Was there ever a Meta Story about Gilgamesh?


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For a guy who keeps jumping in and out of the Rift / Abyssea / Cleft of Dimensions / Land of Eureka / "Whatever you want to call it" etc etc... you'd think he'd have his own game/quest/storyline by now.

I know the guy served Exdeath at one point, but I'm pretty sure he's long since been done with that.

Dissidia suggested he has Odin's Zantetsuken (the FF8 version), Sephiroth's Masamune (either that or the FFI version), and I'm guessing the FF1 version of Excalibur and FF5's version of Excalipoor/Chicken Knife (though he'd have the Brave Blade instead if Bartz took the other first).

He went by Alleyway Jack in FF9 but it's unclear if that's the same guy from the other games, assuming he was at his youngest there.

FFXIII-2 suggested he started wielding Machine guns and bazookas but that didn't work out.

And then there's the whole meta story found in FF Agito that I know next to nothing about.

I'm just curious if ever there was extensive story info given to him or not, or is he just a recurring easter egg boss?


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Type-0 Gilgamesh is a totally different alt version of him. Just like the FFXV one. Gilgamesh from FFV couldn't be the same from Type-0, because that Gilgamesh is destined to die now that the crystals have been shut off. All the L'Cie will fade away and die along with the crystals now that the Spiral is over.

And remember, Gilgamesh's swords are fakes. Except for the few exceptions, they're fake and he certainly has no real genuine Excalibur, either. Most of the swords he uses in XIII-2 are copies of cool swords he saw from FF worlds. The exception being the one he had made in Cocoon. The Bansho Fan. Even *that* Zantetsuken was a fake forged from a shard of Chaos' nail from World B.
Honestly, I always just saw it as a recurring character using interdimensional travel as a reason for his constant appearances. I don't think there's any real legitimacy to his plotline, barring the instances where he's directly referencing (as opposed to making an offhanded comment about previous events as a nod to players) past events. It would be cool, though, to get some sort of expansive storyline with him in it, though!
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