TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #3 Poll #11

Which song deserves to win?

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Apples and oranges, so I'm choosing which I'd prefer to listen to, which is Valse di Fantastica :awesome:. Still More Fighting, to its credit, is probably one of the best boss battle songs in an FF.


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Valse di Fantastica :reptar: A fave song from XV (I enjoy a lot of the soundtrack but it's not very memorable imo) and there's not many XV songs I really like. But this one's always stuck with me. :D
Still More Fighting is also fun, but it's never been a favorite boss theme for me and I'm a bit miffed it made it this far :monster:
Ouch. Valse di Fantastica is my favorite track (or at least, motif) from XV. But Still More Fighting is a fantastic boss theme.

AND they're tied?! oh mannnn
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