TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #3 Poll #5

Which song deserves to move on to the next round?

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Loved Liberi Fatali since it appeared in the promotional demo I got in a PS magazine with the FMV trailer for FFVIII 20 odd years ago. Kind of reminds me of O Fortuna, which I think I first heard in the 1981 film Excalibur when first saw that film about... 28 years ago :awesome:. Makes a great song to begin a game with, especially with all the action and intensity and stuff :monster:

Festival of the Hunt is a good song too, but I think more wars would be won with Liberali Fatali playing in soldier's earphones, and that's the weird morally questionable metric I am conveniently using here :awesome:. I think there's more to the former than the latter also.


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Liberi Fatali, didn't even really have to think about this one. :monster: I fuckin' love that song. Hunter's Chance is great as well, I can jive to this for a long time, but the former is just arguably the better song to me. Gets me in a creative mood and is epic to boot!
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