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Whilst The Great Warrior tugs at the heart strings, it ain't tragic enough for me to vote for it over an epic like Dancing Mad, three of four of the movements of which I'd also individually vote over the other song.


Pro Adventurer
The Great Warrior. Amazingly emotional song. Dancing Mad has some good points in it, more than I initially thought, and that bumped it up a bit in my brain, but I think it's length here is also a huge weakness. I think it's good but I much prefer Great Warrior.
Dangit. When I saw Valley of the Fallen Star vs JENOVA on the other poll I decided to wait to see Great Warrior's match-up so maybe it could make my decisions easier. It does not. I love Great Warrior. but Dancing Mad is on a different level of songwriting (though it is more like 9 minutes since it loops once :P) So I guess I go back to the earlier poll to struggle with the decision...
The Engineer
This is the hardest one yet for me. Both of these are so good at doing very different things musically.

Ultimately though, it's Dancing Mad. There's very few songs that have this much build-up in them and get across the personality of the boss you're fighting this good.

Granted, it also helps that I voted for the Cosmo Canyon theme in that poll, so...
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