Dissidia Famitsu Reviews

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The scores for Dissidia appeared in this week’s Famitsu. The game garnered a 36 out of 40, won a Plantinum award and was the top pick of the week. I’ve gone through and translated the reviews so we can read these professional opinions for ourselves.

フランソワ林 – Score: 10, nominated it for “Best Picks of this Week”

With a number of distinguished characters appearing together, it is not a mere party, but plays out like a expertly told story. The prerendered movies are first-rate. The pillar of the game is how easy controls and consistent learning curve meld together with “captivating” action. Like most FF games there is an abundance of customization, all finely detailed. The only issue is that it can occasionally feel hard to understand what is going on around you.

メルヘン須藤 – Score: 9, nominated it for “Best Picks of this Week”

With speedy battles, this game of fast pursuits and balancing offense and defense is hot. It’s difficult to completely master the characters, especially as enemies become more formidable as your level goes higher. Its fascinating how there are an infinite amount of ways to customize. This is really handheld gaming at its peak. Regarding the story itself though, my opinion of that isn’t quite the same.

奥村キスコ – Score: 9, nominated it for “Best Picks of this Week”

Able to produce battles that look like scenes out of Advent Children, the simple controls make it easy to enjoy. But, it doesn’t end there, as an exacting history and story have also been woven into this game! If you do as I did while playing, I’m sure you’ll relish all the special effects and take your hat off to the overflowing amount of little tricks you use. This will positively reward all of the fan speculation (hype).

ローリング内 – Score: 8

The ability to steal your opponent’s “Attack Power” (Brave) through your attacks is a unique addition, as is the novel gameboard style over-world map used in this game. Because of the number of technical terms, even when you play through the tutorial understanding it all can still be a problem. The battles are refreshing, and the character customization keeps some of the RPG feel.

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