Twitter thread of '96-'97 GameFan magazine scans

Can't get enough of these '96-'97 GameFan magazine scans featuring Final Fantasy VII. This is the kind of post that keeps me going back to the accursed apps that are Twitter/reddit:

There's even an interview with a few top dogs: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Tetsuya Nomura, Yusuke Naora, and Nobuo Uematsu:

The graphic design, the colors, the writer's personality. Looking at these, I feel the wonder they would've imparted on to-be players. There's a mysterious, yet vibrant texture to the original game that I feel like can't be reproduced today. Viewing FFVII's puzzle piece story through the window of a fuzzy CRT TV undeniably ignited an entire generation's imagination. It truly felt like every screen held a secret.

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