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Forum member Quexinos has very kindly provided — and you, our fellow fans of Final Fantasy VII and its related compositions — with the missing link in our coverage of translations from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania: Cait Sith’s profile.

Sure, we had Reeve Tuesti’s profile, but not that of his beloved feline avatar. Thanks to Que being less lazy than the rest of us, however, we can at last offer you the only main character profile we had overlooked.

We here at TLS are very proud of Que, and it warms my heart to unveil her first frontpage translation effort.

Cait Sith
Compilation of FFVII:

Character Profile

Sex: ?
Height: 100cm
Blood Type: ?
Date of Birth: ?
Birthplace: ?
Weapon: Megaphone (when riding the moogle)
First Person Pronoun: ボク [Boku]
Voice Actor: AC, DC — Hideo Ishikawa

A remote controlled stuffed cat. Reeve, head of the Shinra Company’s Urban Development Department, manufactured him for such purposes as scouting out intelligence and spying. Because Reeve is the one operating him, he speaks with the unique accent of Reeve’s original Kansai dialect. He’s powerless and limited when alone, so he often rides on the fat, stuffed toy moogle during times of action.

In Final Fantasy VII

Not as random as he appears? Spy mechanism with a strange accent.

Age: ?

In order to spy on Cloud and co., who are a hindrance to the Shinra Company, he approaches them pretending to be a fortune telling machine and asserts himself into their group. Due to Cloud and co. blowing up Mako Reactors, which had caused Midgar’s security to waver, he viewed them negatively at first. However, he’s gradually charmed by their goal “to protect the planet” and eventually has a genuine change of heart, throwing himself into the battle to save the planet with his comrades.

“Right or wrong, I’m still the same ‘ol me.”

At the Gold Saucer, he falsely establishes himself as a fortune telling machine; “How ’bout it? Want me to read your fortune!?” he says, strong-arming his way close to Cloud.

He has sympathy for Cloud and co.’s ideas, and since substitute bodies were available, he decided to sacrifice himself to help his friends.
“Protect the planet. Hah! Y’all sure sound good!
Ain’t no one that’d go against ya. So ya think ya can do whatever y’all want?”

Because Reeve, the head of Shinra’s Urban Development Department, wishes good fortune for Midgar’s inhabitants, he sometimes criticizes AVALANCHE.

Compilation Check

This fortune telling machine’s reputation is not just for show!

Cait Sith’s fortune telling compilation

In FFVII, Cait Sith ambushes Cloud and co., introducing himself with “I’m a fortune telling machine.” Fortune telling is originally Cait Sith’s special skill, so this may not be a complete lie. Although the things he says in FFVII are random, in BC, he shows extraordinary skill, pinpointing the place of destination exactly.

A look at Cait Sith’s fortune telling
-Sephiroth’s location
“What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose something dear.”

-Future developments (in Corel Prison)
“Fortune’s good. Everything is perfect!”

-Cloud and Aerith’s compatibility
“You are perfect for each other! Aerith’s star and Cloud’s star! They show a great future!”

-The whereabouts of the Support Materia

-The direction of the gates in various places in the Mako Reactor

“I can protect the Planet too! I’m kinda embarrassed.”

Limit Breaks

Level 1: Dice

Level 2: Slot
Toy Box, Toy Soldier, Mog Dance, Transform, Summon, Lucky Girl, Joker Death, and Game Over complete the 8 slots

Toy Box

A variety of objects, such as hammers, monsters, etc. fall onto the enemies.

Game Over

The god of death is summoned and instantly reaps the lives of all monsters in an instant.

Toy Soldiers

6 toy soldiers stand in a row and attack the enemy with their guns.

Lucky Girl

Miss Cat’s blessing. All party members’ attacks become a critical hit.

In Advent Children

In support his friends, his ride changes from the fat moogle to Red XIII

Age: ?

He embarks on Cid’s Sierra model airship to assist Cloud in Edge. There is never a time when he participates directly in battle like his other friends; however, he rides on Red XIII to advance through the battlefield, and yells from the cockpit of the airship as his way of exerting himself for his friends.

“We can’t handle this!”

Instead of a fat moogle, Cait Sith rides in on Red XIII. There’s also a scene where he strikes Red XIII’s head in excitement.

In Dirge of Cerberus

As the alter ego of the WRO’s director, he has a tiny body but a large role

Age: ?

He strives for world peace, as the alter ego of Reeve, who became head of the WRO. He seeks Vincent’s cooperation in order to stop Deepground, who have repeated such misdeeds as mass killing and abduction. He also sneaks into DG’s stronghold, Mako Reactor 0, on his own and spies on the enemy’s movements; in this scene, although his short body is powerless, his effort is great.

“That was a close one! Never was good at fighting. Luckily, I came out wearing ‘Reeve.’ “

Contrary to what one would expect, when Reeve is shot, Cait Sith is inside! How does a stuffed toy come to be inside a doll suit?

He coincidentally appears on screen with Reeve. Although, as one would expect, it would seem they are unable to talk at the same time.
“Alright. Take it away, Shelke!”

With the cooperation of Shelke, a young woman who possesses the power to connect to a person’s intracerebral data, he is able to display the personal experiences from his mission.

Trivia 1

What does the number of Cait Sith’s bodies become?

Cait Sith is a robot who also has many alternate bodies. In FFVII, he sacrificed his body to allow Cloud and co. to obtain the Black Materia, and changed to machine #2. In DC, he is destroyed by the enemy Nero during an undercover operation, and his body is replaced with a new one. Furthermore, in DC, Cait Sith mentions the total number of bodies he’s been through, but this changes through having to redo the investigation mission due to being destroyed by other enemies prior to being found by Nero.

When proceeding through the shortest game, the number turns out to be 5. In other words, is what he says the number of times he was broken between FFVII and DC?

In Before Crisis

The intelligence machine of Reeve’s pride debuts in a top secret mission!

Age: ?

Under the operation of Reeve, he decides to cooperate with the original manager of the Turks, Veld, and travels with them. While he was searching for the Support Materia for Zirconiade’s summoning, his curiosity leads him to be attacked by a monster; his parts were scattered and buried, making for a severely troubling situation.

“My fortune telling can find missing things, missing people, anything!”

When the Turks draw near, he pretends to be a stuffed toy. Using his special skill of fortune telling, he finds out the location they should proceed to next.

There’s also a scene where the Turks operate him by a special controller concealed in the back of his body because Reeve is unavailable.

As Cait Sith has no fighting power, his only way of avoiding a crisis is to play dead. This skill is often used to struggle through a pinch.

“My last resort is to pretend to die.”

Trivia 2

The crown is a valuable part

In BC, while travelling with the Turks, Cait Sith is detained by a Goblin along the way and his body dismantled into three parts. During this time, the name of each part is “Head,” “Body,” and … not hands or feet, but “Crown.” This crown is part of Reeve’s hobby and an indispensable part of Cait Sith.

The status of Cait Sith’s parts is that they are completely scattered and buried in the ground, but he is able to return thanks to the Turks.

Compilation Check

Cait Sith is powerless until he rides on a fat moogle

Cait Sith is thrown into battle for the first time ever during BC. He proceeds with an investigation with the Turks, but the situation comes along where the investigation has to be suspended due to his extreme lack of fighting ability. Reeve reflects on such points as how to compensate for low fighting strength while stressing mobility, and in FFVII Cait Sith is riding on a fat moogle.

Reeve operates the fat moogle by sending orders to it through the handheld megaphone……a two-fold command structure.

Reeve is troubled by Cait Sith’s disability. The idea occurred to him to “Place Cait Sith on top of another machine for possible combat.”

Although in DC he does display some techniques, such as a punch or a kick, there’s no change in the powerless situation.

In Crisis Core

His slot use from FFVII appears as a reel pattern

Age: ?

He is added to the DMW upon obtaining the key item Cait Sith’s Megaphone, and gives Zack various effects which are advantageous in battle by means of the Limit Break “Courage Boost!”

He brings various benefits for support in battle; troublesome status effects, such as poison, etc. are cancelled, and enemy attacks toward Zack are invalidated.

Cait Sith Map

Reeve treasures the city like his own child. He operates Cait Sith from the Shinra building here.

—Gold Saucer
Cait Sith calls out to Cloud disguised as a fortune-telling machine at this establishment, and follows him by force.

—Temple of the Ancients
To make the temple mutate and obtain the Black Materia, Cait Sith sacrifices his body.

Cait Sith – Timeline
[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 0007/2/10

·BC — Gongaga
Together with the Turks, he infiltrates the site of the destroyed Mako Reactor. He searches for the Support Materia for Zirconiade’s summoning.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/12/

·FFVII — Gold Saucer
He awaits Cloud’s group, who is chasing Sephiroth’s trail, and travels with them by force to spy on them.

·FFVII — Gongaga
“You don’t think there’s a spy, do you Cloud?” When Cloud and the others reveal suspicion, he plays dumb.

·FFVII — Gold saucer
After giving the keystone to Tseng, he reveals himself as a Shinra spy to Cloud and co.

·FFVII — Temple of the Ancients
The Black Materia appears after his sacrifices his body. Afterward, machine #2 becomes a party member.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/2/10

·FFVII — Airship Highwind
Reverse spying on Shinra’s activities, he catches that a WEAPON is invading Midgar. Thereafter, he learns a crisis is imminent since Hojo is occupying the Mako Cannon, and begs his friends to prevent this.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008/1/21

·FFVII — Northern Crater
Together with his friends, he fought in the final battle with Sephiroth to prevent Meteor’s fall.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009

·AC — Edge
Together with his former comrades, he rides the Sierra to rush to Cloud’s aid.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010

·DC — Kalm
Sends a message to Vincent’s cell phone and meets up with him. He then asks him to cooperate with the WRO to oppose Deepground.

·DC — Midgar
Infiltrates Mako Reactor 0 to investigates DG’s movements. He’s discovered by Nero along the way, and is destroyed when swallowed by the darkness he emits.

·DC — Airship Sierra
Restored in a new body. Through Shelke, he conveys his personal experience at Mako Reactor 0 to his friends.

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