TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

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209 songs…

...7 rounds...

...1 winner.

There were tears. There was laughter. There were immediate regrets. There were second guesses. There were ties made. Ties broken. There were friendships tests and ‘hey-I-don’t-think-Joker-Cards-work-that-way’s. Hand-in-hand, we’ve journeyed through this mighty clash of some of Final Fantasy’s finest tunes, and, thanks to enthused participation of this community, it has all boiled down to one winner.

You're Not Alone
From Final Fantasy IX

When this tune was up against 'Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet', 0bsidian Fire had this to say:

"It's more interesting to listen to the Cry of the Planet. Cry of the Planet is a weirder song and is great at being unsettling, but You're Not Alone almost sounds like a musical conversation between different people."

Main Theme
From Final Fantasy VII

Before this song was even pitted against the others, LicoriceAllsorts quipped:

"I do love FFVII's main theme. Give me the shivers every time I hear it. It would be on my desert island discs."

One Winged Angel
From Final Fantasy VII

Ghost X said it best.

"Lemme just do some calculations for a moment...


Liberi Fatali

From Final Fantasy VIII

”A vote for Liberi Fatali is in many ways a vote for most of FFVIII’s amazing ost. So many of the motifs used throughout the soundtrack are not only present, but at their shiniest.” - Mr. Ite

And that about wraps up our event!! A big thank to everyone who participated. Without you, this event wouldn't have been possible! :properhug:

BUT WAIT!! Don't go a-restin' those votin' fingers just yet! For we have another contest of champions just around the corner: The 2018 TLS Awards. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming information on that event and as always...
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Thanks to everyone who participated for making the event not only a lot of fun, but also a success! :reptar:

Also I'm here to bring you the finished event comparison spreadsheet, which shows how 2015 and 2018's events ranked up against one another in the top 100/96 songs all the way to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners!

There's a fair bit of similarities between the events, but some definite differences! I was worried initially that we might have the same semifinalists as last time, but we missed that by one song (OWA for 2018, J-E-N-O-V-A for 2015).
Another interesting thing, the finalists for 2015 had a much more definite poll, with the results being 19 - 10, in Main Theme of FFVII's favor, whereas this year's final poll was 8 - 8 and we had to whip out a tiebreaker.
It's a bit sad to see a lower participant pool this year, several of those who voted in 2015 are absent from the forum these days, but we've also had new members this time around who were able to participate, which is awesome to see. ^_^ Although I did notice participation numbers drop this year as the event went on; the first poll in round #1 had 27 voters. Compare that to the 16 voters for the final poll of the event. I suppose it could've just been poll fatigue; either way, I hope everyone had fun. :)

I've decided not to create any more stats for round #3 on up, as I don't have the time to continue right now and with the event ending, I feel people's interest would be elsewhere by the time I finished them. However, for ease of access, here's a link to the stats for round #2 again. :awesome:
Using this spreadsheet, I have another amusing observation to make: The finalists for this year, Liberi Fatali and One Winged Angel, were both nominated by Dark and Divine, whom voted for OWA in the matchup. I'm sure someone else would've nominated these songs had they not done so, but still, there you have it :monster:

Not sure if there's any other observations I'm forgetting to mention, so I'll just end this post here. Thanks again for participating, everyone! <3 :joy:

Obsidian Fire

Ahk Morn!
The Engineer
All right... Statistic Time!
(for those of us who don't want to slog though the spreadsheets)

Top 100 by Game
VII CC--------1---------2
VII AC-------2----------0

Disregarding the games that came out since 2015 (XV in particular), most games have similar numbers between the two polls. The two games that saw the most significant changes were VI and XII. VI had 7 fewer songs in 2018 then in 2015. XII had 6 more songs. That might have to do with XII:TZA finally getting an English localization though.


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^Very nice! I'd forgotten to try and do a comparison of that order between the two events. Thanks for putting that together! :D It's interesting to see the balance between representation of the games as well. 2015 had I and II with a bit of representation, whereas 2018 had XV and Tactics (and AC, but that's a movie :awesome:).
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