Before Crisis Special Episode of the Legendary Turk (Extended Summary)

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Mission 2


During the Wutai War, a special secret agent working with the Turks had proven himself far stronger than any of his peers. Formerly a member of an anti-Shinra organisation in the early years of the War, he was a man with great battle experience, and ultimately played a large role in the War for both sides. Never knowing his real name, the soldiers of Shinra gave him the title ‘Death God of the Battlefield’, and he was feared by enemies and allies alike. With his incredible power and fighting abilities, he had become a hero to many of his fellow Turks, achieving the rank of super first class, and the status of ‘Legend’. However, not everyone approved of his role as a Shinra operative.

Verdot stands in the Turks Headquarters with one of the special Turk agents waiting for Tseng, and tells the agent that he was once involved in one of Tseng’s first missions as a new Turk. As Tseng arrives, he immediately recognises the man as the Death God, and aims hi gun at him. He asks the Chief if he has already forgotten what happened three years before, and that he finds the idea of the man acting as a Turk after his war crimes completely unacceptable. (Side note: it may seem strange that Tseng had been a Turk for approximately 3 years and had never been introduced to Legend, but recall in the main game that the playable characters were not aware of Cissnei and Katana’s existence until after episode 17 which took place 3 years after they joined)

Verdot orders Tseng to lower his gun so that he may explain himself. As he does so, Legend taunts him that even though Tseng wants to kill him, he still obeys the rules, and that only a weak man would pull a gun on a comrade in such a manner. Furious, Tseng raises his weapon again, but Verdot puts a hand on the pistol to stop him.

He explains that he appreciates Tseng’s feelings towards the Death God after their personal history from three years before, but that he has been a Turk for some time and Tseng of all people must understand what he is capable of. Verdot says it was him who persuaded the Legend to join the Turks. Tseng remembers how Legend had become famous for his participation in the bitter battles against the Shinra Army, but that he did not doubt the man’s immense abilities. Verdot says that sometimes in war there exists something that cannot be destroyed, something that is irreplaceable, and to remove such an existence would mean weakening your enemy beyond repair. Tseng understands that Verdot is referring to the recruitment of the Death God, and knows that he will have to get over his personal feelings.
Although reluctant, Tseng introduces himself to the Legend. He is stunned when Legend nonchalantly calls Verdot ‘old boy’ before declaring that he is leaving to start the mission as he has wasted enough time. Verdot asks Legend if he needs an explanation of the details of his assignment. Legend replies that it is not necessary as Tseng will be acting as his support and he expects him to send the details to his PHS. The Death God leaves the room and Tseng, perplexed by the man’s attitude and Verdot’s tolerance of it, scurries after him.

The Legend arrives at a secret Shinra military factory somewhere in Wutai which has been overrun, analysing the windy weather conditions and surroundings as he prepares to begin his mission. He has to make a decision between the use of time bombs or remote-control bombs and, feeling in the mood for something flashy, decides that the use of both types would satisfy him and prove beneficial for the assignment. (Side note – these two types of bombs are the weapons of the Legend for use in battle. Time bombs are set on the ground and explode after a set time, and when two are placed in close proximity, they can create a chain-bomb effect. Remote-control mines are ones where the player has control over when they go off, but they explode after 15 seconds if no action has been taken.)

Tseng calls him to ensure he knows the details of his assignment. The Legend confirms he has to rescue the kidnapped ‘old boy’ and completely eliminate the abductors. Tseng gets annoyed with Legend’s overuse of the term ‘old boy’, and tells him to refer his real name of Mr. Liner instead – a weapons trader that has a connection to Shinra. (Side note – the name of the arm dealer is a strange one because some of the translations refer to him as Liner, others Mr. Liner, and some as the liner. I’ve put it in as his name at the moment, but this is subject to change if anyone can advise me otherwise) Tseng says that the enemy has occupied the Company’s military factory and the President has ordered their disposal before they can leak information and secrets about the existence of the factory gained from the captured Liner.

Legend asks if the criminals have made any demands, and Tseng tells him that there were two made a short time ago; money to fund their activities and the release of political prisoners from Corel Prison (this is a blatant continuity error on SE’s part since Corel Prison was only established after the destruction of Corel five years later). He says that if the Shinra refuse to meet these demands, the rebels have threatened to expose the highly classified secrets of the facility and distribute the weapons around the world.
Tseng tells the Legend that reports say there are approximately forty people inside the facility and that he should be cautious, but the Legend decides to attack them head on rather than sneak inside. He bets Tseng that he can complete his mission within ten minutes. Tseng is stunned that he thinks the task can be completed so quickly, and replies that gambling is not a principal that the Turks should adopt, but that the Legend should perform to the best of his ability and complete the task in that time anyway.
Coming to the entrance of the facility, the Legend is met by mercenary soldiers. They do battle, but the Legend is far too powerful and fast for them, defeating them with ease by using his chain bombs. Following the explosions, sirens go off to alert more rebels to the intrusion and they come running as the smoke rises. The Legend kills them all with his bombs, telling them that he has brought hell to them as they scream in agony.

Making his way inside the building, the Turk finds a spacious factory area with a number of pillars keeping the upper levels of the building aloft. Tseng calls him and verifies the blueprints of the facility and the location at which the hostage is being held on the second floor. He orders him to strategically place explosives at five points throughout the factory so that the detonation will cause the facility to collapse.
Hanging up, the Legend quickly places three bombs at on the designated pillars and machinery across the lower level. At the rear of the area, there is a set of stairs leading to the second level. Running along a passage, he comes to a dead end where a soldier waits. The Legend attacks him, but even after the man states that he was someone who worked with the Legend during the conflict in 1995, the Legend shows no mercy in killing him. Planting a fourth bomb and retracing his steps, he comes to another dead end and is attacked by another mercenary. The man accuses the Legend of being ruined by the Shinra by becoming a Turk, to which he replies that the battlefield has not changed for him – he just fights on a different side now. Defeating the man, he hurriedly places the final explosive well within the ten minute window, and gets another call from Tseng.

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