Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary OVA: Super Fusion! The Bonds That Transcend Time


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i can’t find another thread so i am just going to post in here as a general thread

after reading the first few books ages ago i finally made my way through the comic and finished a month ago. it’s weird to look at how it ends and then think how it starts where yami yuugi is just straight up killing people to make a point. as it goes on he’s just good at games, he barely ever even mind crushes anyone. i thought that would be a recurring thing to replace shadow games but no. also any time otogi showed up in a panel during the later volumes i just thought, oh you’re here but why. he has like 2-3 lines in the last third or so and is otherwise just there off to the side, it’s like me at social gatherings

to celebrate finishing the manga i went and watch the dark side of dimensions film and when it starts and kaiba has a space station i was a little incredulous. like i get he’s rich and all but does that mean he’d be going into space on his own. then i remember all the rich people in the real world with their pet space projects so it’s actually pretty accurate i guess

plus the thing about making everyone in domino city register with his company and he tracks them at all time

shame that unlike kaiba (who is charismatic and fun to watch), mark zuckerberg is unnerving and creepy to look at for too long

i loved the bit where kaiba jumps out of the jet that was less than a minute from landing. this is what the 10th anniversary film was missing, kaiba being extra. i might skip through the hundreds of episodes of the anime for more kaiba


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God, Darkside of Dimensions is one of the best shonen anime movies, period. The sequel movie to DM that we needed. Glad you enjoyed it. I kinda wanna watch it again right now :monster:
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