What games are you currently playing?


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BEAT SKYWARD SWORD. >D I fought Demise like seventy billion times though. I think I finally just got lucky and delivered the final blow. I really suck at shield bashing and my shield always breaks. T.T

So now I'm moving on. ^_^

On 360, I'm playing GOW1. PS3, ACRevelations, on the Wii it's Super Smash Bros. :3

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That concept is sooooo fucking cool. I thought the story was a bit generic at first, but then I picked Hanako. I'm a little different in the fact that I find scars and "disfigurements" (not a fan of that word) to be unique and interesting. But then a few hours into the game you realize Hanako's scars are worse inside than outside and I started getting choked up because she's reminds me of myself when I was that age. :'(

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Attempting AC: Revelations, failing because I'm at that point in the game where nothing makes sense and I want to flip every single damn table I can get my hands on. I don't think I'll ever finish it because it makes me that upset.

So instead I'll put Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


I LOVED Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Such a sexual game.

I'm thinking about playing Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope. I liked Till the End of Time, but I started playing The Last Hope a year ago when I bought it for £5 from Play.com... I couldn't be bothered with the battle tutorial at the start, so it's been collecting dust ever since.

Anyone know if it's worth a playthrough?


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Ava, Spike Spiegel, Stella Nox Fleuret, Altair Ibn-La'Ahad, Princess Zelda, Alice, Raven Roth, Faye Valentine, Tifa Lockhart, Khal Drogo
Trying the Resident Evil Demo on the 3DS. I'm such a chicken shit :x


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Currently going through FFT. Great gameplay, and I find myself wanting to like the characters but the dialogue is a little eyeroll-worthy.


I went 'fuck it, I want a game for my ipod touch', and went out to buy Infinity Blade for liek $5. It looks good, at least, although it stutters and drops framerate if you have anything else running, like music. As for the game itself, the gameplay is a bit limited - probably due to touch input or something - and rather repetitive and restrictive too. You basically run around in a castle, where you run by hitting certain directions you can go - not unlike adventure games of old.

Next, a monster appears! At every step, you encounter a boss of sorts. This is a fixed set of monsters, probably appear random.

You beat them by:

* Dodging, blocking or parrying their attacks (where parrying is the most fun, 'cause it requires some guessing and anticipation)
* Swiping like wtf when you break their attack

Rinse, repeat, A WINNER IS YOU! You get XP, your items get XP, you get (and find) money... and you go to the next area, where everything repeats.

No matter which way you go, you end up at the final boss at one point or another, who starts out at level 50 - I first encountered him yesterday, after about half an hour of playing I think. He beat me badly, and... well, the game just starts again, X years later, where your 'son' takes over with your stuff. Second 'bloodline', it's called.

Played through again in public transit, and ended up at the boss again. This time, I beat him in the first round - almost, and he went 'OMG YOU'RE SO GOOD! JOIN ME, MY SON!' (although he's not really the protagonist's father... I think). Alternative choice is to pick up your weapon and get beat and restart again.

I went 'fuck it' and joined him. Game over, woo. And I'm like, what? That's it? Theoretically, you can 'beat' the game in just half an hour. For $5. Uh, no.

You skip the credits and the last checkpoint is loaded, right before the final boss. I think you're supposed to get beat, start over, and grind the castle a few dozen more times, taking various routes, so you get money, level up, buy stuff, and eventually beat him. There's also a socket in the basement where you can chuck the Infinity Blade, not sure what it does, probably give you a better sword or an alternative ending or something.

o well. Recommend me a good and cheap iphone game plx, preferably something serious and not involving planting weed, chucking chickens or grinding levels and buy in-app stuff.
Finished FFV, was slightly annoying that Neo Exdeath required me to grind for several hours to get all my jobs mastered, since his difficulty was far greater than anything preceeding him, but then I guess its good to have a final boss that is actually difficult.

Anyways, I'm about 2 hours into FFVI, and I'm quite impressed at the improvement. I like the various details they've put into it. Not sure if I'm a fan of the world map. Trying fancy 3D with a 16bit look, looks a bit horrid, but otherwise I'm happy. Rage quitted when I died in the battle introducing Sabin :P. I didn't realise I didn't have time to heal myself due to being hit three times in a row between turns. Bastard.
Been playing Skyrim a lot since I finished Skyward Sword some time ago. But very likely I'll be playing Dark Souls after today. Skyrim is nice, but after a while I'm getting tired of it tbh.


I need a refresher of Crisis Core too actually, but I'm going for a perfect FFVII run (doing everything as early as possible etc) and that'll probably take me until the release of FFXIII-2.

Speaking of XIII-2, I hope I can sort something out with Amazon to still get it, because I haven't been charged yet and I had to cancel my card today because some PayPal bitch stole money from me. RAGE.
Original one, how is the voice acting for the PSP version? I've heard different things.
I don't remember having any huge problems with the voice acting, but honestly it happens so seldom I don't remember much about it at all. (only in the snazzy cell shaded cutscenes)

It's the translation for the rest of the game that I freaking LOVE.

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FFXIII-2. Only played like, thirty minutes, but I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Really liking the appearant villian to. I don't know if he's the big bad for sure, but he's much more badass and intimidating than any opposition I faced back in XIII.
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