Which disc of FFVII did you enjoy the most?

Which disc of FFVII did you enjoy the most?

  • Disc 1

    Votes: 32 55.2%
  • Disc 2

    Votes: 25 43.1%
  • Disc 3

    Votes: 1 1.7%

  • Total voters
Wow. It's a tough choice between disc 2 and disc 3. I love disc 1, make no mistake about that, but I love how disc 2 is more action-packed and filled with epic moments yet I am in love with disc 3 because I so deeply enjoy maxing out all the character levels, getting a gold chocobo, collecting stuff etc. Disc 3 is where you will end up spending most of your time if you are aiming to complete everything.

Edit: I can't pick one so I'll just say that story-wise I enjoy disc 2 the most and gameplay-wise my choice is disc 3.
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Disc 2. Hands down. A bulk of the story is revealed in that one and everyone's true intentions come to light. So much significant events occur there and we finally get to see the real Cloud! :D


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Disc 2. Hands down. A bulk of the story is revealed in that one and everyone's true intentions come to light. So much significant events occur there and we finally get to see the real Cloud! :D
Disc 2 was pretty good too. But I think that a lot of things happened in so little time. Too bad that we got to know the real Cloud so late in the game. He´s so gentle. :lol:


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Disc 2 was the only disc where I had saved games specifically to replay parts of the story I loved. For me, the answer is a clear one :monster:
Agreed, with the very notable exception of the doldrums that are Icicle Inn, Great Glacier, and the Whirlwind Maze, disc 2 is a nonstop roller coaster of awesome.
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I dunno. Disc one has some really memorable moments in midgar. Purely on atmosphere and mood alone.

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Disc 2 for me. All of it. The great glacier was mildly dull, but every single other part of disc 2 was pure epicness to me.


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Disc 2, like people have said there was so much going on. The problem with disc 3 is that other than the events in the crater and a few sidequests (assuming they havent been completed already) Nothing much happens story wise, and visiting towns is kind of boring because theres nothing much new happening. NPCs dont have much to say.

Also, it always felt kind of weird to me that disc 3 you can do all these side quests but after the events of disc 2 its clear that the intention (story wise) is for you to go straight to the crater for the final battle.

Its always tickled me that Cloud is spending all this time breeding and racing chocobos while all the while everyone else is saying:

"Uh Cloud.....maybe we should go and fight Sephiroth now, y'know before the planet is destroyed?"

And Clouds like: "Yeah yeah, whatever, just 3 more races and this baby will be an S class!"


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I loved playing disc 2 because of all the fun and action-packed moments--indeed there is much to do on that disc!! But I voted for disc 1.

I loved starting out the game--meeting and getting to know each character as they joined the team and getting incredibly attached to them, and the FMVs were pretty freakin' awesome on the first disc (what with the motorcycle chase, even the planetarium at Cosmo Canyon was pretty cool! and Aeris' death scene towards the end).

Discovering the Gold Saucer for the first time was great, too (even though you couldn't breed chocobos at that point) and the side quests could be done on that 1st disc too - such as going to Wutai and finding Vincent.

Each disc is pretty amazing, but I guess I voted on sentimental reasons more than anything else. XD I always prefer the beginning of the story to the end--because I know that there is so much more thats left to enjoy. I hate coming to the end of a movie, book, or series, because I know that a good story is almost over. :lol:


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Discs 1 & 2 are both great. Disc 3, like you guys said, really has nothing on it except the final battle. Which is great and all, but not much to it.

I voted for Disc 2 mainly because I love everything that happens. So many more questions start popping up (for us as players, but for the characters as well). And ofc the big reveals of the Lifestream sequence are probably the best part.

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Disc 1:

- midgar midgar midgar midgar mother fucking MIDGAR.
- Kalm flashback
- The whole Junon/Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony part
- Costa Del Sol
- Corel/Gold Saucer
- Cosmo Canyon
- Nibelheim
- Rocket Town/Tiny Bronco escape
- TotA/Cloud going truly cray-cray
- Forgotten City/Aerith's death

2 also has lots of awesome, but 1 takes the cake for me.


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For me, it's between one and two. I voted one, but it could easily be two as well. Basically, the part of the game that still has action; in which, disc three, in my opinion, was totally an extra disc - even though it had the last boss battles on it.
One. It has Midgar in it.

When I saw the horizon opening in front of me at the edge of Midgar, I felt uncomfortable, like someone who had had a sense of space around her and that was destroyed and an endless, outside space was there and it scared me. It's one of the game's beauties; you feel confined, but secure in Midgar and when the door opens to the out world, you hesitate. I didn't want to leave the city.

Two as a very close second, because it's full of plot and story. Also, you have more items/weapons/materia at this point and you can start playing and goofing around with them.


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Definitely disc 1.

Midgar was a world on its own, you could've had an entire game in there. There was so much to do, even on disc three I still visit sometimes just to run about in it.

I think its also because so much of disc 1 seems to be light hearted up until around Temple of the Ancients. There's still a serious element but the journey seems so much more fun because although the score with Sephiroth still needs to be settled, there's no meteor causing panic around the world. It's so relaxed, I do like that disc 2 focuses on the more nitty gritty and serious aspects of the story and that you can start completing certain mini games, but I juts like the fun and comedic elements placed within disc 1.
Everyone's putting disc 3 down, but endings are important, and the strange balance of hope and upheaval makes the ending to Final Fantasy VII ultra heavy in atmosphere.

That said, I'm in disc 2's camp for general mind-fuckery. The action's good and all, but untangling the threads of Cloud's internal conflict sells the game. Give me a big-breasted, strong-willed guide through the Lifestream, and I'm good to go.


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disk 2 definatly had alot going on and proberbly the most action packed as stated. But 1 was so long, and it holds a hell of a lot of story. I was upset by how quickly disks 2 and 3 were over unless you spend hours grinding levels and side questing,
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