Until We Meet Again

The Engineer
Simply put, I think it's time to take a break. At least, from this game. I wish I didn't have to leave this community (you guys are awesome)... But yeah, being around here right now... It's not a good headspace for me to be in and it's not right to take it out on anyone else.

Simply put, I do want to know about the new FF7 game (and analyze it to hell and back), but less from the perspective of someone who likes it and more from the perspective of someone identifying failure modes by watching slo-mo car crashes. And that's... really not fair to anyone on this forum. You guys love this game and don't deserve the masochistic toxicity I'm currently feeling towards it at the moment.

You guys have collated some of the best FF7 info on the web and I wish you luck with compiling all the info on this new game! I hope this game grows this awesome community even more! It has been a blast hanging out with you all!

You can find me on Discord at @0bsidianFire#8957 or on Tumblr at https://0bsidian5ire.tumblr.com/. I hope to be back someday.

-- 0bsidianFire


hedgehog pandacat
from what I am hearing about the ending, I am probably gonna be a negative nancy too

we can be grumps together when that time comes if you want :sadpanda:
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