Vincent is Sephiroth’s True Father Theory (Yes I know Hojo is Sephiroth’s Real Father)


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Vincent is Sephiroth’s True Father Theory (Yes I know Hojo is Sephiroth’s Real Father)

Vincent shares many more traits and attributes in common with Sephiroth than he ever did with Hojo. For example, Both have long flowing hair, Both are naturally gifted fighters. Both characters share a Dark sided personality. Both are inherently wise and passively aggressive and tend to talk in mysterious messaging and articulate their ideas in such a way that provokes thought. Hojo on the other hand is Clumsy, Dorky, Arrogant, Gangly and speaks Bluntly. Hojo shares no physical attributes with Sephiroth.

Plus Lucrecia's dumping of Vincent for Hojo is very abrupt, and the timeline still makes sense for Vincent to impregnate her in 9 months contingent with that main storyline. Plus Lucrecia was completely full of guilt, so she likely lied to Hojo about who was the true father of her baby. She probably would've aborted it completely if Hojo didn't see it as an opportunity to mess around with the Jenova Cells. If anything, I would say that Sephiroth has two true pair of parents: Vincent and Lucrecia, Hojo and Jenova.

  • They both have the same silent swagger
  • They both look at you with those mysterious eyes
  • They both move with the same slow swagger
  • They both have the same Goth style of Fashion
  • They both speak similarly and Poetically

Vincent and Sephiroth are just so similiar in their Personality traits in being Cool, Confident, Powerful and Mysterious that it seems nearly impossible for Hojo to be his real Father.

Hojo looks nothing like Sephiroth

The only difference is that Sephiroth is the Villain and Vincent is on the Good Side

I’ve always felt that Sephiroth resembled Vincent more than Hojo. From the hair length to the face. It all lined up neatly in my head


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My understanding, too, is that Vincent's character model/design was Sephiroth's original, just to add to their connection a bit.

I've honestly wondered if Remake will address this at all, even if just in possibility. Or if Vincent feels responsible/fatherly. It'll be interesting. This was certainly one of the first fan theories I remember ever hearing about FF7.
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