FFIX World Chronology – p.44-46 of the FFIX Ultimania

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Thanks to our member, curiousACfan, here’s the translated timeline of the World of Gaia, from Final Fantasy IX Ultimania!

[5000 years ago]

·Terra attempted to take over Gaia and assimilate it, but failed, resulting in a cataclysm. Garland planted a giant tree (the Iifa Tree) to control the environment and oversee its natural recovery.

[Year 0 (1800 years ago)]

·Gradually, the environment starts being repaired. Following that, the Shimmering Island begins to shine, marking the beginning of Gaia’s modern civilization. The calendar begins.

[Circa 800]
·Mist begins emerging.

·Monsters begin appearing.

·People begin seeking places to live at high elevations, where there isn’t Mist.

·The ruling kingdoms collapse and the new kingdom of Alexandria is created at a high elevation.

·The Soul Divider is created.


[Circa 1300]

·Alexander runs amok during a failed summoning experiment. The gem used to summon him is divided into 4 fragments, three of which are divided among three countries for safekeeping. The summoners leave Alexandria with the remaining gem in their possession. They find a place where the earth’s pulse concentrates (Madain Sari) and set up residence there.

(Year 1389)
·Ninth Lindblum War.

·Cleyra’s sandstorm comes into existence around this time (via use of the gem fragment)

·Cid’s ancestor becomes the regent of Lindblum.

[Circa 1400]

·People’s hearts grow colder and conflicts are frequent

[Circa 1600]

(Year 1601)

·Fifteenth Lindblum War.

[Circa 1700]

·The age of civil war (return to fighting over territory near national borders)

·Cleyra severs ties with outside world

[Circa 1710]

·Quina is born?


·Thorn and Zorn are born.


[Circa 1740]

·Dr. Tot is born.


·Brief skirmishes between each nation continue.


·Baku is born.


·Cid’s father (8th generation) becomes the regent of Lindblum; invents the mechanism which utilizes Mist.


·Brahne is born.


·Lindblum’s regent implements airships.


·Cid is born.


·Steiner is born.



·Lindblum’s regent intervenes in the conflict between Alexandria and Burmecia with airships.


·The conflict is resolved (airship revolution).


·Alexandria and Lindblum begin diplomatic relations.

·Beatrix is born.



·Amarant is born.



·Brahne (16th generation) coronated as new queen of Alexandria.

·Kuja is born.



·Freya is born.



·Lindblum’s regent collapses from illness; power passes to his son, Cid (9th generation), as his replacement.


·Cid (9th generation) begins the development of a mechanism that doesn’t utilize Mist.


·Garnet is born.



·Cid (9th generation) and Hilda marry.


·Lindblum’s former regent, Cid’s father (8th generation), passes away.


·Madain Sari is secretly destroyed.



·Construction of South Gate begins. Berkmea opens for business (the time period of Dr. Tot’s reminiscence in Disc 2).


·Materials for the construction of South Gate are transported through Berkmea.

·Eiko is born.



·Brahne’s husband passes away. South Gate completed.


·Freya leaves Burmecia. Prince Puck leaves Burmecia one month later.


March: The grain fields of Dali become an arrival and departure place.

May: Madain Sari’s last adult passes away.

June: Quale’s pupil, Quina, travels in the direction of Alexandria

July: The new airship which doesn’t utilize Mist (the Hilda Garde 1) is completed.

·Vivi is born.


August: The factory underneath Dali becomes ready.

October: The Black Mages are born.


Game starts


January 15: The theater ship Prima Vista visits Alexandria. Tantalus performs the play and the kidnapping of the princess occurs; the theater ship is bombarded and crashes below the Mist (in Evil Forest).

January 18: South Gate is damaged.

January 19: Alexandria’s troops attack Burmecia.

January 20: The Festival of the Hunt is held in Lindblum. Immediately afterward, Burmecia’s capital is destroyed.

January 22: Cleyra’s sandstorm disappears.


January 23: Cleyra is destroyed by Odin’s attack.


January 25: Lindblum is attacked by Atomos and surrenders to Alexandria.


January 30: The party travels from the Mist Continent to where there is no Mist. Because of their actions, all airships are useless.


February 1: Brahne and Kuja cross swords. Brahne dies.


February 3: Alexandria sets Burmecia and Lindblum free.

February 6: Brahne is buried. Three days before Garnet is to be coronated as the new queen of Alexandria.

·Treno Card Tournament is held.

·The Invincible destroys the eidolon Alexander along with Alexandria castle.


February 9: (The scheduled date of Garnet’s coronation as the new queen of Alexandria).

February 10: Lindblum accomodates Alexandria’s wounded. The loss of Dagger’s voice is realized.

February 11: In order to complete the new type of airship (the Hilda Garde 3), an attempt is made to revert Cid to human, but it fails.

February 12: The Blue Narciss sets sail.

February 15: Kuja kidnaps Eiko.

February 17: Cid’s wife, Hilda, is rescued. Zorn & Thorn die.

February 18: Cid returns to human form. Based on Hilda’s story, the party plans to pursue Kuja in the airship.

February 19: Dagger gets her voice back and cuts her hair.

February 21: The Hilda Garde 3 is completed and sets sail.


February 22: The party travels to the four shrines.

February 24: The party travels to Terra from the Shimmering Island.


February 28: Kuja goes into Trance and goes wild. Garland disappears.


March 1: Terra is largely destroyed. With the activation of the Iifa Tree, the whole of Gaia starts being covered in Mist. The activity of the roots is enormous and many villages are left in ruins

March 3: With the return of the Mist, it reaches the point that Mist mechanisms become usable again.

March 4: A swarm of silver dragons appears.

March 5: The source of all the silver dragons, the Nova Dragon, dies, and all the silver dragons disappear.

March 9: The Iifa Tree begins running amok. Zidane parts ways from his companions.


March 16: The Iifa Tree settles.


  1. C
    #1 C 22 February, 2009, 01:30

    Thank you! I love FFIX!

    I also love FFVIII (hint hint)


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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 Author 22 February, 2009, 05:28

      Hehe, maybe one day! Thank you!

  2. curiousACfan
    #2 curiousACfan 4 March, 2009, 15:47

    Here’s some supplementary timeline information. It’s the pre-game/pre-joining-the-party information from the characters’ personal timelines:

    September, 1783: Born
    1787: (4 years old) Found by Baku
    1796: (13 years old) Leaves home
    1797: (14 years old) Meets Freya
    February: Returns home to Lindblum
    April: Outwits Amarant in Treno

    July, 1799: Falls into a forest during an airship accident
    August: Found by Quan
    January, 1: Quan dies
    January, 7: Leaves Quan’s Dwelling and heads toward Treno
    January 13: Gets fake ticket
    January 14: Rides in a noble’s airship to Alexandria

    January 15, 1784: Born
    1790: (6 years old) Escapes from Madain Sari; drifts to Alexandria
    1791: (7 years old) Dr. Tot becomes her tutor
    1794: (10 years old) Meets Cid at the funeral of Brahne’s husband
    February: (15 years old) Dr. Tot’s role as her tutor ends
    January 1: Decides to leave the castle
    January 2: Makes preparations for leaving the castle

    March, 1766: Born
    1771: Becomes a war orphan
    1782: Becomes a knight of Alexandria
    1789: Beats Beatrix in a personal contest; forms the Knights of Pluto

    July, 1778: Born
    1794: (16 years old) Becomes a dragon knight
    1795: (17 years old) Leaves Burmecia to search for Fratley
    1797: (19 years old) Meets Zidane
    January 19: Meets Zidane again in Lindblum
    January 20: Participates in the Festival of the Hunt; later departs for Burmecia

    Circa 1710: Born?
    June: Travels toward Alexandria
    December: Hired as head cook of Alexandria castle
    January 17: Heads in the direction of the Qu’s Marsh on the Mist Continent
    January 20: Participates in Lindblum’s Festival of the Hunt on the spur of the moment (after this, joins Zidane’s party in the Qu’s Marsh)

    March, 1793: Born
    1794: (1 year old) Both parents pass away
    May: (6 years old) Last adult in Madain Sari passes away
    October: Goes to Conde Petie for supplies
    December: Goes to Conde Petie for supplies
    1800: Encounters Zidane on the Conde Petie mountain path and invites him to her village.
    January 29: Eiko cooks and tells a story about the summoners

    November, 1773: Born
    1791: (18 years old) Begins making his name known in society
    April: (24 years old) Is Zidane’s scapegoat in Treno
    May: Being sought by the authorities, he leaves Treno
    January 24: Hired by Brahne
    January 26: Passes through Fossil Roo
    January 30: Arrives in Madain Sari
    January 31: Fights Zidane in Madain Sari and loses
    February 1: Joins Zidane’s party. After meeting Kuja at the Iifa Tree, travels toward Alexandria

    April, 1772: Born
    1789: (17 years old) Loses in a personal contest with Steiner

    May, 1755: Born
    1762: (7 years old) Becomes a war orphan
    1771: (16 years old) Forms Tantalus
    1776: (21 years old) Forms a friendship with Regent Cid (8th generation) of Lindblum
    1787: (32 years old) Finds Zidane
    1790: (35 years old) Acquires the theater ship
    January 1: (44 years old) Receives a request from Cid to kidnap Princess Garnet

    October, 1760: Born
    1770: (10 years old) Father dies in battle
    1776: (16 years old) Marries and is coronated as the queen of Alexandria (16th generation)
    1783: (23 years old) Mother passes away
    1789: (29 years old) Appoints Steiner to Captain of the Pluto Knights
    1790: (30 years old) Loses actual child
    1794: (34 years old) Husband passes away
    January: (38 years old) Schemes for war
    February: Acquires the art of manufacturing Black Mages from Kuja. Dismisses Dr. Tot
    March: Begins building a factory in Dali to manufacture Black Mages
    August: The Black Mage factory is completed
    September: A test production of the Black Mages is performed
    October: (39 years old) Begins mass production of the Black Mages

    Zorn and Thorn
    July, 1711: Born
    Circa 1730: They begin serving as court jesters in Alexandria Castle
    March: Oversee the construction of the Black Mage factory in Dali
    July: (88 years old) Accidentally drop the Black Mage prototype during transport
    January 4: Begin production of the enhanced Black Mages in the Dali underground

    The Black Mages
    October, 1799: Start being produced in the Dali underground
    November: Begin undergoing tests. Some escape
    December: The escapees create the Black Mage Village on the Outer Continent

    Dr. Tot
    August, 1747: Born
    1777: (30 years old) Given a position in Alexandria Castle
    1790: (43 years old) Finds Garnet drifted ashore
    1791: (44 years old) Begins tutoring Garnet
    February: (51 years old) Role as Garnet’s tutor ends
    March: Takes up residence in Treno

    September, 1764: Born
    1771: (7 years old) Mother passes away
    1780: (16 years old) Coronated as the ninth generation of Lindblum regents
    1786: (22 years old) He and Hilda marry
    1787: (23 years old) His father, the former regent, passes away
    1794: (30 years old) Meets Garnet at the funeral of Brahne’s husband
    July: Becomes an oglop
    August: Begins construction of the Hilda Garde 2
    January 1: (35 years old) Worried for Princess Garnet, he requests that Baku kidnap her

    1776: Produced by Garland
    1787: Discards Zidane on Gaia
    1790: Destroys Madain Sari
    1791: Becomes aware of the value of the Eidolons; secretly begins searching for them
    January: Meets with Brahne at Alexandria Castle
    February: Presents the art of manufacturing Black Mages to Brahne
    July: Kidnaps Cid’s wife and secures the airship Hilda Garde 1

    (Came into existence more than 5000 years ago)
    0 (1800 years ago): Attaches the Soul Divider to the base of the Iifa Tree
    1776: Creates Kuja
    1783: Creates Zidane
    1787: Zidane goes missing
    1790: Instructs Kuja to destroy Madain Sari
    March: Creates Mikoto

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  3. Eriyu
    #3 Eriyu 28 March, 2011, 03:03

    Whoa. Everything that happens between leaving the Mist Continent and going back: Conde Petie, Black Mage Village, Conde Petie again, Madain Sari, Iifa Tree, Madain Sari again, Iifa Tree again… all happens in two days?! Everything seems to happen very quickly, I find that very hard to believe. :/

    In any case, thanks so much for the information! 🙂

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  4. Standuble
    #4 Standuble 15 April, 2011, 22:22

    Thanks for this! I always envisioned the game taking place over many months not two months! Thats really quite amazing, parts of the game I thought were occuring over many days are compressed into no time at all! For example I thought the period of time between Mount Gulug and getting the Hilda Garde 3 would have been weeks, maybe months (Garnet needs time to get her voice back and they do need to build an airship from scratch) so only a few days really surprised me.

    On a reverse note I always thought they were in Terra no more than a day or two at the very most. Yet I was also surprised to see they were there an entire week! What were they doing all that time, especially when they do so much in so little time?

    Thanks for this dude!

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  5. MistikFantasy
    #5 MistikFantasy 11 September, 2013, 20:27

    This is amazing!
    The time line of FFIX wow! never thought it existed!

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