World Establishment (development materials) continued – p.41 and 42 of the FFIX Ultimania

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And here is the last portion of the World Establishment materials translation from the FFIX Ultimania done by curiousACfan. With that, the section is completed!!! Enjoy!!!

The Iifa Tree
The magical tree of Terra, whose roots extend through the surface of Gaia, and whose trunk resides in the interior. The true trunk lies within, while the section seen on the surface is actually just an aggregate of roots on the reverse side of the trunk. [See Figure 2]

The roots extended to the surface to stabilize the upper ground, while the trunk stretches to the crystal at the core of the planet, governing the cycle of souls.

The Iifa Tree used its influence to stabilize the upper ground 3000 years ago. Around this time, Garland started creating Genomes for the time when the people of Terra would revive.

The true nature of this giant tree is a spiral of roots. [top left]
There is a point in the center that resembles an eye. [top right]
The tree is green with a yellowish tint. [bottom left]

The Genomes
The Genomes are lifeforms created to carry the souls of Terra’s people once they revived.

Until Gaia and Terra’s fusion completes, however, the Genomes’ lives are likewise incomplete.

With the radiance of Terra’s crystal declining, Garland created the Genomes and set out to control the cycle of souls on Gaia.

Controlling the cycle of souls
Because Gaia’s crystal already held memories due to the cycle of souls, Fusion had been incomplete. Sharing nearly the same space as Terra’s crystal, it was decided to increase its cycle of souls by joining the two cycles together.

However, the flow of Gaia’s cycle was too big, so to speak, while it could be said that the flow of Terra’s cycle was too thin, making domination not possible.

Using the Iifa Tree, Garland detained the souls of Gaia returning to the crystal, creating a lapse in fresh Gaia souls being born from the crystal, and encouraging the formation of a world where only Terra’s souls could circulate.

However, even with Gaia’s cycle halted, Terra’s circulation nevertheless remained weak.

Atrophy of souls
With Terra’s circulation getting weaker, a method was devised to defeat Gaia’s power by separating its souls, making it possible for Gaia’s cycle to be assimilated. [See Figure 3]

So it was that Garland decided to restore Terra’s souls through Gaia’s souls.

[Figure 3]
An image where a portion of Gaia’s souls are replaced with Terra’s souls.

Refinement of souls
In order for Terra’s souls to be restored through Gaia’s souls, the Soul Divider was set in place at the base of the Iifa Tree.

When the Iifa Tree would restrain a soul of Gaia, the Soul Divider would discard it while replacing it with an element from Terra. Thus, the souls of Terra were continously restored.

Garland also came to realize an indirect effect of this on the hearts of other living creatures — hinderance of their natural capacity for reason.

Therefore, during the process of restoring Terra’s elements, the discarded elements of Gaia were sent off through the roots of the Iifa Tree to the continent where civilization had taken root.

This came to pass some 1000 years ago. The emergence of this “Mist” was responsible for producing frequent conflicts on the continent.

The souls sent out through the roots as “Mist” covered a continent.

The Mist led to unrest in people and, seeking to escape it, they moved to the highlands (some tribes chose to reside below the Mist).

Even so, conflicts were constant on the continent, and every small country born would collapse.

The wars produced many deaths. This meant an increase in the number of souls returning to the crystal. Garland planned it this way so that the souls of Terra could assemble.

However, the frequent wars came to a stop, and the circulation of souls returned to its previous state.

Garland surmised that the wars had stopped because one country had developed a way to utilize the “Mist” in flying vehicles, and could overwhelm the other nations.

At that time, Garland had the idea to create a Genome with a strong will who he could send to Gaia to incite war once again. He called this Genome Kuja.

The Genomes and Kuja
The Genome that Garland produced at this time was different from those created to serve as vessels for souls once Fusion completed.

A mistake was made in the process of creating Kuja, however, and he was born as a Genome with an exceedingly powerful will.

Before disposing of him, Garland decided to try making use of him to incite war on Gaia anyway.

After sending Kuja forth, Garland decided to create another Genome with the capacity to cause chaos on Gaia, different from Kuja from the outset.

Zidane and Kuja
Zidane was created differently from Kuja, beginning life as a child and being a Genome furnished with the ability to Trance. Originating as a child and having to go through learning and growth, he’d be different, holding an abundance of emotions, providing him with the Trance ability and making him altogether superior to Kuja.

Zidane’s existence and theft of Garland’s attention was unbearable to Kuja, so he abandoned him on Gaia. For this action, Garland banished Kuja from traveling to and from Terra.

Garland had needed a soul of that magnitude.


Garland’s dilemma
In taking over the circulation of the crystal, Fusion would finally be completed.

However, Terra would be unable to throw Gaia into ruin in a single stroke.

The flow would have to be changed gradually, and it was for this reason Garland created Kuja.

With discord on Gaia entrusted to Kuja, Garland set about creating his superior Genome; then he detected a powerful energy similar to that of 500 years ago.

500 years ago
In a kingdom on the Mist Continent, a mighty eidolon was called forth. It got out of the control of those who called it and began running amok, causing destruction across the region; Garland was amazed at the power this eidolon possessed.

The people who called it were able to seal it up, and then hid their whereabouts.

The eidolon Alexander, who caused the great disaster 500 years ago, sleeps even now in the kingdom of Alexandria.

Eidolons are born from the crystal, converted from an accumulation of memories within, to serve as powerful guardians for the crystal.

Because their numbers, abilities, etc. are influenced by the power of the crystal, and Terra’s crystal was too old to form its own eidolons, it would be unable to wage a direct conflict with the eidolons of Gaia.

When Garland found the place on Gaia where the pulse of its energy intersected, he found the tribe who had a rapport with the eidolons.

Regarding their presence as a threat to Terra, Garland instructed Kuja to destroy their village.

This occurrence was 10 years ago.


Kuja’s dilemma
The Genome called Kuja became afraid from the time he saw for himself the one who Garland was producing to be superior to him.

After being banned from coming and going to Terra, Kuja freely made use of the structures from Terra that were on Gaia’s surface (the Desert Palace, Mt. Gulug, Ipsen’s Castle, Oeilvert, and the Iifa Tree), and via a silver dragon, was able to reach and secure the Invincible; he didn’t yet commence his open defiance, however.

He also had an interest in exterminating the village Garland had instructed him to. Before long, he learned of the eidolons’ existence and the incident of 500 years ago in Alexandria.

And so it came to pass that he presented the Black Mages to Queen Brahne.

The Black Mages
Produced from the outflow of “Mist,” they are the opposite of the Genomes. The Genomes were produced from elements of Terra, while the Black Mages were produced from elements of Gaia.

Though their existence is similar to the Genomes, and both have suppressed emotions, the severe circumstances (war) of one group establishes a difference. Also, the monsters of the Mist and the silver dragons are opposites, both originating from elements of Gaia.


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