TLS Ranks FF Songs - Finals Poll

Which FF song deserves to be top-rated on TLS?

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We’ve made it!
This is the last poll, the Finals, of the TLS Ranks FF Songs event.

The final battle is Liberi Fatali vs One Winged Angel.

You’ve all voted for your favorites over and over, and now we just have these two final songs up against each other.
Vote for the one that you believe deserves the title of TLS’s Favorite FF Song!

Thank you so much to everyone for participating in this event. :joy:
The Engineer
Lol! Look at what I wrote three years ago! And I still agree with it!
This is so, so hard...

Liberi Fatali is... Liberi Fatali... it's big, it's the best intro theme of of the Final Fantasy series as far as making the player excited to play the game goes. It always makes me want to play FFVIII all over again when I hear it.

One-Winged Angel is... the first of like, five, different versions of the same song for whatever mood I'm in. You want the old-school version? there's the original. Piano version that's a little slower? There's the piano collection. Want an update to the original? There's the orchestral version from Reunion Tracks. Want a different orchestral version? There's the Crisis Core version. Version without the lyrics? Reunion Tracks had that hidden at the start of the disk. Version with modern rock mixed in with the orchestra (and the composer's favorite version)? There's the Advent Children Complete version.

I'm guess what I'm saying is that from an in-game perspective, I like Liberi Fatali better. It fits so well where it does and it never gets old. One-Winged Angel gets a lot more repetitive because it's the final boss theme. It feels like you hear it a lot in-game whereas you don't here Liberi Fatali a lot in-game.

From the point of view of someone who listens to a lot of music though? I love One-Winged Angel. I never get tired of hearing it out of game. Every time I hear the intro it's like I'm hearing auditory desert. And every version of it has different things for me to watch out for so I don't miss them.

I guess it's that I like hearing Liberi Fatali, but I rock out in my head to One-Winged Angel. So yeah, One-Winged Angel it is then...


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Finally sat down and listened to them one after the other, first One Winged Angel, then Liberi Fatali.

OWA was something I jammed to the whole time, had it going while I browsed the internet and did random stuff.
When I played Liberi next, I ended up mostly just sitting here listening to the music.
I realized what the difference was: OWA is something I can listen to in the background, jam to, and get some work done or whatnot. Liberi is something that starts playing and I have to stop what I'm doing just to listen because it captures my attention and tells a story. Whereas OWA is the powerful, godlike theme of a villain that leaves a memorable impression, Liberi just puts the creative bits of my mind to work, the notes rising and falling and something sneaking into my mind, other times crashing into me.

To me, Liberi is "the better song". It feels on a different level than OWA. So that's where my vote has gone.
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