New Feature: FFVII Version Guide!

by January 26, 2014 1 comment

TheLifestream.Net is proud to present its newest analysis of this beloved game. Written by Shademp (that’s me), with much important help from other FFVII enthusiasts, we now have a guide about how this gaming experience differs depending on which version is played.

Final Fantasy VII Version Guide

Whether it be discrepancies in the game script, battles, minigames, glitches or anything else, the new guide is the home for this type of information.


The feature is now, among many other impressive articles, also linked to in our FFVII Content Index page.

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  1. Kyler
    #1 Kyler 29 January, 2014, 05:34

    Wow, once again thoroughly impressed with the extensive coverage of one the absolute if not the greatest game(s) of all time. Thanks for your work, Shademp!

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