Dirge of Cerberus: Online Mode Events 7-12

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The following script is from the Online Multiplayer Mode of Dirge of Cerberus. Since it only exists on the Japanese version of the game, there is no English version of these scenes available. The script was graciously translated from its original Japanese by Souya so that English-speaking fans can experience the events of Dirge of Cerberus’s multiplayer mode.

Please note that while creating your character for the Multiplayer Mode, you have the option to be either male or female. However, for simplicity’s sake, throughout the script the player character will be referred to solely as “she.”



Event 7 – Let’s Play, Shall We?

*Screen fades to black and a young girl is seen looking very happy.*

*As the screen is being overtaken by the static noise, the girl is seen lying on the ground looking around for help.*

Young Girl:  Big sister…  It hurts…  H-help me…


*The screen fades black again, and the scene returns to the Lobby. The officer has his back facing the player and it seems he is talking to someone.*

Officer:  What?  Yes yes, understood.

*Realizing the player is there, the officer turns around.*

Officer:  Err… um…

*The officer coughs, recollects himself and speaks again.*

Officer:  A m-message fr-from the great and the fearsome ones.  They have something for you.  They have summoned you…

Officer:  If there ar-aren’t any problems, they w-would like to have you participate in an up-upcoming mission…

Officer:  Seiger, P.S.!

*The Officer salutes after speaking in a timid attitude.*


*Deepground SOLDIERs are getting attacked by Rosso.  One after another they fall. Rosso laughs as she sees this.*

Rosso:  Oh what a great reaction this is.  Haha…Hahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

*The player is seen with Usher who are looking at Rosso from a place not too far away.*

Usher:  Rosso, the Crimson… the Blood stained, the Undead, the Genocide… one who is called by many names.

Usher:  She’s the worst you can possibly face in SOLDIER.  Yea, she’s also called The Worst Vermillion… [Vermillion is another word for red.]

Usher:  A SOLDIER whose body is almost immortal, and who is only drawing out mankind’s hidden potential…

Usher:  It’s probably because of that…  As you can see, that’s why she’s called “The Worst”.

*Usher shrugs his shoulders as he keeps his explanation going while keeping his eyes on Rosso.*

Usher:  Without caring about killing friends or foes… it’s not an easy way to die…  Her emotions are unstable because of the experiments.

Usher:  Only the moments when she is bathed in blood does she feels complete.  Even if that’s true, it’s not a problem in Deepground.

Usher:  The stronger she becomes, the stronger she will be, as long as she can prove herself, she is worthy of her existence…

*Rosso sense the player and Usher are near, she slowly turns around.*

Rosso:  Peek-a-boo, I see you…

*In the next moment, Rosso is gone from where she stood.  A thundering sound is heard and the screen fades black.*

*The screen shows the young girl again.  She falls before asking for help, and then Restrictor’s shadow is cast upon her.*

Young Girl:  Big sister…  It hurts…  He-help me…

*The noise comes in and the screen fades to black again.  When it clears, the camera focuses on the bridge.  The player, who received an attack earlier is seen having her back against a surface.*

*Usher is nowhere to be seen.  Instead, it’s Restrictor.*

Restrictor:  Hmph, the mission has ended. Looks like the people inside the research facility are quite pleased about this.

*Rosso stands with her back facing Restrictor.  She laughs, then turns around and attacks Restrictor.*

*Restrictor easily stops Rosso’s attack, holding an ornate short sword.*

Restrictor:  Huh, what do you intend to do?

Rosso:  Let’s play a bit, shall we…Restrictor!!!

*Restrictor takes off his mantle and prepares to fight Rosso.  He is seen wielding two of those sword like weapons.*

*The shorter sword that Restrictor holds pierces through Rosso’s abdomen, and she falls to the ground.*

*Resctrictor puts his foot on Rosso’s back and stares down at her.*

Restrictor:  Hmph, do you need help standing up?

Rosso:  Ku…Res…trictor!!!

*The screen fades black while the player watches Rosso and Restrictor from afar.*

Usher:  It’s time for you to go to sleep…


Event 8 – The Power of the Transparent

[Note: Shelke here is being referred to as “ウョフVFN” to which it is pronounced the same as “ウFフVFN“.  The former is “Styleless/Formless/Expressionless Shelke” whereas the latter is “Transparent/Colorless Shelke”.  It’s an intended pun (as you can see in the later portion of this event).  So I will try to use words as close to its meaning as I can.  Also, please keep a note to yourself to include both meanings when the terms are mentioned.  Suggestions are appreciated and welcomed.]

*Just as before, as soon as the player engages into a conversation with the Officer, the screen will turn black with the young girl running and calling out to her big sister.*

Young Girl:  Big sisteeeer.

*The screen becomes filled with noise, the young girl falls down, and Restrictor appears.*


*When the noise is gone, everything is back to the lobby.*

Officer:  Oh!  Th, that’s right…

*The Officer looks as though he is thinking about something.*

Officer:  There is a certain specification for the General class.  They want you to participate in an emergency mission.

Officer:  Anyway, for the sake of the Great Patricia’s reparation, they want you to secure the course of the specified location…

Officer:  It would be a great addition if you would grant us the pleasure of joining this mission.

Officer:  Seiger! P.S.!

*The Officer salutes.*


*Shelke and Restrictor enters into what seems like a storage type of room.  [It’s basically the room in which Argento first talks Shelke in The Colorless and the Silver.]  Restrictor is seen without his mantle.*

Restrictor:  Hmph, let’s begin.

Shelke:  Yes.

*Shelke puts on her SND device and begins her net dive.*

Shelke:  Finished.

Restrictor:  Hmph, as always, you’re the only one capable of this impressive ability.  Is this a specialty of the Colorless that was born with a shape from a place that is formless?

Restrictor:  Hmm… Speaking of which, you haven’t participated in any field tests as of late.

Restrictor:  Isn’t this the place where your Mako levels are the highest?  Then show me the color [strength] of the Formless.

Restrictor:  Heh, kill that General over there.

*Restrictor points to the player that stands not too far away from them.*

Restrictor:  Heh, though you’re called the colorless, you are still branded with the name of a color after all.  That General should be nothing to you.

Restrictor:  That General over there, remember to have her struggle…

*Shelke looks towards the player with resolve.  However, she doesn’t look as though she’s fully occupied with it.*

Shelke:  How boring…

*In the next moment, Shelke is being kicked by Restrictor, before she falls on the ground.  Restrictor steps on her.*

Restrictor:  What…?  Was that a retort that I heard from you?

*Shelke displays a rebellious expression while Restrictor is stepping on her.  The player is surprised by what she sees.*

*The screen turns black again with the fallen young girl and Restrictor behind her.*

*When the scene clears again, the player aims her gun unconsciously at Restrictor.  Just as the player is about to shoot Restrictor, Restrictor moves with a rapid speed and pushes the player against the wall.*

Restrictor:  Who do you think you are, to aim a gun at me?  Heh, failure…

Shelke:  Let me do it.

*Shelke intervenes and interrupts the scene the moment when Restrictor is about to kill the player.*

Restrictor:  Huh?

Shelke:  You just want to test my strength right?

Restrictor:  …Hmph.

*Restrictor holds the player up with one hand and throws her towards Shelke.*

Restrictor:  Well then, let’s see what you can do…  The strength of the Transparent Tsviet…

*Shelke removes her weapons and looks down at the player.*

Shelke:  Stand up.  Resist a bit, just as Restrictor said…

*The player activates her Limit Break.  However, it is easily cancelled by Shelke’s ability.*

Shelke:  Skill Cancelled.

*Shelke’s eyes shines with orange lights.*

Shelke:  All your skills are useless against me.

Shelke:  From time to time, it is possible to change the path of the form.  Just like this…

*In the next moment, Shelke created 9 copies of herself and surrounds the player.  The player, unable to fend for herself is stabbed.  The player falls and the doubles fade back to the original (one of the 9).*

Shelke:  However, it takes a lot of MP.  I wouldn’t be able to use it without these facilities here that are filled with Mako.


*The screen turns black, and it turns into a bright screen.  Este-D’s face is seen looking at the player.*

Este-D:  Ah, so you really are alive.

*The player sits up slowly and shakes her head a bit.  The player looks as though she cannot grasp the situation at hand.*

Este-D:  You were disposed of at the SOLDIERs’ waste.

Este-D:  Well, I was kinda looking for things to use in my experiment…  Ah, I mean, I found you when I was taking a walk.

Este-D:  Then there was a man that looks strange yet familiar who told me, “Here, take her, she’s still alive,” before he left.

Este-D:  So I thought maybe I could use…  No, what am I saying!  Anyway, that’s how I got you here.

*Este-D tries to cover their statements up.  At last, the player stands up and Este-D watches the player’s body as though she can’t believe it*

Este-D:  But really, to have all these stab wounds to the body and still be alive…  It’s really a miracle unless it was done on purpose.



Event 9 – Beyond the Bonds

Officer:  Wow… I, I see how it is!  You also made it to Tsviet.

Officer:  How impressive this is!  I almost forgot, you’ve been granted allowance for a certain mission

Officer:  Once you’ve become a Tsviet, it is possible for you to fight against the Immaculate Emperor.

Officer:  Since you have the permission, would you like to accept and participate?

*The player turns around and starts thinking.  Behind the player, the Officer is seen as though he wants to ask the player something.*

Officer:  Hmm?  Me?  Of, of course, I received it when I became a Tsviet, but…

*The player is confused, and then the Officer starts panicking and waving his hands trying to deceive the player.*

Officer:  Of course it’s frightening!  But at the end I survived by running from the beginning to the end.

*The Officer looks suspicious with his hands shaking, grasping onto his baton.*


*Scene cuts to the throne room inside the No. 0 Mako Reactor, where Weiss makes his appearance, restrained.*

*He sits on the throne unconscious, bound by a collar that is chained to his throne.  His hands, legs and arms appear to be shackled as well.  There seems to be some sort of device attached to the throne that is giving off a green electrical sparks…*

*Weiss wakes up, slowly standing*

*After he looks around he notices the restraints on him.  He then looks at Restrictor, who is standing in front of him.*

Weiss:  Restrictor, couldn’t you take these off of me?

Restrictor:  Heh, what if I wanted you to do this with a handicap?

Weiss:  Why don’t you try and see if I really need one?

Weiss:  What’s more, I want to try out my new swords…

*Weiss’ gaze falls upon the two swords that are pierced into the ground in front of the throne.  They’re the same Gunblades that he uses in Single Mode.*

Restrictor:  Heh, stop wasting time…  Let’s hurry up and be done with it.

*Restrictor holds up one of his hands towards Weiss and releases him.  All of the handcuffs and shackles fall off and Weiss walks ofrward and grabs the swords.*

Weiss:  Heh, well let’s begin.



Event 10 – “E” for Emperor

*Weiss looks down as he steps on the back of the fallen player.  Only using one of his swords, it looks as though he’s not showing his true strength.  He looks as though he has no intention to kill the player, and whispers to her so that Restrictor can’t hear him. *

Weiss:  I shall avenge you.

*He holds up the player with one hand and throws her away, facing Restrictor.*

Weiss:  Today’s addition went farther then usual…

Restrictor:  Heh, that’s because it’s becoming harder for people to become Tsviets…

Restrictor:  As for your next experiment, I’ve already got it prepared…

*Rosso and Azul enter the throne room with Restrictor’s signal.*

Restrictor:  As you wish, a handicapped match against fellow Tsviets.

*The camera turns back to the player, who awakes as she hears the voice of Shelke, who seems to come along with Rosso and Azul.*

Shelke:  You have the memories of a past before you came here, haven’t you?

*The player sits up a bit and looks up at Shelke.*

Shelke:  That man over there, do you remember him?

*Shelke points to Restrictor while talking.  The screen is filled with static, the young girl appears again, falling before she asks for help, and at the end Restrictor appears behind her.*

*The camera zooms in quickly on the player’s face as she remembers and then shows her with Shelke.  The player breathes heavily.*

Shelke:  Have you regained your memories?

Shelke:  In order to collect all the materials, Restrictor made use of all of his rights in Deepgrounnd.

Shelke:  Didn’t you have something that was taken away from you before you came here?

*Shelke continues her talking as she looks at the player who seems to be persuaded by her words.  The player stands up, and the focal point now shifts to Weiss.*

*Weiss draws his sword, provoking them with one of his hands.*

Weiss:  Relax, give me a break…

*Rosso and Azul rush at Weiss with a roar.  Weiss easily sends Azul flying and easily deflects Rosso’s attack before grabbing her arm to stop her movements.*

Weiss:  Eat this, Rosso.

*Weiss laughs fearlessly.  He sends Rosso’s body flying with a kick.  He has yet to use his weapons.*

Weiss:  Come, show me what you’ve got!  I haven’t even warmed up!

*Azul roars as his body emits the spectrum of cerulean, as does Rosso, whose body is emitting an aura of crimson.  Azul transforms into his bestial form and Rosso stands up.*

Rosso:  Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss!!!

Weiss:  Come on… humor me.

*Both Rosso and Azul lunge at Weiss catching him between two attacks.  Rosso creates two clones of herslef and starts slashing at Weiss.  The situation turns into Azul and Rosso x3 versus Weiss.  Though receiving no damage from their attacks, Weiss finally unleashes one of his weapons and uses it to deflect their attacks.  He takes down Rosso with physical combat and defeats Azul with a slash.*

Weiss:  Haha, now what’s going on?  Are you guys sweating yet?!

*Weiss raises one of his hands and provokes them agaim.  Rosso and Azul stand up, they scream and lunge once again at Weiss.*

Weiss:  Hn.

*The 3 great powers clash together and the screen turns black.  Within the darkness, flashes of crimson, azure, and white can be seen combining.  Then the camera moves to the player, where she continues to watch the battle that takes place in front of her.  Shelke is gone from the player’s side and Usher is suddenly there.*

Usher:  Even with Weiss’s strength, they are still no match for Restrictor.

Usher:  That’s because it has nothing to do with their strength, but a restriction that has been put onto all the Deepground SOLDIERs.

Usher:  They all had a chip implanted into their brain stem when they were taken here…

Usher:  And that makes it impossible to stand up against any orders given by Restrictor.

Usher:  But you?  You can fight against him, to pull his leg and aim a gun at him…

*As though she understands the whole concept, the player’s gaze meets Usher’s as he keeps on talking.*

Usher:  Finish it.  Do what your feelings tell you to…

Usher:  When you have Argento’s permission, come back here.  Afterwards, do what must be done.



Event 11 – When the Scores are Settled

*Weiss nods at the player.*

Weiss:  Do it!

*The camera pulls back to reveal that Weiss is facing Restrictor and the player is standing behind Restrictor.  The player aims the gun barrel at Restrictor, but Restrictor disappears in a flash of light and reappears behind the player and knocks her down, grabbing her weapon.  The player falls and Restrictor aims the gun at the player.  As Weiss is watching, his face displays a fearless smile and releases his power.  Weiss’ body begins to glow white and the camera focuses on his fearless smile.*

Restrictor:  Wha..!?  You!?  Stop this!!

*As Restrictor notices what Weiss is doing, he panicks and raises one of his hands towards Weiss to try and stop him.  All of a sudden, Weiss’ movement is sealed, but not completely.  Weiss takes a stance against Restrictor as he tries to strike Restrictor with his sword.*

Weiss:  …Let me…Join you guys…too.  Mr. Restrictor.

*Weiss gazes at Restrictor with his confident smile, a look of challenge in his eyes.  The once fallen player now stands up and rushes towards Restrictor.*

Weiss:  Heh, you’ll be a goner if your restriction is this weak…

Restrictor:  Ku…

*Weiss’ body shines again, yet, Restrictor can’t get away as he is concentrating on the restriction on Weiss.*

Weiss:  Come now, it’s time!  Finish it!



Event 12 – The Finale of Tragedy

*Restrictor is kneeling on the floor after being attacked*

Restrictor:  Im, impossible…!  Don’t underestimate me!!!

*Restrictor stands up and he pierces the player with the short Gunblade. The player falls, and it looks as though Restrictor just won a pyrrhic victory. The camera changes to the first person view of the player, it looks down to the floor while still able to hear the conversation between Weiss and Restrictor.*

Weiss:  Hmph.

*Along with Weiss’ cold voice, a sound can be heard as though something has been stabbed.*

Restrictor:  Uragh!!!  Y, you…if you do this, the virus inside you will…

Weiss:  Stop talking nonsense.  Aren’t you the one who said, “death is always a possibility in Deepground”?

*The player starts to lose consciousness and the scene turns black.  As the scene goes dark, Weiss’ laughter can be heard along with Rosso and Azul’s.*


*When the screen brightens again, the Tsviets are all gathered inside the throne room.  Weiss, Shelke, Azul, Rosso, Usher, and Argento all stand surrounding the player.*

Weiss:  Is she still usable?

*Weiss is looking and investigating the fallen player below him.  Shelke starts speaking as though the player no longer has any value to them. *

Shelke:  No, it appears that it can’t be done.  It seems that a large portion of the brain has been hindered after the long term engagement with the SND.

Shelke:  It’s only a matter of time before it’s completely destroyed.

Rosso:  Aww, but she worked so hard for us.  How disappointing.

Weiss:  Well then, find someone else who’s suitable to become the replacement.

Weiss:  Since no one knows what or who Restrictor really is [underneath all that armor].

[Note: This appears to be the Restrictor that we just saw was killed by Weiss.  When the player defeated the Restrictor, the Tsviets seemed to have had a plan to use the player as a way replace the defeated Restrictor.   Hence why 2 events earlier, Weiss said, “Today’s addition went farther then usual.” He meant his plan advanced more than he anticipated; however, Restrictor misunderstood it to mean the number of Tsviets and their quality that got to the throne room.]

Azul:  We’re going to have to look for another one?  How irritating.

*Azul shrugs and says it as though it’s bothersome.*

Weiss:  There’s nothing we can do…  Since only one out of a hundred can make it through here.

Rosso:  Under the principle that normal humans are not as strong as we are.

Weiss:  That’s just how it is.

Shelke:  What we are doing is quite simple…

Shelke:  Thanks to the “HJ Virus” we’ve used to hack inside Patricia, it appears as though we are able to breach their security.

Shelke:  Afterwards, we just need to choose a subject and inject this into her before they temper with her head.

*Shelke, while looking down at the player, talks about the matter lightly as though it doesn’t concern her.*

[Note: This is the reason why the player sees a lot of flashback with Restrictor.]

Weiss:  Hmph, Shelke, hurry up and find the next one.

*After giving out his orders, Weiss leaves, followed by Azul, Rosso, and Argento.  Shelke and Usher are still in the throne room, they both look down at the player. *

Shelke:  Well then, let’s disconnect the SND with this subject.

*In the next moment, Usher, who the player saw a moment ago, disappeared like the video cable has been pulled away.*

[Note: Usher is probably a 3D projection that Shelke created in order to guide the player to this point.]

Shelke:  That’s right, I’ll let you in on a secret…

*Shelke faces the player who is unconscious and speaks to her as though she just remembered something.*

Shelke:  You have no sister…

[Note: This is to say that Shelke replaced and fabricated the player’s memory with her own.]

*All of a sudden, the young girl that the player always sees overlaps with Shelke and disappears.*

*Shelke speaks as though she is making fun of the player.*

Shelke:  Well then, thank you for your hard work.  Take care…

*Shelke walks out of the room where Weiss and others did.  Afterwards, seeing the last of Shelke, the screen turns black and the staff roll plays.  This ends the Multiplayer Mode.*

[Ending Note: In short, it seems that the Tsviets developed a way to bypass some of the security measures placed on them.  By doing this, Shelke was able to find a Tsviet candidate, and via SND fabricate their memories as well as create the persona of Usher.  The Tsviets then guide the player through Deepground, all the while making sure the player would grow to hate Restrictor.  When the time came, they used the player as a pawn to help defeat Restrictor, and then intended that the player would replace him, donning his armor and what not.  Everything went according to plan except the last part, because thanks to the long time engagement to the SND, it looks as though the players mind had deteriorated and would soon be lost completely.]

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