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TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #3 Poll #7

Which song deserves to move on to the next round?

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People here seem to like You're Not Alone. I think it also did well in the previous competition a few years back. It doesn't do much for me. Not that it is a bad song, but I prefer Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet. I didn't even vote for the latter to get this far either, but it is a good song, and lovely theme to the Forgotten City.
Mr. Ite
Had my wife help me with this choice. She kind of remembered “Cry of the Planet” but as soon as I started rocking the melody to “You’re Not Alone” we were singin it like mad on the couch. The tune has lasting power!! Got my vote.
The Engineer
You're Not Alone.

It's more interesting to listen to then Cry of the Planet. Cry of the Planet is a weirder song and is great at being unsettling, but You're Not Alone almost sounds like a musical conversation between different people.


Pro Adventurer
Cry of the Planet has a good atmosphere to it, but to me, it doesn't compare to You're Not Alone, which is fucking amazing and plays during such an emotional time in the game. I love this song so much. So that's where my vote goes. <3
This one was super tough - I really like them both (plus they're so different in mood!), but I went with You're Not Alone. It really fit perfectly with the moment when it played in game. The eeriness of Cry of the Planet is great, as well, though, I wish they could both advance.
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