What games are you currently playing?


Re: charms, last time I've used (top of my head) Unbreakable Strength, the two healing charms that give you double healing at normal speed (expensive but it did make a difference), and err. idk if there was room for more. Maybe the one that gives you a bit of Soul if hit, but for that battle it's a bit useless.
Azzure, Hyades
Finally finished off Persona 5 Royal, damn that game is long.

Hopping into Rust now because of a buddy of mine wanted all of us to play together.

Other than that, playing a copy of FF9 that I got my hands on for the Switch and probably going to actually fire up Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners now that I have some down time from work.


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Finally finished off Persona 5 Royal, damn that game is long.

Hopping into Rust now because of a buddy of mine wanted all of us to play together.

Other than that, playing a copy of FF9 that I got my hands on for the Switch and probably going to actually fire up Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners now that I have some down time from work.
I just fired up my old PS1 yesterday and am playing FF9 for the first time in probably 15 years! I never beat it the first time around. looking forward to finishing it off this time!
Sekiro, second attempt.

I got to the top of Asshina castle. Have a bad feeling about killing our top general just before the country is invaded, so I went and literally explored a dungeon instead.

There's a Corrupted Monk living underground that I can't damage.

The other option is Lady Butterfly. Good game design to give you separate bosses to play with if you get frustrated with one, but my habit is to avoid combat with normal enemies, which comes back to bite me against bosses because I'm underlevelled and don't know how to fight.

(Please no one give advice, btw.)
Poker Quest

Some flash game-like thing, where you advance stage by stage on a path of your own choosing, and fight enemies by activating items with the poker hands (eg: pair, flush, etc) described on them. You can choose different character (after unlocking them), with each requiring a different battle strategy, upgrade and/or buy more items, etc, use consumable special abilities, starve if you don't replenish your food supplies, and do a bunch of other things.
I finally finished WRC 9 today (by finished, I mean won the world championship with 100% difficulty and realistic damage). A tough nut to crack, it took me 3 months to get there (and I have a pretty decent level in racing games like GT or Project Cars). It's very good game - not without a few shortcomings, you can feel it comes from a relatively small studio - I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a rally sim.

Played another flash game-like thing with card-playing involved, which seemed to be based in history. Think it was based in Poland, and created by a Polish person. Anyways, you basically develop a city's waterworks, making sure its growing amount of residents have enough water, via allocating strategies. If you don't, you don't get bonuses from that particular block, which is lacking water. This seems unavoidable at times. You also gotta give resources to the crown every now and again, which I guess is supposed to be a stressful situation, but it is a pretty easy game, even if you have the management skills of a moron. The cards you need eventually come up, etc. The game engaged me nonetheless.

Erotic Materia

Nani the fuck, weebs?
Yesterday, I played my very first round of "We're Not Really Strangers". I was really nervous to play it the first time, as willingly being open and vulnerable to someone else doesn't come easily to me. But I played it with a good friend of mine (it doesn't HAVE to be with a stranger), so I think that made it a little easier. It was a really positive experience. I teared up on more than a few occasions, and my friend wrote me a note that I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep forever.

For those who aren't familiar:


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Started Ace Combat 7 a few days ago, never played one of these before.

Just beat mission 7 and holy shit that was some intense dogfighting. That boss enemy was as frustrating as it was exhilarating :faint:
I now have the intense desire to listen to some Kenny Loggins DANGER ZONE, yo. :neo:
^I have a soft spot for combat flight simulation games, but strangely haven't played any since the 1990s :P.

Last night I played Othello with a friend, and is a game I haven't played since Windows 3.1 :mon:. Also played Ta Yü, which I liked the aesthetic of, and was also fun to play.
I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the game after you finish, and why it's terrible.
Is it really that bad? I mean i really don't like 9 at all but 7 I got everything and when I defeated emerald and ruby I just kind of didn't really want to play more but i have everything on my vita forever if i choose to go back to 7 but 8 is really fun and so different.

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Caius Ballad
Most recently I've played the early access version of Baldurs Gate 3. Its really promising, I think. It looks really nice, the music is great, both the characters and the story are engaging. Only problem is the combat. Don't get me wrong, its a good combat system; a mostly faithful recreation of the rules from the 5e D&D with a few small tweaks here and there, tweaks which by and large add to the experience.

You see, the problem is the difficulty, an issue I've had with previous games from this studio. More often than not the combat encounters feel excessively hard, to the point of being unfair. Large numbers of enemies who are all hard to hit, and all of whom hit hard. Its like playing a game of D&D where the DM has a huge grudge against the players.

Now I assume that the full release will have difficulty settings you can adjust in order to alleviate this issue, but until then I think I'm gonna step back. I don't mind being challenged, but I don't like struggling with almost every fight.


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i still have 6-8 chapters left to go on hardmode ff7r. and any day now im going to start a new game in stardew valley. since it updated. and some friends on discord are open to multiplayer for SDV as well.

My long term plan is to get the platinum trophy for Remake, eventually.

otherwise ive hardly played anything for the last 12 months. except animal crossing. and good thing my partner is still playing ACNH, or the island would be a wasteland


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Played through the Scott Pilgrim game finally. A bit boring with just me playing, but I still had fun. I like the comics well enough so it was disappointing to me that this game was unavailable for so long. The gameplay is fun, but the real draw is the fantastic pixel art and OST. The Credits are too long though lol, they're still going as I write this.
The Long Dark. I find it immensely relaxing to just hike until my character is too tired to keep going and needs to set up camp.

In fact, I find damn near everything in that game quite relaxing. Everything action feels very deliberate. My brain just switches off entirely, bliss
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