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Uhm... Hello?

Mama Dragon

Making Dovahkiin Pie.
Chie Satonaka, Glaurung, Kaias, Sice
Hi, everyone. sorry to have been absent for so long. Since many people around here won't have any idea of who I am, here I go:

Joined back in 2009, and went by several names (Chie Satonaka and others, until I settled with my real internet name, Glaurung, before I changed it to Mama Dragon as a joke about Skyrim -gods, I feel old-), stayed a few years but later it was an in and out kind of thing until I stopped visiting altogether. Real life can be hectic, and I didn't have much to contribute with anyway. I think my last post was back in 2013, I think? Anyhow, nice new forum you have here, folks!

I can't say I will be able to contribute with many things this time around either, since it's only now that I have a few days of slower activity, but ever since the Remake was announced I was thinking about coming here and, at least, say hi. After all, it was FFVII the game which started it all for me.

To the ones who hung out on the forum back in the day, it's great to see you again. To the new kids, pleased to meet you! :D
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