)
FFX - Ending Theme
FFVII - Birth of a God
FFVII - Main Theme
FFVII - Motorcycle Chase
FF: BE - The Prelude

Had there been one more entry from FFVII, that would made for 7 total!!!!!!!😱😱😱


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Main Theme, Cid's Theme and Balamb Garden were easy picks. At this moment I'm feeling A Place To Call Home more then the rest of the pack so that gets my fourth.
Mr. Ite
Voted for Place to Call Home, Interrupted by Fireworks, Prelude (VII) and FFVII Main Theme.

I’d like to use my joker for Birth of a God.

Sorry, Balamb, your orchestral version is still one of the first mp3s to go on whatever new phone I get, but the OST accordion synth just doesn’t cut it.


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A Place to Call Home, Balamb Garden, A Fleeting Dream, and Ending Theme (X).

Honorable mentions to Birth of a God, Interrupted by Fireworks, Prelude (VII), and Main Theme (VII), though I’m positive the latter will go through regardless.

I still need to use my joker as well, I’m going to vote in the last poll before casting it for one of my honorable mentions on a still-open poll :monster:
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