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Is there any indication of what is under that metal gauntlet of his?

In DoC I remember his left hand and feet turned into claws. But well, that doesn't necessarily mean he remains that way...

I've seen different depictions in fanfics. Some believe the metal gauntlet is a prothesis. Sometimes he still has a human hand under. What's Vincent's left arm like in your head-cannon?

In my mind it looks like something like this


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Vincent's sword gun hand twitches with his aching blood of his failure to protect his love, so he wears a gauntlet to suppress his inner darkness within.

Vincent's a chuunibyou. :wacky:

Alternative theory: It's a normal hand. Vincent was originally a southpaw, Hojo superglued a pointy gauntlet on his hand so now Vincent has to do everything with his right hand now, lest he accidentally puncture 5 holes in everything he touches.

In all seriousness: I don't know. You'd think all of his transformations would clue in what happened to his arm, but they don't.


You know, Vincent's character design really is kind of a mess. Despite how prominent that gauntlet is, it serves no function to his character, its just there for looks. You'd think he would attack with it or something. It's just weird that he has this whole elaborate ensemble of an outfit that implies all sorts of supernatural mystique, but he just shoots things. I think it made more sense when he was going to wield a scythe instead, fits his eerie motif better. I think that's why he's so memorable despite his very limited role, he's just so weird and cool (where did he even get his outfit anyway? He was in a suit when Hojo experimented on him!)

ANYWAY, on topic: I've always just assumed he has a normal human hand under there personally. If there were anything more special about it, I think a finer point would have been made of it.


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I think the idea was that Vincent lost his left hand and both his feet in Hojo's various experiments, I imagine his bandana hides Frankenstein like stitches too. Then DoC had Lucretia come back no worse for wear after the fight between Vincent between Hojo which happened because she left after the Jenova cells started to transform her body and have her do stuff to Vincent. Remake hopefully will throw that needless convolution out.
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Eh, Lucrecia's recovery is consistent with what Jenova does to Cloud. Short sharp attacks, recovery, gradually growing in intensity and duration. Geostigma and Degradation work similarly.( you grow a retractable wing, but stay functional for a long time.)

I figured the costume was Hojo, and that there was no hand under the glove. Anyone remember if he shoots with the left in Dirge's training mode?
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