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Ghost X

Voted for Terra's theme due to my heart strings being pulled again :P. Has a sense of adventure to it, as well as longing and tragedy, and all that juicy good stuff.

Those Who Fight knows its role in the game: standard battle music. Comes across as too standard to continue on in this competition :P.


Save your valediction (she/her)
Super hard, cause that ramp up in Those Who Fight’s bridge is sooo dope.

Terra’s gotta be my pick though. Here’s another analysis video on that tune:


Obsidian Fire

Ahk Morn!
The Engineer
Those Who Fight.

Terra's Theme is good, but it is one of those theme that I feel always sounds better in remixes then in the original. Those Who Fight sounds amazing straight out of the box.
I do like Those Who Fight, but definitely Terra's Theme. As I mentioned in one of the other threads, it might be my favorite song in the whole series. I love how there's a sort of melancholy to it as well as a triumphant/adventurous feel - it's an interesting combination and perfect for Terra as a character. I also really prefer the in-game version to other arrangements that I've heard (orchestral, piano collections) since they don't, IMO, strike the same balance of emotions as well as the OST version does.


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Terra's Theme! Not really a contest for me. There is so much more depth in her theme than there is in Those Who Fight. I do enjoy VII's battle theme, but that's all it is, a battle theme.
I like what Ghost and Mogget said about her theme, very much agree with it. There's several different emotions packed into this theme. Starts off like a melancholic adventure, then it seems to get a bit more hopeful (in a very bittersweet way), then boosts into that triumph. It's a tough journey and maybe a long one, but in the end, there will be something good, even if it's sad in other ways.
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