What games are you currently playing?

Nearing the end of TLOU II now. Avoided every single spoiler and I'm actually more dreading reading the game threads more than anything else as I've thoroughly enjoyed the game and I know exactly what aspects the toxic part of the fandom has taken issues with.
I'm almost finished with Zelda BotW, a few hours into FFXV, and halfway through Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated. So far I'm liking FFXV, it's better than the XIII trilogy for sure, and I'd honestly say better than XII too, at least so far. Spongebob Rehydrated is just the same game as the original but with oversaturated colours and some cut content which I haven't reached yet.


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I've been playing Hades.

It's a Rogue-lite by Supergiant Games, makers of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. I have adored all their games and this even better by their standards. An incredibly narrative experience while being a fast-paced hack n slash. Highly recommend!


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Playing Another Eden, so many allusions to Chrono and the music has that Mitsuda vibe, a multidude of characters as well.

It feels like you're playing a classical old-school JRPG. I gotta say that this is the first time a chibi-looking title didn't put me off, everything looks beautiful, lushful, and colorful.

The story is promising, and already has so much mistery and intrigue, with mcs and npcs exuding so much charisma.

Can't recommend enough.
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Factorio again, it hit 1.0; can't see any major changes since last time I played so probably a lot of quality-of-life things.

and the Spidertron, :awesome:. I am pretty sure this will be the end of active development though, iirc they said as much, and it's been over eight years. The main guy behind the game had a bit of burnout a while ago as well.


I searched for Celeste on the board to see if we had a thread and found your post.

After trying for a good year on and off, I finally finished all of Celeste's B and C sides tonight. Probably the most challenging game I've ever played, but what a euphoric feeling to finish. 10000 deaths lmao

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Hardest level is 7C IMO.

Now on to chapter 9! (Free DLC)
I have a colleague who plays it, I wonder how far he gets. He just beat my fastest time in Classic at 2:51 or thereabouts, :/.
I returned to Celeste in the past week because I've been thinking about the game a lot and I wanted to build my skill level back up/ see how much I remembered. I managed to do a full clear (all strawberries) on two chapters, and only missed one or two from other chapters. I want to memorise where they are so I can do a full run through of the game without missing anything.

Anyway, I did all A, B and C sides again and my stats are certainly a lot better than my first full run of the game:


Then I did chapter 9, which added a whopping 5 hours and 1883 deaths to the total lmao



Celeste is somewhere high in my list of favourite games ever at this point. It gets incredibly challenging but very tight, precise platforming means it's never really unfair. I already want to play it again on that third file (if anyone is wondering about the strawberry count - 175 is 100% of the collectible strawberries, the others are challenge/ gimmick collectibles).


Heck! I don't think that (now former) colleague of mine got that far.

At the time I was referring to the 'classic' one (pico-8 version); I think he got the time down to just over a minute? I got pretty far as well.

Should, someday, pick this one up for the console I think.

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Anyone playing Genshin Impact? I downloaded it both on my phone and my PS4, but I learned just now that I can't cross save from phone to PS4. Boo. So maybe I'll just play with 2 accounts.
Belatedly playing Witcher 3.
Accustomed as I am to Final Fantasy games, where the characters can't accidentally hurt themselves, the very first thing I did with Geralt was make him jump off a balcony. He hit the courtyard three floors below and died.
Lesson learnt.
I am having so much fun with this game. I don't even care about the story, I simply enjoy the quests. I do find all the pfaffing about with alchemy and repairs and crafting and so on a bit tedious.


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I beat 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim last night. Vanillaware really outdid themselves with this one. Whereas Dragon's Crown iterated on Odin Sphere's beat-em-up combat, 13 Sentinels iterates on Odin Sphere's storytelling. Now there's 13 narratives to jump between and some have unique interactive elements. It's a story that can only be told through a game.

Love the combat and I plan on getting the platinum. It's a strategy game that's easy to learn. Different mechs have different specializations, each only have 6 skills, run-of-the-mill stuff. The challenge comes from managing all the swarms of enemies they throw at you. On hard difficulty you have to spend a few minutes on each move making sure you're playing optimally, otherwise you'll get overrun.

Looks great, sounds great. It's good stuff.

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