Unpopular Final Fantasy opinions


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Of your many opinions on the Final Fantasy series, which ones do you think put you in a small minority of fans? Share them here and find out if you're right!

One if mine is that I don't really like Blinded by Light all that much. Parts of it are good, parts of it aren't. The distorted electric guitar is completely unnecessary and the high-pitched violin riff irritates me for some reason. Moreover, it doesn't work as a random battle theme; it should have been used more sparingly in XIII.

Warning: this thread might cost you friendships. :P


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I don't think ff6 is all that great. I think 5 is a better game and woefully underrated by fans of the series.

I also didn't like 4 that much. How many times can one dude betray you before you've had enough?

Ps I can't stand Vincent and I never liked aerith


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Oh boy can I contribute to this thread...

Yuna is a goddamn Mary Sue. She's what every 14 year old girl wants to be until they grow up and realise they're grown women who are allowed to have feelings other than 'worried', 'caring', 'slightly sad' and 'tee-hee' :monster:

Final Fantasy X in general is a glossed over story made for 15 year olds and I have no clue what makes people actually like it. The whole thing angers me. Except for Wakka, who's the only character with a hint of realism.

Serah is a slightly better version of Yuna :monster:


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I still really really like FF8 and don't think it's a horrible game. I will concede it's broken af and flying garden felt like such a cop out maybe even deus ex machina. Over all though I still love the game
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I quite like FFX-2, up to and including the J-Pop. Leblanc sucks tho.

Freya rubs me the wrong way.

FFII is underrated.


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I hate all songs with lyrics in FF. Total shite.
I hate Aerith.
I hate Rufus.
I hate FF since X.


I was going to say something about FFVI but then I realised I can counter all of my own points with FF fandom knowledge. I've decided to demonstrate this anyway:

Thought: "I don't understand why FFVI is so popular"
Self-rebuttal: "It's not terribly written and America loved it"

Thought: "I've never understood why FFVI is considered the best in the franchise"
Self-rebuttal: "It's not terrible and America loved it"

Therefore I do understand the reason for these things even though I might wish they weren't the case.

So I suppose my unpopular FF opinion is probably that I don't think VI deserves the worship.

Also I think there's nothing wrong with the orphanage scene in Final Fantasy VIII. Also Blitzball is tremendous fun. I dislike Final Fantasy IV. I'll likely think of others.


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I am not a fan of Sakaguchi, and I think the success of the franchise is owed to pretty much everyone BUT him in terms of contributions and vision.


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Also, I love ff8, broken as it is.

I hate tetra master TRIPLE TRIAD FOREVER


I fucking hate x-2 and the 13 series

I don't like terra

I like rinoa and genuinely loved the love story between her and squall

I dislike xv

I don't getbwhy people love rufus and tseng so much

AND I still don't like yuna


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Squinoa is much more tragic than the fairytale game ending makes it out to be. They will still have a host of problems with Rinoa being a sorceress.

While I'm on tragedy, I really wanted to see what the Romeo/Juliet theme of FF13-Versus would have been had they stuck with Stella.
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