Let’s Play! Final Fantasy VII part the Ninth

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The Let’s Play commentary continues.
This time Jocalyn, who last participated in Part 27, makes a comeback. Newcomer is Shademp, author of the Unused Text Series, who lends his Swedish accent for some Scandinavian hijinks. Veterans Ryushikaze and Pixel return, joined by Tennyo from Part 45 and onward.

Enjoy as we explore a Mayan pyramid, enter a sleeping forest via a village of bones, then solemnly end disc 1 with a tragic visit to a city made out of dried up coral reefs and giant sea shells.

Apologetic comment by Shademp: My odd pronounciation of the word “Reactor”, although similar to the Swedish way of saying it, was actually influenced by instances of hearing Serbian accents in documentaries. I am fully capable of pronouncing it correctly in English, but for some reason my mind played tricks on me here.

Complementary info to Part 45: Click here to see the Black Materia field model up close, as it is presented in Makou Reactor. As you all can see, it is FAR from spherical.

Correction to Part 46: Contrary to what Tennyo says, Cait Sith actually does not ditch you right before the “Demons Gate” battle. He stays with you through the battle.

If you want to participate in this commentary, don’t hesitate to join the forums and ask.

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  1. Tifabelle
    #1 Tifabelle 12 December, 2011, 09:40

    I love you for having Tifa in the party when Aerith dies. ;.; I love how she brushes her face and then gets so emotional she runs off.

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  2. Fangu
    #2 Fangu 4 January, 2012, 13:43

    Gaiz, stop laughing through the pivotal point of part 48!! x_x Shademp got this amazing quote going on and you’re like HAHAHA and at the end Pixel goes “okay let’s go snowboarding!”

    You gaiz. You deserve a decent spanking!! 😉

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    • Shademp
      Shademp Author 4 January, 2012, 16:11

      Thank you! el oh el
      Though in all honesty I am breaking the rules of LPs by having stuff planned beforehand. LPs are meant to have right-off-the-bat commentary, which sort of goes against my nature. =P