Why do people obsess over Weiss

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I'm still one of the few people who likes Dirge. :.(

Frankly, I've always found Vincent cooler than Cloud. FFVII is one of those things where it's hard for me to really name a "favorite character," but yeah. It might be the sharpshooting thing.

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I propose the theory that people like Weiss because he has silver/white hair. If he had brown hair, he would have been forgotten in days.

Dead serious.


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I propose the theory that people like Weiss because he has silver/white hair. If he had brown hair, he would have been forgotten in days.

Dead serious.
Well DUH! Brown hair sucks. He wouldn't be as strong if he had brown hair.

Dead serious.

How the hell can you be "Weiss the Immaculate" with brown hair? Utter nonsense.

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Well DUH! Brown hair sucks. He wouldn't be as strong if he had brown hair.

Dead serious.

How the hell can you be "Weiss the Immaculate" with brown hair? Utter nonsense.
It's scary how accurate the last sentence is, despite being snark.

It's true that people tend to pick out hair colors that stand out for main characters & such, but Zack had black hair, & look how many fans he has.

Genesis has brown hair, & while he's not the most popular character ever, he does have a healthy fanbase.

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I thought Genesis had reddish hair.

Also, I think calling Weiss a bishounen would be inaccurate. While I'm sure he's attractive to someone, he is far from "pretty."

They weren't that vague about Vincent as it seems. All of Vincent's predicaments (his "sin" and his rivalry with Hojo) were all explicitly explained and resolved in FFVII.
I don't see how people can say this. I used to keep a sizeable list of all the questions left unanswered about Vincent on my website before DoC came out. Believe me, unless you just didn't care about him, there were more mysteries than answers. Granted, most of them were in his past and not in his present, but several were in fact answered by DoC. Cba to list them all again, though..
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Wasn't the whole point of Vincent to be mysterious though.
I think it would have weakened his character if they had laid it on to much.
Yuffie was the same they were side characters, you have them in your party then you get bits of back story on them. People ask for to much.

As for Weiss, he was crap, that red haired woman was the strongest on DOC, she was the only one that got close to killing me anyway.


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I never noticed people obsessing over Weiss near as much as Nero is obsessed over. At least that's true in my observations.

That being said, if Weiss is being obsessed over, it's because he's generally mysterious, and only those who've seen the Online Mode have a basic idea of what he's really like. Even then, there's not much on him, so it's easy to "expand" on him. Being good-looking, in a position of leadership, and powerful are also pluses.


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people obssess over him cuz hes hot. lol the immcultar emperer is my fav character in dc. and it was hot when gackt was holding him :desu:


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I actually never had an opinion of him, to be honest. Not enough to go by since what we see in DoC is all Hojo and/or Omega.

Watching the online-mode stuff on YouTube didn't really make him any more special, imho. Only new DoC character I find myself loving was Shelke. :)

Also Reeve was awesome. If there's one good thing to be said about DoC it's that there was lots of Reeve screen time. ^_^
In my honest opinion, DoC was made with good intentions, and was promising, but kind of fell flat. First off, and this is purely my though, it was a shooter, I hate and am terrible at shooting games. That made it incredibly frustrating.

Is Vincent terribly interesting in FFVII? No, but how could he be when there was a chance you never even met him in the game. However, his story, with relation to lucretia and Sephiroth were very interesting and answered a lot of question regarding what kind of crazy people decided to create Sephiroth. Also, who else were they going to make a sequel of? Tifa? pleaaaase. Barret? Wouldn't waste my money.

As far as Weiss? He could have been cool, had square bothered to build on him AT ALL.
Barret still should've been a playable character. In bonus mission or as an unlockable or something. I mean he uses a gun, they wouldn't have had to change anything. Just instead of a three-barreled pistol you have a an anti-aircraft gun on your arm.


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Personally, I think the DoC we got was not the DoC intended. I get serious vibes of Yuffie and possible Cloud levels being intended for the game alongside the Cait Sith level and missions we got.
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Yeah we play as fricken Cait Sith but not Yuffie? WTF?

I was pretty bad at it too XD I suck at shooter games. You know that mission where you like have to protect the kid as you're walking along? I'm sure he had at least a few broken bones when I was done with that. I think I was about half way through the game when I had to return it.

Good to see Yuffie get so much attention though, now if they'd just do that for Nanaki I'd be happy.


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I think that if Weiss were to cut his hair and have it woven into fabric, he could finally make himself a new shirt. :T

To be honest I did not care much for him, for beyond him being shirtless and possessed by Hojo, he didn't leave much of an impression on me.


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Weiss looks badass and those dual revolver katana he wields are just so sexy...The sharpness and lightness of a katana combined with the power and range of a gun,plus Weiss can move as fast as the wind (Note:Gunblades are one of the hardest weapons to master.)

And Weiss is still alive,
he was saved by Genesis after he confronted Vincent.

Gameplay-wise,I think he's a crappy boss,he's weak and easy to defeat,the only time he did kill me is when I first encountered him.The final battle with Weiss and Omega is just too easy. (The only real challenge was Rosso the Crimson.)


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People love spikey hair and swords. The more swords the better. They also love that whole tortured business, but not quite to Nero the Sable's level. That shit is Anima-level creepy.


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I have always felt that SE decided to scalpel parts of Kefka's and Seymour's personality to get the wicked cine duo piece Hojo and Weiss that seasoned players mindfully expect, and then right after cut it down to simply a mysterious Weiss in order to fan flames of interest by effect of veil, such as to say it-can-boil-down-even-further? Recycling used tidbits that proved to be successful back in their day would seem useful to any developer, so the clear direction to take in fleshing out interest within character development is to do just that, if you think about it carefully. So from this, I suppose players might obsess over Weiss is due to the presence of familiar liners which can be stripped (to the delight of players that take fancy in being subjected to archaic touch, I imagine) all to rear something more while minimizing a string of cliches.
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