The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Locations p. 29

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Here are translations from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania on the new locations introduced in the Compilation of FFVII.

「 AC – DC 」
A city built on the outskirts of Midgar following the Meteor disaster. It is built using the rubble left in Midgar, and at the city center stands a monument to the Meteor disaster.

「 AC 」
A sanatorium located in the mountains close to Midgar. Inside the lodge hangs the corporate logo of the ShinRa Company. Rufus recuperates here from his injuries sustained during the WEAPON attack, and after the Meteor disaster the remnants of the ShinRa Company use it as their base of operations.

「 DC 」
The headquarters of the World Regenesis Organization (WRO), lead by Reeve. A tall building situated in the mountains, inside it houses various facilities. During DC it is attacked by DG SOLDIERs and receives devastating damages.

Banora Village
「 CC 」
A quiet farm village, Angeal’s hometown. Their special product is the Banora White apple, popularly known as the ‘dumb apple’ for its tendency to produce fruit regardless of the season. This village is in the Mideel area.

Mt. Tanbrin
「 CC 」
A rocky mountain located in Wutai. At the time of the Wutai-ShinRa war, it was the location of a strong fort of the Wutai army.

「 CC 」
A remote snowy village. In the nearby ravine there is a facility once used by ShinRa for mako mining experiments. This village is in the Icicle Lodge area.

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  1. Nancy
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    It feels like this list is missing a bunch of places…

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  2. Neo Bahamut
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    It seems to me that it’s mostly just to clarify the approximate locations of towns not mentioned in the original FFVII.

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  3. Pash
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    what is with WRO HQ , that village aint where they live LOL

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    • Makoeyes987
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      …Try looking to the left of the WRO entry and using common sense, genius.