A Fan’s Eye View: Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals- The Wind Chapter

by January 19, 2011 2 comments

Holy crap, it’s my birthday, but you’re getting the gift!

Delivered Bald Chocobo Priority Mail

Yes. That is a bald, deformed, Chocobo.

That’s right, It’s another Fan’s Eye View Commentary, this time on the little known sequel to Final Fantasy 5- Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals!

This anime got dubbed years before FF5 ever hit American shores, and given the strangeness this anime contains- the Chocobo above is a prime example- it’s a wonder it ever did.

So, Forcestealer, Tennyo and I sat down and watched it, exposing Tennyo to the whole thing for the first time. Today we’re giving you the commentary on the first chapter “The Wind Chapter” for your listening pleasure.

Now, you will need a copy of the movie, so you’ll need to buy the DVD or old VHS. I mean, SURE you could get it for free online, but you wouldn’t be so cruel as to go and do THAT would you? For the record, we commented on the dub, for the added hilarity, but everything synchs up on both versions, if you can only find the sub.

Now download the commentary, have a listen, and have a hearty chuckle at all the weirdness.

And yes, we do mean weirdness.

Yeah, the Chocobo looks normal in comparison now, don't it?

Doesn’t the Chocobo seem normal by comparison now?

And now you know what Aerith was looking up at in the last update, too.


  1. Zav
    #1 Zav 19 January, 2011, 21:05

    Lol at the last comment

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  2. pitfiend
    #2 pitfiend 22 January, 2011, 15:53

    The original FF II Chocobo artwork looks similar.
    (Yoshitake Amano)
    In the first FF2 on NES they look like usual but are pink.

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