Will FF7R be too big for the switch?


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The game is panning out to be huge. Two disks is Red Dead Redemption or GTA size. Will the poor little Nintendo Switch be able to handle a game this size and keep up with the processing power needed to produce these level of graphics?


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Could it even run on the Switch? Maybe it's possible, considering they managed to get Witcher 3 on there, but I don't know how well it could work.

Apparently there is a new Switch model coming, however, which might be slightly more powerful. Might be feasible on that system, but even then it doesn't sound likely.


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The first UE4 game that comes to mind on the Switch is Daemon X Machina. It has a far simpler visual style than Remake does, but even taking that into consideration the demo from a couple months back had fairly prominent performance issues. It looked like it had improved when it showed at the E3 Treehouse streams to be fair, but the point still stands; a game like Remake would need to make a lot of fairly heavy concessions to have a chance of running on the system.


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Since this game isn't being made for Xbox One or Two, there's no way the Remake will be on Switch.


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I really wouldn't count on it. Maybe they'll do a Pocket Edition? Doesn't seem like a lot of point to that when the original's available, but it's a possibility.
Yeah, the Switch won't be able to handle it. The only way I could see a Switch release as a possibility would be if they do a Japan-only streaming thing like they did for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. There's the new Switch that's set to come out, but I tend to doubt it will be powerful enough.
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