Updates on the new FFVII novel

by November 19, 2011 11 comments

Thanks to Hitoshura’s heads up, we now know both the book’s cover (image to the right) as well as more details on the book’s storyline.

The product info of the book, also from Square Enix’s e-shop, translated by Hitoshura, reveals the following:

Reno and Rude. The universally loved Shinra Company is back!

2 years since that fateful day.
Evan and Kyrie are two young people among a group running a detective agency in Edge, a city that has sprung up in the wastelands.
Following these two, Reno and Rude from the Turks as well as the heroes from FFVII such as Cloud and Tifa return in a new story!

(*dialogue by unspecified speaker*)
Well that doesn’t look too safe.
Guys like him die for some real stupid reasons.
Remember when we used to be like that?
Hey, partner?

The young staff of the Mireille Detective Agency advertise their business with a particular gimmick: “We Read the Lifestream”
During a certain case, they come into contact with the Shinra Company’s Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department, commonly known as the Turks.
A brand-new full-length novel focusing on the Turks, as they aim to restore their company in order to repay a debt to the world, and a group of young people living in a world in ruins.

So this book definitely takes place after the original game. What will this book reveal?! Is the guy on the cover Evan? Stay tuned.

Square Enix’s Gamebooks Info Site


  1. Laura
    #1 Laura 19 November, 2011, 18:25

    Oooh, I’m so excited! πŸ˜€ I can’t help it, I’m such a sucker for these types of things.

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  2. Phi
    #2 Phi 19 November, 2011, 23:03

    Excellent news! I’ve been waiting for this!

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  3. Cloud_Strife
    #3 Cloud_Strife 20 November, 2011, 09:56

    Finally a new installment for the compilation? I think I would die before the compilation completes….

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  4. Mitch
    #4 Mitch 20 November, 2011, 19:30

    I hope they actually use a real writer for these. OTWTAS was kind of written poorly IMO

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    • Shademp
      Shademp Author 20 November, 2011, 19:52

      You are out of luck then. The OTWTAS entries were written by Kazushige Nojima, one of the primary minds behind FFVII (both the original game and the Compilation) and he returns to writing duties for “FFVII Lateral Biography TURKS -The Kids Are Alright-“.

  5. Pandabelly
    #5 Pandabelly 21 November, 2011, 04:39

    Oh snap I am juiced to hear there is a new novel concerning the world of FFVII!

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  6. Turk 0
    #6 Turk 0 22 November, 2011, 01:55

    There are no words to describe the excitement I am feeling. :’D

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  7. Pixel
    #7 Pixel 24 November, 2011, 15:58

    I really cant wait for this. I actually really liked OTWTAS. Hopefully it’ll give more of a look at whats going on in everyones lives after AC, so we can see whats going on with Cloud and Tifa especially πŸ˜€

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  8. Ivory of the Turks
    #8 Ivory of the Turks 22 December, 2011, 03:56

    Do WANT!!!!!!!!

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  9. Shelby
    #9 Shelby 17 January, 2012, 01:05

    Does anyone know if someone translated this and posted it? I wanna read it!!!!!

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