Before Crisis Special Episode of the Legendary Turk (Extended Summary)

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Mission 3


On the beach in Costa del Sol, Tseng stares off into the distance, thinking about the events of two years before. Legend asks him what is wrong, and Tseng says that he has never understood what it feels like to be betrayed. He admits that if put in Legend’s situation where his comrades had been killed and he lost the little girl who was very special to him, he may too have acted the same way when confronted with the weapons dealer. The Legend is silent after he hears this, surprised by Tseng’s words.

Tseng again requests that the Death God returns to duty with the Turks, stressing the fact that his powers are needed. Blowing on his cigar, Legend reminds him that he does not feel the same way about Shinra as Tseng does, especially after discovering that they were in league with Liner. He says that the world has enough to worry about, but that they are prepared to match it (I assume he means that the Turks are ready for whatever is thrown at them), commanding Tseng to tell the old boy (Verdot) that he refuses their request.

Legend then says that to tell the truth, it had been troubling him if he was worthy of returning to the Turks (not physically – its sounds like remorse for his actions), and wishes to turn over a new leaf. Tseng is shocked to hear Legend opening up his heart to him, but says that he understands, even if it means he is turning his back on them. As he leaves, Tseng tells the Legend that should he change his mind, it is not only Chief Verdot who awaits his return, but he would also look forward to one day fight alongside him again.


In the aftermath of the Wutai War rose many anti-Shinra militant groups, some hailing from what remained of the Wusheng, others from elsewhere. Of these enemies, one group proved more of a challenge to Shinra than any other. They were known as AVALANCHE. Since AVALANCHE’s first attack on the Shinra Company a year before, the Turks had been given the duty of combating the group and tracking their movements while SOLDIER fought off other enemies.

Following a series of confidential information leaks to AVALANCHE, President Shinra held Verdot accountable for the Turks’ failure to do their job of keeping the company’s secrets safe, and ordered his demotion to another department. As a result, Tseng was promoted to the Chief of Turks, answerable to the incompetent Head of the newly-formed Department of Public Safety Maintenance, Heidegger. (Side note – after Verdot’s demotion and Lazard’s disappearance, the General Affairs, Security and SOLDIER Departments merged under an umbrella title to form the Department of Public Safety Maintenance)

When the Turks are given the trivial task of acting lookout in Junon, an army of AVALANCHE operatives attack the city. The Turks have been given explicit instructions by Heidegger to report any incident so that he may deploy the Shinra Army to take on the militant group. However, under Heidegger’s poor leadership, the Turks are outnumbered and AVALANCHE begin to take control of the city. Meanwhile, watching the events unfold on the monitors at Shinra Headquarters, Verdot decides that he must take action, calling an old friend. (Side note – as far as I can make out, the game shows the following conversation taking place from Verdot’s perspective, ie from the monitor room. It doesn’t state anywhere where Legend actually is at this point. It can be assumed he is still under house arrest in Costa del Sol, but he could be anywhere, although smart money would have him somewhere where Junon is easily accessible.)

Legend answers Verdot’s telephone call, stating that it has been a long time since they spoke, and asks what’s wrong when he immediately detects Verdot’s voice is without its usual vitality. Verdot informs him that he has lost command of the Turks, and Legend laughs, telling him he thinks that’s very amusing. Verdot says that he has a favour to ask. Legend says that the Shinra are likely to be monitoring the call, but Verdot advises him that he has ensured the line is encrypted.

Verdot then asks Legend directly to fight for the Turks. Legend asks him if he remembers what he said when they met for the first time at the Mako Reactor; that he did nothing but bring conflict. Verdot tells him that it was because Shinra were trying to end the prolonged Wutai War that he requested that the Death God join them again. Legend answers that he has no reason to return to the Turks since the War is over, but Verdot says that the War is not over yet, leaving him puzzled.

Verdot informs him of AVALANCHE and their current movements to try and destroy Junon, and that the Turks are caught in the middle of it. Verdot says that these days, Shinra and the Turks don’t have the necessary strength to deal with such a situation, and that they need his power. Legend comments that the circumstances seem drastic if Verdot would go to the extent of calling him, and Verdot replies that he is begging him to return. (Side note – bear in mind that Legend actually comes from Junon, so Verdot may be playing on that a bit.)

Agreeing, Legend asks what the situation is. Verdot explains that Heidegger has taken command, but that Shinra’s efforts are in chaos due to his inept orders. He tells the Legend that his task is to ensure the safety of Junon’s civilians. When Legend asks who will be in charge, Verdot informs him that he has a plan to lay down his life in order to regain authority. (Side note – for anyone who doesn’t know, Verdot’s plan is to threaten President Shinra that he will go public with Shinra’s secrets if he is not reinstated as Chief of Turks. Angered by the blackmail, the President does what he asks, but warns him that anything but complete loyalty on his part will result in execution.). Legend says to leave it to him.

The Legend arrives in Junon and is quickly surrounded by AVALANCHE operatives. He orders the ‘boys’ to let him pass as he is in a hurry to get to the trouble spot up ahead. The soldiers say that if he is trying to get somewhere, then losing time could prove fatal, and engage him in battle. Using his bombs to defeat enemy after enemy, one of the AVALANCHE soldiers realises who he is, questioning why the Death God is working for the Turks. The Legend gasps as he remembers how much he had missed the unique sound of his bombs, declaring that he will take care of fifty enemies while the ‘old boy’ regains authority.

Battling his way through hoards of AVALANCHE operatives, the others involved in the fighting take notice of his actions. Realising his strength, Elfé orders her troops to retreat. Elsewhere, Reno and Rude notice the change in AVALANCHE’s movements and a decrease in their numbers as they draw back. Tseng deduces that the Turks have regained control of the situation and decides that they will remain defending Junon until Verdot is reinstated. Believing his return to leadership to be imminent, the Legend and the Turks continue to fight until they successfully overcome the chaos in the city. (Side note – for anyone wishing to know further how this was achieved, read episode 9 of the main story which can be found at Dark Angel’s page here: )

Later at the Turk Headquarters, Verdot shares his appreciation with Tseng and the Turks following his orders well and settling a dangerous situation. He tells them that before he says anything more, he would like to introduce someone. As he speaks, the Legend enters the room, leaving Tseng stunned. Verdot reveals that when they were struggling at Junon Harbour, he got the Legend to fight for them. Tseng realises that the sudden decrease in AVALANCHE’s in the middle of the battle was because of the Legend’s involvement.
Legend says that the ‘old boy’s’ safety came before everything else, to which Verdot responds that it appears it was not their time to die. Legend jokes that it is simply not in Tseng’s character to die. (Side note – I think this is a reference to Tseng’s supposed ‘9 lives’). Verdot says that Tseng is likely to be the one to inherit the leadership of the Turks. Legend wishes him success in his career and that since he is the ‘newcomer’, he would have to take orders from Tseng.

Tseng finds the Legend’s words odd as it would be a big mistake to consider him a newcomer. Turning to the others, he asks if everyone knows who the Legend is. He tells them that it is easy for everyone to find faults in others rather than themselves, but that if they knew what had led to his house arrest, they would understand his actions. Reno begins to fear the man as he realises that the rumours are true while Rude thinks that the man is a legend and not someone to be crossed since his actions are forgiven, and worries that Reno will have to be careful.

Tseng tells them that he guarantees the man’s ability, as before he joined the Turks he was once feared as the Death God of the Battlefield. Reno become even more scared, but Rude is unsure if someone that abandoned their duty should be given the opportunity to be reinstated. Turning to the Legend, Verdot asks him if he has settled upon an answer. The Legend responds that he has thought about Verdot has asked, and decided that he will entrust his life to the Turks.

The one called the ‘Death God of the Battlefield’, a man known as a Legend within the Turks, returned to them. Those who know of his history do so with fear and wonder. But, he will never again look back on his own past…forever will it sleep in the darkness of the battlefield…

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