What games are you currently playing?


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I'm currently doing Dark Souls 3! I'm at the end game I think (just beat Oceiros). Not sure if I should do Bloodborne, Elden Ring, or Metroid Dread next...
I have also been trying to complete dark souls with my friends in a dark souls. Its really easy for this one friend that has already completed the game like twice already so hes guiding me. If you want to know anything, please reach out and we can play together in a dark souls discord server. Let me know if you come. My discord name is demetri
So my housemate just bought the new xbox (dude was flat broke for most of his life but in the last couple of years got into a v lucrative career where he mostly earns money he doesn't know what to do with, but every now and then he splashes out, that's also how we got the ps5)

I was scrolling through the X pass games, stuck something on download but then saw he'd already downloaded another weird looking little game I'd mentioned wanting to play, so figured I'd try it while the other game was downloading.

That game was The Artful Escape and I played it solidly for 5 hours until completing it. (I did repeatedly check whether my housemate wanted a go on what is literally his xbox but I think he was enjoying watching the game!).

Anyway this is an absolute gem of a game. It looks a lot like Broken Age and has a bit of that feel, but also definitely owes a bit to Psychonauts. I can't really describe it other than "what if Bob Dylan died when he was 27 and his nephew was David Bowie."

It's also just a love letter to crafting your own identity and being who you want to be, leaving behind what you don't need. The way the gameplay reflects the journey is brilliant as well.

It's kind of a testament to this game that large chunks of it are essentially a basic platform game and I do not like platformers. Worse, its a platformer with ever so slightly janky controls, but the game is so mesmerising and cool that you stick with it anyway. It's also super forgiving, difficult gameplay isn't really the point here. If you fall off you just immediately return to where you fell.

Anyway watch the trailer and if like me you go "wait what??", and you have the opportunity to try it out, please do. Although maybe don't play it for 5 hours solid because this game is Loud and Colourful and I had a pretty bad headache by the end. Worth it though.

The Order :1886

Very interesting. It shapes up fairly generically, and then suddenly cuts off with the main conflict unresolved. I can see how a lot of people would have problems with it, but after some thought it ends up very interesting. Like, they do all the setup to heroically tear down the system and then go. 'No, you lose, the villain gets away with it and y'all have to flee.' Very unique.


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I decided that the last game I’ll play in the States before moving is Breath of Fire IV on PS1. It’s got gorgeous sprites, a great world, and I’ve been meaning to get to it for forever. I’ll be leaving the PS1 and SNES and all of my other consoles at my house here, so I won’t be able to play them for some time. Anything on PC or on handhelds I can just play after I move.
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