What would you want a FFVII remake to be like?

Now, first of all, I'm gonna a go out on a limb here and say I don't think a FFVII remake would be bad. None of the previous remakes of FF remakes have been bad. And the only recent FF games that have been bad IMO are those two money-sucking social games.

Now first of all, I would want voice acting. I don't think we need voice acting for the nameless NPCs though. But I think everyones current voice actors should return. And for characters who haven't gotten voice actors yet, well, for Heidegger, some German guy should voice him. I don't know any German actors, but I've always imagined Heidegger having a German accent. For Scarlet, I can imagine her sounding like Helena Bonham Carter. Not sure who should voice Palmer. Same with Sierra and Jessie. I think Don Corneo would have a Italian or a New York accent, so anyone with one of those accents would be good for him. I've always imagined Biggs and Wedge sounding like their SW counterparts, though I'm not sure if their actors can still sound like they did in '77, but anyone who can do a good impression should voice them. Not sure who should voice President Shinra, though I'm leaning towards Brian Doyle-Murray. I think that Godo should be voiced by George Takei or some other Asian dude, for obvious reasons. Ronnie James Dio would be a great choice for Dio, but he's unfortunately dead, so I think anyone who can do a good impression of him. I think Mukki should be voiced by John Dimaggio, 'cause I think it would be hilarious for Mukki to say the things he says in Bender's voice. Bugenhagen needs an actor who is old, preferably with a wise old person voice and/or a jolly old person voice.

Anyway, another thing I want is updated graphics. At the very least at the level of FFVIII, but preferably at the level of FFXIII.(Just imagine what Dio would look like ladies!:monster:)

Bonus locations and bosses would be awesome as well. Some good bonus locations would be ones seen in other compilation games such as Modeoheim and Banora Underground. GILGAMESH is a must-have bonus boss, and when you defeat him you should get a summon materia for him. I think Minerva should be a bonus boss in the Cavern of Wonders, which could be a bonus location. Ultros should also be a bonus boss, and you should get a summon materia of him for beating him. And then, if you have both the Ultros materia and the Typhon materia, you should be able to fight both at the same time, and after winning get a materia that lets you summon both at once. I think Midgar should be revisitable during disc 3, and you should be able to do simulation battles in Hojo's lab, where you can refight any enemy you've beaten so far, and with some new ones as well, such as say, Sephiroth in his normal form, or Zack, or Angeal, or Genesis, or the Tsviets, or the BC Turks. New Game+ would be cool as well.

The game also definitely should get a better translation. As for the profanity, rather than toning it down I think they should just do a censorship bleep.

Also, for fanservice, I think the characters should be in swimsuits when you visit Costa del Sol. I'm sure guys such as myself would love to see Tifa, Aerith and Yuffie in bikinis while the ladies out there would squee at the sight of Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII in speedos.:monster: Alternate outfits(which'd probably be DLC, but hopefully not) would be cool too. There could be the aforementioned swimsuits, and Cloud could also have his grunt uniform, his AC outfit, his wall market outfit, his Amano art outfit and his KH outfit, while Tifa could also have her Wall market outfit, her AC outfit, her grunt disguise, her Amano art outfit, and her cowgirl outfit(with the option to choose between the original, Lost Order, and CC versions), and Barret could also have his AC outfit and his sailor suit, and Aerith could have her Wall Market outfit, her grunt disguise, her BC outfit, her KH outfit, her Amano art outfit, and her CC outfit, while Nanki could also have his grunt outfit, and Cait Sith could have his Junon diguise, and Yuffie could have her KH outfit, her sailor suit, her KH2 outfit, her BC outfit, her CC outfit, her AC outfit, her reporter disguise, and her DoC outfit, and Vincent could have his Turk outfit and his AC outfit, and finally, Cid could have his AC outfit and his KH outfit.

I also think you should be able to switch out party members in mid-battle like in FFX and FFXII. And I think it'd be cool to be able to get Gold Saucer dates with all the members of your party, and that battle affection should actually do something. New Gold Saucer minigames would be cool as well. Not sure what the minigames could be, but I'm leaning towards Triple Triad as one of them, though unlike in FFVIII it'd just be a fun little side game and not have much of a purpose besides earning GP. You would get cards by buying packs of them with your GP and winning them off your opponents. I also think during the scene of Cait Sith solving the puzzles at the Temple of the Ancients you should control Cait Sith and get to actually solve them. I also think there should be moar scenes showing interactions between the party members, so we can get a better look at their relationships with each other and how they develop. Oh, and I think the Cloud vs Sephy at the reactor and Zack dying scenes should be done the way CC did them.

And there would also be extra music tracks of course. March Through Harsh Terrain from CC would play in Modeoheim, The Water's Surface from CC would play in Banora Underground, The Price of Freedom from CC would play during Zack's death, Battle at the Big Bridge from FFV would play when you fight Gilgamesh, No Honor Remains from CC would play during the simulation battle against Angeal, Howling Abominations from CC would play during random battles in Banora Underground, The SOLDIER Way from CC would play during the simulation battle against Genesis, Decisive Battle from FFVI would play during the fights against Ultros, Blazing Through the Battlefield from CC would play dung the simulation battle against Zack, Shuffle or Boogie from FFVIII would play while you play Triple Triad, etc.

Anyway, that's what I think. How about you?

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How about making a sticky thread about a hypothetical FFVII remake?

That way, we could avoid having over 9000 remake threads - all new threads about that would be compiled in the sticky one. :monster:
Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention, I also think they should no longer have the party members walk in and out of Cloud, and instead follow him around, but not in a straight line like they do in VIII, but moar like how they do it in X and XII.

And YopY, I would've written a 10-paragraph essay even if I'd just necro'd an old thrad rather than make a new one.:monster:
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