Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary OVA: Super Fusion! The Bonds That Transcend Time

Topdecking? What're you talking about? Those were all the first turns of the duel against Paradox. They aren't topdecking, those are their opening hands.
Stacking their decks, I meant. Whatever.

And the banned list has too affected the show, when you see Yugi's deck used in GX his Monster Reborn has magically changed into whatever that replacement was. (Reincarnation?)


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Stacking their decks, I meant. Whatever
That's not stacking, that's searching. Yusei played "Reincarnation of Hope."

Normal Spell

Discard 2 Monster cards. During your next Main Phase 1, add 1 Monster Card from your Deck to your hand.
That's how Judai and Yusei were able to add each of their best monsters from their decks to their hand.

And the banned list has too affected the show, when you see Yugi's deck used in GX his Monster Reborn has magically changed into whatever that replacement was. (Reincarnation?)
Yugi never played Monster Reborn against Judai. That doesn't mean it was replaced. Yugi used "Dark Renewal" which is another revival card in his deck.

Monster Reborn was never banned in GX. It's used several times by other characters. Hell, Judai had it in his hand in the first episode of GX.

Yugi also used Monster Reincarnation in the original show as well. That's in his deck as well.


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Ah, is that so? Thanks; I hope this guy comes back and does some more in 5D's cause going by next episode's preivews, he's not in charge so I'm not gonna watch.

In fact, until the whole WGRP arc ends I don't think I can even be bothered to watch anymore. :monster:
Agreed, I donno how many things he's done in the past as far as this series goes, but... I would like to see more. >.>

From what I hear, I don't think you're alone in that bit.

@Xinda - HANDS? Look at HIM. He's a freaking beef cake in that picture. x'D

Also, I think Jack is trolling my DS game, in a really gay jacket:

I-It can't be helped, I like hands! ...but that, too XD

...Well given how Jack has dressed before...Maybe that's where he got inspired? >.> (Also, not a Jack fan I take it? XD)

Thanks for all that information, Mako. Seriously, is there anything you don't know about Yu-Gi-Oh?
No, there's really not much he doesn't.


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LOL thanks for sharing. This is greatly appreciated. Damn the Abridged Series is gonna be here for a loooong time, considering they're only at this point now. :monster:
Noooooooooaaaaah!!!! *squee* >w< I luff. Heeeem.

Duke's music... cracks me up every time. XD I just love how he is portrayed. I always hated his character. It makes me happy.
Yeah, while so many of the running gags in that series can grate, that music is something that has made me laugh every time.

The trolls at the end are still the best part of that episode though :monster:
^ That was okay. Seriously a lot of the jokes in that video consisted of sex and titties. It's a lot better than the direction the TAS series has taken at least.

Most likely because there's a lot less that the abridged series can make fun of, with this arc being more ~intense~ than the previous seasons and all. Not to mention with whatever they have left of the show is basically the same thing we've seen since their first episode. I mean, the abridged series shouldn't really be considered an abridged series anymore, since the show has basically created a whole new plot about 4kids 'canceling' the show. There's hardly anything that pertains to the original series, and now they have these really redundant lackluster memes that are constantly brought up and sexual innuendos that really aren't that funny. And they add completely unrelated scenes and characters to YGO randomly every now and then. Not to mention the videos they've uploaded recently are extremely lengthy. The show sort of lost it's spark to me, I guess.

tl;dr, I don't get why it's still considered an abridged series when there's a completely new plot unrelated to the original YGO.

EDIT: They said crackalackin, not crackitlackin. XD
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"Yugi, Its season 0. Duel monsters hasn't been introduced yet."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Shit thats right"
And hey, the only sex jokes were the ones that were already in the real episode (or at least the manga).
I suppose, but it was much more emphasized in this episode, especially with Solomon and then that scene with Téa wanting to have sex with Yugi - just as friends. And then Yugi imagining Martin S. and Jennifer C. having sex. meh
THAT is a completely different subject altogether. I'm not trying to say the show can't have sexual jokes, but they're not funny at all. Even the yaoi ones featured on TAS aren't amusing.

The yaoi in the secret thread isn't meant to be funny at all. Excluding the disturbing fanart.


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Wow, hadn't realized it'll be a year old once it airs...

Welcome :)

Some info has been updated here; playthedamncard @ LJ again. Mentioning some places where it MIGHT be released - as well as stating that the movie will only be in theaters for four days in "250 theaters in the United States on February 26 and 27, and again on March 5 and 6. "

I didn't think I would get to see it in theater (though I wanted to), looking at the list it's not even going to air in my state. Closest one to me is about 2 hours away and I've no way to get to it. Bummer.
Apparently there's going to be a 4th series... called YGO ZeXal.

Um, what the hell is this shit? Why are these people degrading YGO even further?

From the looks of it, I really doubt this is going to help attract the older audience they've kept around.
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Another one? And is that his HAIR?!

Yugi's hair is absurd, yes, but repeatedly attempting to outdo it is not going to help matters.
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I can't say this character's hair is as weird as Yugi's, but it definitely looks worse.

A bit more on YGO ZX:

The series is set in the near future. Yuma Tsukumo is number one bad boy at his school. Something unexpected happens as Ryoga challenges him to a Duel. When the mysterious entity Astral appears before them a new legend begins.

Number one bad boy... lmao.
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