The Lifestream Podcast – Episode 13

by January 8, 2016 2 comments

Episode 13: Star Wars and Final Fantasy

It’s the thirteenth episode of The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast!  Join Carlie, JasonTandro, Ryushikaze, and vaderSW1 as they go on a mythical journey into all things Final Fantasy!

In this episode we discuss some current Final Fantasy (and related) news:

Then we move into our main topic of discussion: the influence of Star Wars on the Final Fantasy series. We also provide our speculation on what 2016 holds for Final Fantasy!

This episode’s question for the listeners is: What are your hopes for the Final Fantasy series for 2016? Email us at or reply to the episode post on the Lifestream Forum and let us know! We’d also love to hear your questions, comments, and episode topic suggestions, and we’d appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes. We will do our best to read your feedback on air!

Music appearing on this podcast:

Total run time: 1:29:11. Warning: explicit content.



  1. Tash
    #1 Tash 10 January, 2016, 03:44

    Wait a minute. Since when did it sound like a good idea to crossover Star Wars and Final Fantasy together? No offence, but that sounds more like a death sentence to both franchises if you ask me.

    Disney and Final Fantasy crossedover, I can easily cope, because it made such cool ideas even outside Kingdom Hearts(the ultimate Disney and Final Fantasy crossover). The next crossover with Final Fantasy I’d like to see is with Pokemon, because both franchises have similiar gameplays and similiar new stories in each title(except for the Compilation of FFVII, FFIV two sequels, FFXII, and the Lightning Trilogy), and characters.

    But just adding Star Wars(or anything else, for that matter, except for Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors, I could tolarate) is just a bit too much as far as I can see.

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  2. Slater
    #2 Slater 20 March, 2016, 23:20

    R2-D2 and Moogles!

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