Special Episode of Reno (Before Crisis Extended Summary)

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Below is an extended summary of the exclusive special episode of Before Crisis, featuring Reno. It takes place during the events of Crisis Core. Enjoy!

Special Episode of Reno

Midgar  (01/04/01)

Mission 1

  Reno and Rude are on the 45th floor of the Shinra Building, searching through reports in the scientific data section while on guard duty in the room.  Reno complains about the nature of the task and insists that he and his partner liven it up by doing something fun, but Rude is his usual self and simply states that although he agrees it is plain work, they must stick to it following the robbery.  Reno drops a folder onto the floor and grumbles despairingly, arguing half-heartedly that the thief would have quickly gone into hiding after the incident.

*     *     *

    In the Turks Headquarters, Tseng and Chief Verdot are discussing the robbery of confidential documents from the 45th floor several hours before.  Verdot explains gravely that there are fears the information that was stolen was in relation to the SOLDIER Mass Desertion – where First Class SOLDIER Genesis and a large number of SOLDIERs disappeared while on a mission in Wutai during the War.  He says that he received an order from President Shinra to close off the document room and search for the missing reports, which is why Reno and Rude have been sent there.

*     *     *

  Back in the document room, Reno says that he can’t wait to get back to doing some more exciting work instead of being confined to a room.  He says that he isn’t happy, but Rude simply shrugs.  As he puts files back onto the shelf, he asks Rude if he remembers the time when they first met, and he thought Reno was very erratic.  Rude walks to the other end of the shelf and gives a nod.  Reno thinks to himself that their personalities differ in that respect; where he loves to be wild, but Rude keeps all his anger and concerns inside.

  Suddenly, an alarm goes off, declaring there to be an intruder alert.  At the same time, a Red Saucer enters the room.  (As a side note for those who didn’t know, the Shinra security system is such that intruders are targeted by the machines through heat and movement sensors and eliminated, but if the security level is raised to its highest mode – S-Level – the robots are programmed to target everyone as a failsafe.  The latter occurs at the Mako Cannon during Episode 3.)

  The Turks are surprised to see the robot, and think that it may have come due to the threat of any suspicious characters following the robbery.  Rude asks if it is possible that the thief has returned, but Reno laughs and says that there is no way anyone would come back.  Rude nods, but says that the circumstances are very strange, and that nothing should be taken for granted.  As they talk, they show no interest in the Red Saucer that has slowly crept towards them.

  Suddenly, it shoots a bolt of electricity at the two.  They dodge the attack, and the shot hits the bookshelf.  The Turks defend themselves against the robot, and quickly defeat it.  They are unfazed by the attack, concluding that the security level had been raised to S-Level.  Reno laughs at the sluggishness of the machine, but Rude says that it is not its speed which is important.  Hurt by Rude’s words in his pride of being the Fastest of the Turks, Reno bets his partner that his speed would be much more effective against enemies than Rude’s strength.  Rude accepts the bet and suggests they fight against the Red Saucers of the passage outside the room, knowing that they are still working to guard the confidential scientific documents from possible intruders, and it would be impossible to be defeated.  (They actually bet a piece of Rude’s armour or accessory.)

  Reno exits the room first into the 45th floor corridor, snorting to himself that Rude has gone mad since that morning if he believes he would win.  He runs quickly down the corridor, defending himself with ease against the Red Saucers which fire at him as he moves, finally reaching the end of the hallway having defeated four of the machines.  Rude comes out, determined not to lose to Reno, and also starts to defeat the robots.  After a while of scouring the floor, it becomes obvious that Reno has won the bet, and the two get bored, with Reno boasting that it was indeed speed which was the most important aspect of a battle.  As they return to the document room, they receive a call from the Chief.


Mission 2

  From Turk Headquarters, Chief Verdot calls Reno and Rude and asks them about their situation.  Reno tells him that they have remained guarding the 45th floor, but the Red Saucers have been attacking due to the security being raised to S-Level.  Verdot explains that something is wrong as although the security has been raised to S-Level, according to Tseng, security robots throughout the building simultaneously began acting abnormally with the attack on the Shinra Headquarters.

  Hanging up, he calls Cissnei to ask her about the damage report.  She states that there is not much problem as there is a First Class SOLDIER taking care of the intruders.  When Verdot asks if it is Sephiroth, she replies that it is Zack, a SOLDIER who had been promoted to First Class that very day.  He then asks about the abnormal behaviour of the machines, to which Cissnei informs him that it is not just the robots that are malfunctioning, but many of the control systems throughout the Shinra Headquarters.

  Verdot calls Reno again and tells them that the Turks must determine the relationship between the system failure and the attack.  He explains that a young but very capable SOLDIER will be dealing directly with the attackers.  When Reno says that he and Rude will get on the case right away, Verdot tells him that he has already issued Cissnei with the task, and that those two have to continue with the investigation of the stolen documents.

*     *     *

  Hanging up, Reno grudgingly explains the situation to Rude.  Rude shrugs that Cissnei is often given the most secretive of tasks – even in the Turks – which is why her existence has remained a secret to the group’s newest members (the BC Turks).  Rude begins to praise Cissnei’s special abilities, but Reno mocks him and suggests he has a crush on her.  He laughs that Rude is special too; that he has sunglasses.  Rude calmly reminds Reno that he wears goggles.

  As they speak, Reno notices someone watching them from the shadows.  Realising he has been spotted, the man flees.  Rude says that during a security breach, the emergency stairwell is blocked off, and only the Turks and SOLDIER have access to it (through means of ID cards).  Because the elevators are monitored and difficult to use without being seen (especially during S-Level), it would mean someone on the 45th floor had been there since the security breach, and would most likely be the thief themselves.  He says that the fact the man fled when he was seen only confirms this theory.

  The two give chase, knowing that his only escape from the 45th floor under the circumstances would be by elevator.  Reno runs directly there, while Rude takes a different path south-east in order to cut him off.  As he approaches the elevator, he sees the door closing, and the lift begin to go down.  Shooting a grand spark from his electromagnetic rod, Reno blows a hole in the doorway, and leaps into the elevator shaft.

  He lands perfectly on the roof of the descending elevator, only to discover a password-locked hatch preventing him from getting inside.  He calls Verdot and explains that he has located the thief, and is pursuing him in elevator A108.  Verdot tells him that Tseng is trying to access surveillance cameras from inside the elevator, but the system failure is preventing their efforts.  Reno asks them to give him the password for the hatch so that he can get inside, but a Red Saucer suddenly falls from above.

  He battles the machine as another one lands beside him.  Defeating the security robots, Reno takes a deep breath, but frowns with confusion as the elevator stops abruptly at the 20th floor.  Expecting the thief to have taken the lift all the way to the 1st floor, he begins to question the action, but after a few seconds it begins rising rapidly.  Concerned, he phones the Turks Headquarters.

*     *     *

  Tseng anxiously relays the seriousness of Reno’s situation to Verdot, knowing that if they fail to open the hatch, he will be crushed.  When he asks for the password, Verdot says that during S-Level security, each password in the building is temporarily reset and must be individually deciphered.  Tseng says there is very little time, and that he only has fragments of information to give Reno.  Verdot tells him to call Rude, but Tseng says that of all the times when he can’t reach him, it is now.  Tseng calls Reno and tells him that he has 50 seconds before the lift reaches the 59th floor lobby, so he must decipher the code as quickly as possible.

  Verdot calls Cissnei and asks her if she has been successful in restoring the internal control system of the building.  She says that she has got some things working.  Verdot asks her to see if she can gain control of elevator A108 from her position.  As she works, she informs them that someone had tampered with the controls of the security robots, changing their settings so that they would not attack certain people (which explains why the Red Saucers did not target the thief).  After a number of seconds, she informs them that there is no way to stop the elevator from there, but that she has the hatch code decipher.

*     *     *

  Tseng calls Reno again and tells him that they will have to enter the password manually.  The code is the discovery date of Mako energy.  He is given the option of 19590923 (the discovery of Mako), 19680109 (the Nibel Reactor’s completion date), and 19760624 (the commencement of construction on Midgar’s Plate).  Tseng quickly tells him the answer is 19590923.  Inputting it, the lock asks for the second code.  Confused and worried, Reno frantically tells Tseng that a second code is also required.

*     *     *

  Cissnei informs Chief Verdot that the safety of President Shinra has been ensured by Sephiroth’s presence and Zack’s actions against the intruders, but that the malfunctioning security robots have begun pouring onto the streets of Sector8 and attacking civilians.  Verdot states that they must be stopped or the citizens’ confidence in Shinra Inc. will collapse.  He orders her to deal with the situation.  As they speak, Tseng interrupts, telling Cissnei that the hatch lock requires a second code.  She replies that the code is the subtraction of 5 from the elevator’s top floor (59th in the case of this shaft).


  With thirty seconds remaining, Tseng tells Reno what he must do to open the hatch.  Having no confidence in his mathematical skills, Reno tries to count down from 59 on his fingers as his time quickly fades.  With the elevator rushing towards the 59th floor, and the ceiling in sight, Reno calculates the answer and hastily punches in ‘54’.  The hatch unlocks, but as he prepares to open it, a monstrous Proto Golem security robot crashes onto the roof of the lift.  

Reno battles the security robot, striking it speedily and powerfully with his EMR, but it is too strong.  As the elevator nears the ceiling, it knocks him to his knees.  He crouches as the lift reaches the 59th floor, and the huge robot is crushed as the elevator comes to a halt, jamming it a number of feet from the ceiling, saving Reno.  Sighing with relief, he spins as the hatch pops open, and is grateful to see Rude’s head appear from the hole.  Reno asks where the thief is, and Rude answers that he most likely used the ropes of the elevator shaft to get down to the entrance from the 20th floor.

  Climbing out of the elevator, Reno mentions how close he had come to meeting his end.  Rude is silent as Reno speaks, and only eventually says that he tried everything to save his friend, but the controls had been overridden and there was nothing he could do.  Although Rude is saddened by the thought of what may have happened, he still shows a lack of emotion.  He says that it seems Reno got the exciting work he desired after all, but now they must go and continue their investigation into the stolen documents, starting with locating the thief somewhere on the Plate, as well as helping out with the security robot problem.  Reno says he’ll take the stairs.

*     *     *

  Meanwhile, Professor Hollander (the thief) re-enters the 45th floor, having been flown back up the elevator shaft by a winged Genesis Clone.  Thinking to himself that the diversion caused by the malfunctioning security robots and intrusion by the Genesis Clones has resulted in SOLDIER being sent onto the streets of Midgar, his escape from the Shinra Building should be simple.  He begins to search the confidential documents.


Mission 3

  Reno and Rude exit the Shinra Building into Midgar’s Sector8.  They know that Cissnei has already been working to halt the outbreak, and that she is somewhere in the sector.  They have also learned that SOLDIER has been dispatched to help resolve the situation, but that their numbers are far fewer than normal due to the Mass Desertion.  Such a decline in personnel was the purpose of the Turks’ assignment weeks before to scout for new candidates (see Episode 4).

  Rude decides to take the west section of the town, while Reno heads north.  Following the streets, Reno finds a man in a blue suit being chased by two robots.  He is perplexed to see this as it is not the usual behaviour of the machines.  He defeats them and is thanked by the man (he is actually given a healing potion as a reward).  Hunting the rest of the north part of Sector8 and destroying any remaining Shinra weapons, Reno receives a call from Cissnei to ask about his situation.  He tells her that he has cleared the north area, and she informs him that more machines have appeared in the south.

  Reno heads south and sees Custom Sweepers attacking an old man.  He rescues the man, and clears the area.  Heading east, he finds a girl in trouble, and uses all his speed and skill to save her from a large group of security robots.  Reno calls Cissnei to ask her of her situation and she says she is at the fountain, but the line is cut off.  Concerned, Reno phones Rude, who says he’ll call back because he is in a spot of bother.  Thinking that both may be in serious danger, he is torn between which one to help first as although he wants to aid Rude, he doesn’t want to damage his friend’s pride.

  Choosing to help Rude, Reno runs west and finds his partner surrounded by security robots.  Together they fight through the attackers until every last one is defeated.  Reno explains that he thinks Cissnei may be in trouble, and thee two make their way back through the streets to the fountain in the Sector8 town square.  As they reach the fountain, they meet Tseng, who asks for an update on the situation, but stops as he notices something across the plaza.  Looking up, they all see Cissnei cornered by two Genesis Clones, but her weapon is drawn and she is ready to fight.

  Suddenly, from the other side of the square, a black-haired man in a First Class SOLDIER uniform appears, and tries to run to the aid of Cissnei.  Reno stops him, determined not to surrender the credit to SOLDIER, telling him that there is nothing to worry about.  Stunned, the young SOLDIER turns and sees Tseng, pleading with him to see reason.  Tseng introduces Zack to Reno and Rude.  Reno tells Zack that Sector8 is the Turks’ turf, nodding towards Cissnei who has swiftly killed the Clones.

  Tseng again asks about the situation in the other areas of Sector8, to which Reno replies that the security robots have been running wild, but they have stopped most of them.  Tseng orders Reno and Rude to continue with their assignment (in this particular case, he is referring to the cleanup of the machines), and the two head up the steps of the plaza in the direction of the Sector8 Mako Reactor.  (For those who didn’t know, this is also a scene from Crisis Core where Cissnei is first introduced to Zack after Reno and Rude leave.  It is an interesting crossover as it expands on the purpose of the Turks’ presence at the fountain when Zack arrives there.)

  As they head north, they spot a suspicious character on the street; the thief (Hollander).  For the first time, they are able to see fully what he looks like (dark hair and beard and dressed in a white lab coat).  Hollander runs, and Reno begins to give chase, but Rude stops him, saying that they have to destroy the malfunctioning robots before they do any more damage (essentially Reno believes the secrets held in the stolen data are the priority, but Rude believes it is more important to keep the secrets of the Shinra Weapons Development from the public).

  Reno says that they must retrieve the stolen data because he doesn’t like being a failure and it would be that work which would be more exciting, but Rude argues that by going after the thief would mean the failure of their current task, and that past failures must be accepted.  Reno states that when they first met, Rude taught him that it is important not to dwell in the mistakes of the past, but if you get the chance to change them, you have to take it.  Rude sighs and says nothing, but follows after Reno.


Mission 4

  Having left Zack and Tseng at the fountain in the Sector8 town square, Cissnei calls Chief Verdot at Turk Headquarters to update him on the events.  She informs him that Sephiroth has dealt with the disturbances in Sector7, Sector1, and Sector2, while Zack and the Turks have taken care of Sector8.  Verdot orders Cissnei to locate the source of the enemy, and hangs up.

  Almost immediately, he receives a call from Reno to say that he and Rude have found the thief that stole the confidential documents and are giving chase.  He explains that he believes the stolen data to be more important than their previous task, and asks for permission to proceed.  Verdot agrees, saying that they should not miss this opportunity, and that Cissnei and Tseng are in Sector8 anyway.

*     *     *

  Reno and Rude pursue the thief down an alley, and find a manhole leading to the Plate’s underground.  Climbing down, they are met with Hollander and two security robots.  As the Turks fight off the machines, Hollander escapes east-bound along the tunnels.  Defeating the robots, the two again begin to chase him, battling their way through hoards of more Custom Sweepers.  As they run along the passages, Rude begins to question why the machines do not attack the thief, but only target the Turks.  He tells Reno that this is no accident, and that it must have been the thief who tampered with the control system and wrote a new trace program to affect their sensors.

  Finally, the two are able to corner Hollander at a dead end, and they realise that he is one of the former employees of Shinra’ Science Department.  He says that his information tells him that Reno and Rude have the highest success rate of any of the Turks, regardless of the type of assignment.  Reno laughs and tells him that his being chased and caught is proof of that, but then realises that information on the Turks is restricted only to the upper echelons of Shinra, and sneers that there is no way Hollander could have seen that data.  Hollander replies that by hacking into the control system, he could do anything.

  As he speaks, a hole in the wall of the dead end appears, and two Genesis Clones enter the passage.  Hollander escapes into the opening, and the Turks are forced to fight the Genesis monsters.  (Depending on whether or not Reno won the bet earlier and gained the armour or accessory from Rude, the fight will be significantly easier).  Even with Reno’s speed against one monster and Rude’s strength against the other, the battle is a difficult one.  Finally defeating the Genesis monsters, the two continue after Hollander.

*     *     *

  Back in the Turks Headquarters, Cissnei reports to Verdot that all of the malfunctioning security robots have been contained, and that the Genesis Clones have disappeared.  She says that it seems the actions of the invading Clones and the machines were a diversion for something else; so that someone could move separately.  Hanging up, Verdot receives a call from Reno to say that the thief was Professor Hollander and that they are chasing him through the underground passages.

  He explains that the problems with the control system in the Shinra Building were the scientist’s doing.  Verdot tells him that Hollander is working in unison with the rogue SOLDIER Genesis, and that it confirms the theft of the confidential documents was indeed in relation to the SOLDIER Mass Desertion incident.  When Reno asks if he should continue on Hollander’s trail, Verdot tells him that it won’t be necessary as SOLDIER is now taking care of the investigation following the sighting of one of the main antagonists at the Sector5 Mako Reactor (Angeal – as is stated in Crisis Core).

*     *     *

  Grumbling that once again, they don’t get to do the exciting work, Reno returns with Rude to the fountain in the town square.  He says that even after the countless enemies they defeated, which would have caused problems due to the shortage of SOLDIERs, they still won’t get the glory.  He complains that SOLDIERs get all the exciting work, and that maybe he should become one of them.  Rude replies that there has been many times when they have been given assignments which only the Turks could do, and asks rhetorically if he would really change that.

  Reno moans that the work just gets him angry, but Rude responds by saying that the pay is good.  Reno asks why he has to work by simply following orders.  Rude tells him that he shouldn’t think that way; that he should think of the pay, of the important assignments, and of the friendships.  Reno then asks what he would bet that Reno would remain a Turk, to which Rude replies that he would bet their partnership.  Nodding at his friend, Reno smiles, and the two run off.

*     *     *

  At the Turks Headquarter, Verdot calls Cissnei to ask if she was safe after an attack by Genesis on the streets of Sector8.  Cissnei reveals that it wasn’t the real Genesis, but an advanced Clone, and that she was helped out by Zack.  (See Crisis Core chapter 4).  Cissnei reports that the real Genesis is somewhere in the city according to the information gathered by SOLDIER, and that Sephiroth and Zack are now on the move.  Verdot says that he understands, and orders Cissnei to continue with the top-secret assignment of monitoring Zack that Director of SOLDIER, Lazard, had given her. 


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