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Harbinger O Great Justice
So, now that Secret Wars has wrapped up, I figured I'd make a thread of literally everything that I'm reading on a (roughly) monthly basis. I'm also including any comics that I've dropped that're still ongoing, but striking out the title, as well as putting ones in Italics for near up-and-coming ones guaranteed to be on my list. This doesn't include any series that aren't ongoing (like any of the pre-ANAD Marvel comics) or things that aren't at least roughly regular: hence my exclusion of big books like Ravine, but inclusion of One-Punch Man - because while the volume releases are irregular, the chapters are loosely consistent).

This way, I can chat about loose recommendations about any of the comics in the list while leaving the more specific updates for their individual threads. Also, if something is worth coming back to you can bug me about it if it's in my strikeout list. I'll still update the "currently reading" thread weekly with the little parenthetical reviews and such.

So, without further adieu:


Strikeout: Dropped.
Normal: It's iffy/ok
Bold: It's good.
Underline: It's spectacular.


• A-Force (ANAD)
All-New Wolverine (ANAD)
All-New X-Men (ANAD)
Angela Queen of Hel (ANAD) – Decent, but more of a romance story now – took up Thor instead.
Bill & Ted Go To Hell (BOOM!)
• Captain Marvel (ANAD)
Contest of Champions (ANAD)
Daredevil (ANAD) – A good run, but not totally my thing.
Darth Vader (STAR WARS)
Death Vigil (IMAGE)
• Doctor Strange (ANAD)
Drax (ANAD)
Extraordinary X-Men (ANAD)
• Guardians of Infinity (ANAD)
Guardians of the Galaxy (ANAD)
Harley Quinn (DC)
Invader Zim (ONI)
Mayflower (Levi Hoffmeier)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (BOOM!)
The Mighty Thor (ANAD)
Monstress (IMAGE)
• Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (ANAD)
Moon Knight (ANAD)
Ms. Marvel (ANAD)
Obi-Wan & Anakin (STAR WARS)
One-Punch Man (WSJ)
Poison Ivy (DC) – Doesn't mesh with Harley's version of the characters. Not into it.
Ragnarok (IDW)
Rick & Morty (ONI)
Rocket Raccoon & Groot (ANAD)
Saga (IMAGE) – It's good, but it slowly just lost my interest/connection to the characters.
Spider-Gwen (ANAD)
Spider-Man (ANAD)
Spider-Man 2099 (ANAD)
Star Wars (STAR WARS)
Star Wars: Poe Dameron (STAR WARS)
• Star-Lord (ANAD)
Starbrand & Nightmask (ANAD) – The slice of college life isn't my jam.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW)
Totally Awesome Hulk (ANAD)
Ultimates (ANAD)
Uncanny Inhumans (ANAD)
Uncanny X-Men (ANAD)
Venom: Space Knight (ANAD)
Vision (ANAD) – It's dark and disturbing & damn good, but really just not my thing.
Web Warriors (ANAD)
Weirdworld (ANAD)
• X-Men '92 (ANAD)

So yeah. Feel free to ask me about any of those at whatever point and whatnot. Also, if anyone else wants to make a thread like this, I think it'll work well for more personal recommendations and such (especially for Tres' beautiful tl;dr) and still let the currently reading thread do what it does well.

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Harbinger O Great Justice
It varies depending, but I probably put about $40-60 into comics a week ever since I decided to binge during Secret Wars to really feel out which Marvel comics I care a lot about and which I don't. I'm gradually moving around and seeing which ones stay worth following and which don't, and what things are good but not my thing.

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Harbinger O Great Justice
Random thought of mine that I had the other day that seemed like it'd fit well here.

I think that one of the reasons that I liked AvX as much as I did was because Cyclops getting the Phoenix powers laid out a scenario that did a really good job of looking at, "if you got powers like Superman that basically made you a god, what would you do with them?" I like that you see him do good and strive to continue to do so while things turn against him and eventually lose himself to that power without their support, becoming Dark Phoenix. It's also kinda how I figured that I'd deal with that same scenario.

I think that's why the story in Man of Steel connected so well with me, because the idea of seeing someone refuse/decline to use their powers to make sure that they use them at the moment that not only are THEY ready, but that their WORLD is also ready for them.

Anyhow. Comics stuff!

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Harbinger O Great Justice
• A-Force (ANAD)
- It was a decent arc with a good cast, but I'm not sure where it's gonna go next. I think that following it further depends on that.

• All-New Wolverine (ANAD)
- I really enjoy her as Wolverine, and the places that the story's going. This is the sort of thing I wanted from her standalone comic.

• All-New X-Men (ANAD)
- I really REALLY like this one, because it gets to the center of Mutants and them dealing with the issues that feel very X-Men-like.

• Bill & Ted Go to Hell
- Good dialogue that captures the spirit of things really well and just makes for fun reading. I'm glad to keep supporting it.

• Captain Marvel (ANAD)
- It's not holding me like I wanted to, and seeing her running things with a team instead of her solo stuff isn't really giving me what I wanted. It's not space team-y enough to surpass Ultimates, and not solo enough to beat Venom Space Knight.

• Contest of Champions (ANAD)
- This played out really well, and has turned into a direct offspring of Secret Wars in a way that I was hoping for. I'm pretty committed to this.

• Daredevil (ANAD)
- I enjoyed the arc & the style, but it isn't something that I'm regularly committed to, so I'm gonna let it go.

• Darth Vader (STAR WARS)
- This is still constant, pure excellence. Even at its weakest, it's an amazing comic.

• Death Vigil (IMAGE)
- (Hasn't had a comic in a while, but I love it when it does).

• Doctor Strange (ANAD)
- No idea where all this madness is going. I have a feeling once the arc wraps up, I might leave it like I'm doing with Daredevil. Can't tell until that wraps a bit more though.

• Drax (ANAD)
- This is just fun. I don't know what it is, but they always get some humor in there I'm not expecting and it's just a delight. I'm not committed to it like other comics, but I also don't see myself dropping it any time soon.

• Extraordinary X-Men (ANAD)
- Really just reading to hope that one day I find out what in the 9 hells happened to Cyclops, but the Apocalypse Wars thing they just pulled off is fucking cool, so that's helped me hold on.

• Guardians of Infinity (ANAD)
- It's... interesting. I want to know how it goes, but I'm not sure about continuing with it once this arc wraps.

• Guardians of the Galaxy (ANAD)
- God damn, I love it. It's going somewhere totally crazy and new, and it's beautiful with really good art. It's gonna stay.

• Harley Quinn (DC)
- My only DC comic (until Terry comes back). I really love this comic to bits, and am probably gonna read it forever.

• Invader Zim (ONI)
- It's perfect. Some issues are weird and ugh, others are just fucking spectacular, but all of it perfectly captures the experience of Invader Zim so well, I can't see myself dropping it.

• Kanan (STAR WARS)
- Clinging on to this one for as long as I can. So SO good.

• Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (BOOM!)
- I have no clue. I adore the shit out of this now, but it might change depending on where it goes. It perfectly fits my nostalgia of what Power Rangers was that I know rewatching it wouldn't give me.

• The Mighty Thor (ANAD)
- Everything that I wish Angela had been, but I'm happy to take this instead. Everything is really compelling and crafted into a beautiful mess.

• Monstress (IMAGE)
- This is why I don't feel bad about losing tough with Saga. This comic is everything. Everyone should read it.

• Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (ANAD)
- It's adorable, but it's not keeping my focus like I'd hoped. It's issue #5 and they JUST became a team. I'll keep going for maybe an issue or so, but it's tipping for me as of now.

• Moon Knight (ANAD)*
- Still waiting on it...

• Ms. Marvel (ANAD)
- It's been really good still. It's about the only "awkward life situations" comic that I like at all, which speaks to its character. It's what I wish Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur could be more like.

• Obi-Wan & Anakin (STAR WARS)
- Good so far, and I expect it to go places.

• One-Punch Man (WSJ)
- Addiction, no matter how slowly it releases.

• Orphan Black: Helsinki (IDW)
- It's been ok, but it's not as good as a comic as it is as a show. I wish I was more into it.

• Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift (LEGENDARY)
- It's good background, and I'm happy to support it, even if it's an occasional thing.

• Ragnarok (IDW)
- I like this because it's a very DIFFERENT read for me. It feels distinct from my other comics, and I really enjoy that even if it's not always SUPER gripping.

• Rick & Morty (ONI)
- Like Zim, this is a pure Rick & Morty experience every time.

• Rocket Raccoon & Groot (ANAD)
- Just fun shenanigans like it was before. A nice break from other things occasionally.

• Spider-Gwen (ANAD)
- I adore this gender and role-twisted little universe. 100% keep.

• Spider-Man (ANAD)
- Miles 4 evah <3

&#8226; Spider-Man 2099 (ANAD)
- I don't think that ANY other comic grips me as completely as this one does. It's easily at the top of my list for comics I need in my brain the second they come out.

&#8226; Star Wars (STAR WARS)
- Still really good. Not Vader good, but good enough to hold on to.

&#8226; Star Wars: Poe Dameron (STAR WARS)*

&#8226; Star-Lord (ANAD)
- The arc ended jumped WAY forward. I'm basically gonna call continuing or dropping it on the next issue. It's good for what it is though if you're into him, I'd recommend it.

&#8226; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW)
- I'll keep reading this and all its miniseries comics until I die.

&#8226; Totally Awesome Hulk (ANAD)
- THIS is the perfect "taking up the mantle of another hero" comic. It's everything that I've wanted from the ANAD-verse. I love the everliving fuck out of it.

&#8226; Ultimates (ANAD)
- God damn, this just gets the WAY OUT THERE stuff for me, and I really like seeing a team so far removed from everything else tackling concepts like this.

&#8226; Uncanny Inhumans (ANAD)
- It's a good time, but I'm not sure if I'm holding on to the story. It's damn good art, but it might fall away from me in a few issues.

&#8226; Uncanny X-Men (ANAD)
- Not as militaristic as X-Force with Cable was, but it's still a damn tight story and team with no qualms about brutality. It feels like it's only touched the tip of the iceberg.

&#8226; Venom: Space Knight (ANAD)
- It took a bit to hit its stride, but I'm really enjoying this a LOT now. The art is really different, the stories aren't like most other things, and it feels a LOT more like Captain Marvel's stuff used to (which I miss from her stuff now). Keeping for certain.

&#8226; Web Warriors (ANAD)
- This is Spiderverse 2.0 all the time with an evolving roster, and there's NOTHING not to love about it. It's staying with me.

&#8226; Weirdworld (ANAD)
- I miss the Secret War story in Weirdworld, because it was about Weirdworld more than it was about the characters. That sounds odd, but it's currently feeling grounded by the story being in the eyes of a relatable outsider rather than a lost barbarian king. I still love it, but it's not as magical despite having more actual magic.

&#8226; X-Men '92 (ANAD)
- Not as good as the Secret Wars one, but it is just getting started, so we'll see how it keeps up.

Updated my list as of 4/1/16 for ongoing comics only (took out crossover arcs and things). Struck out ones I'm letting go. Un-bolded ones I'm on the fence on. Underlined ones I'm really, REALLY into (anything I still strive to read at midnight on release now that I work a day job). Italics/Underlines are still up-and-coming that I'm stoked for.

If you want a tl;dr about any of those comics, ask away.

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Harbinger O Great Justice
Haven't updated this in a couple years, and Tres & I got to chatting comics recently, so I figured I'd make a new list of these. I've dialed back on a lot of comics, 'cause I'm saving more funds to move this year:

• Ancient Magus Bride (Manga)
- Really enjoyed the anime, and picked this up to try and catch up with things, but have fallen behind on both. Still good, though.

• Batman & TMNT 2 (DC)
- Another really damn good crossover.

• Bloodborne (Titan)
- Interested in that in general and wanted to see how the comic was. It's ok so far.

• Boruto (manga)
- Haven't kept up with this weekly or the anime, but am really wanting to get into the swing of doing that again. Just been reading the collected versions.

• Darth Vader (Marvel)
- This comic is always excellent.

• Harley Quinn (DC)
- Still something that I always enjoy, feels like it's back into some good new stuff.

• John Wick (Dynamite)
- Solid first issue.

The Mighty Thor (Marvel)
- Really good & almost over.

Monstress (Image)
- Still fucking excellent. I do wanna read through it all again at some point.

Moon Knight (Marvel)
- It's been really solid so far, not as good as it's ever been, but solid.

Ms. Marvel (Marvel)
- Still been good, though I'm glad we're getting back to actually having her in her own comic.

• One-Punch Man (manga)
- I just love the hell out of this.

• Pacific Rim Aftermath (Legendary)
- It's been decent so far.

• Rogue & Gambit (Marvel)
- Have been loving this a lot. It's nice to give the two of them a chance to go over everything. It feels like a lot of Marvel is attempting to reset things to things that people liked in comics once upon a time.

• Seven to Eternity (Image)
- Really fucking good, but it doesn't come out nearly enough.

Spider-Gwen (Marvel)
- Still been a really fun time.

• Spider-Man (Marvel)
- Almost wrapped up. Really looking forward ta seeing how it ends Bendis' run and what exactly is gonna happen with Miles after that.

Star Wars (Marvel)
- This series' still generally been fun. Nothing mind-blowing, but usually consistently good.

• Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (Marvel)
- I'm up and down on this one frequently.

Star Wars Poe Dameron (Marvel)
- This one's generally consistently enjoyable.

Star Wars: Thrawn (Marvel)
- God damn, but this comic is fucking incredible. I love the hell out of it.

• TMNT Ongoing (IDW)
- With the exception of a sad art incident in the last two issues, this is still one of my favourite comics ever.

• TMNT Universe (IDW)
- More fucking excellence from the TMNT series.

- Absolutely love the ways they've brought the Symbiote & Eddie back together and carried the series through from where Flash left things. One of my favourite series right now, especially where it's looking to go now.

• Venomized
- Building off of the Venomverse event and the crossover with X-Men Blue, I'm really enjoying this one. It's more excellence from Venom.

• X-Men Blue
- I still love the stuff with the O5 X-Men. Champions did THE BEST by Cyclops, but this series has been doing well by him, especially during the Venom cross-over. Overall, I'm still really digging their journey, especially when it hits little bits of the pre-Secret Wars storyline.

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