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It's like a mix of Thor and Captain America, but with a female lead. Hopefully that'll give the DCCU the sort of kick-start it needs to find its feet.

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Amizon, Commander Shepard, Ellie, Rinoa Heartilly, Xena, Clara Oswald, Gamora, Lana Kane, Tifa Lockhart, Jodie Holmes, Chloe Price.
I really liked it and let's face it, it can't be any worse than Batman vs. Superman. :awesome:


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On the contrary, it most definitely can be worse. Gal Gadot is still very much an unknown factor here. Can she actually give good performance for a whole movie?


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Trailer looks neat. Here's to hoping this is good. I've never been hugely into DC but I hope they can get themselves going here. :(
Mixed feelings. Trailer looks fine, nothing that made me jump up and down in excitement, though.

I'll give them the shield, it's more likely modelled on Ancient Greek weaponry than Cap.

WW1 is an interesting setting, not as well mapped as WW2 so they'll be able to spring surprises. I do wonder why WW chooses to fight in a human war, one good theory I've seen is that the guy in the military uniform is Ares. Not very familiar with WW, but it makes sense.

I'm hoping we finally get a confident, respected/feared female superhero lead rather than underestimated or oppressed, but as this is a period piece, I'm not sure it'll happen. If anyone could pull that off it would be WW, though.
Wishlist for this film.

1. Remember that the Central Powers are not evil.
2. Remember that WW is powerful. I want people to react to seeing her with 'oh shit', not underestimation.

After initial misgivings after BVS, I became a complete convert on a rewatch of the same film, so I'm looking forward to this.


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If you guys end up liking the movie and want to know more about the costumes and art/set design for it, I highly recommend this book.

We got a few copies in that store, so I took one out of the plastic wrap and to have a looksie to see if I wanted to spend money on it or not (I'm big into behind the scenes and costume books), but I think it's definitely worth buying. Hopefully I can get it next paycheck.


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Still a little over two weeks before it comes out here.

Reception so far seems to be really good. Wonder Woman to the DCEU's rescue!

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