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Vacation in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, which Zack and Cissnei visited in this game, is frequently used by Shinra personnel for their vacations. As well as President Shinra having a villa there, in “FFVII” Hojo also goes there on vacation. In this game, there are missions in which you fight the experimental monsters Hojo brought with him here, wreaking havoc for the locals.

Cosmo Canyon

The birthplace of the study of planetary life, visible in Scene 09-10 as Zack is riding down the highway. Famed scholars of planetary life gather in this village, and the scholar who founded the AVALANCHE seen in “BC” hails from here. It is the home of Red XIII from “FFVII”, and his species held a ritual to appease the planet once every 50 years, but after a tribe known as the Gi attacked the village the species was wiped out save for Red XIII and a female named Dinne.


A race who lived on the planet from long ago, and who possessed the ability to speak with the planet. Also known as the ‘Cetra’. The Ancients are said to have opened up Lifestream veins in the land, working to make the planet fertile.

Approximately 2000 years ago they sealed away Jenova, but the cost was great and at this point most of the Ancients died out. Thus, the only Ancients to appear throughout the “FFVII” series are Aerith and her mother Ifalna.

Godo Kisaragi

Yuffie’s father. In this game he is only referred to as ‘old man’; does not appear himself in the game and his background is not revealed. But he is a warrior and leader of the Five Mighty God of Wutai. However in “FFVII” he had been spending his days sleeping after Wutai’s defeat in the battle against Shinra, and is called a “sad excuse for a father.”

Corneo’s Mansion

A vulgar “shiny house” in the Wall Market of Sector 6. This is obviously Corneo’s Mansion, which appeared in “FFVII”. The interior has a Chinese-inspired design, and there are many mysterious kanji phrases scattered around, such as: 古留根屋 (‘old remaining root house’ [koruneo = Corneo]) and 業座 (‘work seat’ [gyouza = Chinese dumplings]).

[Translator Note: The concept behind the phrases being read one way, yet meaning another, is ‘ateji‘, which means you use kanji/Chinese characters based on how they are read, and not what they mean, which means that you can’t tell the meaning at all by looking at how the characters are written.]


In this game, a village whose name is given as a planned site for a mako reactor. Later, the completed reactor is bombed by AVALANCHE (Elfe group), and the village destroyed in an attack by Shinra to cover up the event. Following this, Shinra would convert the former site of the village into Corel Prison, and construct the Gold Saucer amusement park in the sky above it. The North Corel settlement from “FFVII” is a village built by the people who were driven out of this Corel.

Fort Condor

A fortress where a condor lives, which during this game Kunsel was set to be dispatched to. At the summit of the fortress, constructed directly onto the rock surface, is a mako reactor. In “FFVII” the fortress gathers volunteers to protect the condor nest and make a stand against Shinra.

Tiny Wishes

The tiny wishes Aerith told to Zack in Scene 07-05 when she was not satisfied with the quality of the finished flower wagon. Her wishes numbered 23 in total, but there was only one single wish she truly wanted, and when Zack reads her note about her wishes in Scene 09-06 it stated that “[she’d] like to spend more time with [Zack].”

Zack’s Hair Style and the Scar on his Face

Zack’s change of hair style to the one he is seen with in the other titles in the “FFVII” series, and the origin of his trademark scar on his face, is tied to his battle against Angeal seen in Chapter 5 of this game. During this fight his cheek is wounded, and after the death of Angeal–his friend and mentor–he turns over a new leaf and changed his hair style. When he first showed Aerith his new hair style, he was laughed at because she found it funny to see how much it had changed.

Zack’s Relationships with Women

Just as Kunsel tells him not to “just read mail that he gets from girls” in Scene 01-04, Zack’s flirtation leads to Aerith calling him a “ladies’ man” in “FFVII”. Zack himself, while on the run from the Shinra Army after the Nibelheim Incident, also talks to Cloud about having several female friends in Midgar who might be able to hide them. Indeed, he hits on Cissnei and the receptionist in this game, and the female Turks in “BC” when they met for the first time. However, Aerith alone appears to have been truly special to him, and he tells his parents in a letter that he found a girlfriend (Aerith).


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    WTF? Why don’t you guys translate the “park date” scene. This is bias Cloti BS at its best. What? TOO AFRAID to admit that Cloud and Aerith went on a date. Does that ruin your love Cloti since Cloud and Tifa have been on absolutely 0?…

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    Actually I’m confused, how can Crisis Core start in 2000 but BC start in 0001?

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    • Suzaku
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      Crisis Core starts in [ μ ] – εуλ 2000, Before Crisis starts in [ ν ] – εуλ 0001.

      To phrase it in common English, Crisis Core starts at the end of the “Mu Era”, and Before Crisis starts at the beginning of the “Nu Era”.

      They never explain the reason for the new era name, but my guess would be that the Shinra Company enacted a year zero when they defeated Wutai.

    • jack
      jack 14 November, 2009, 10:08

      That seems needlessly convoluted on the creators’ part. I wonder why they would do that, especially since people are going to be confused as to when exactly CC takes place before FF7. I mean, the hardcore researchers will know but the average gamer won’t.

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    Icicle Inn/Lodge is on an island?


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      In the same way that Greenland is an Island. It’s not big enough to be a continent unto itself just yet.

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      Makes sense, but it still seems odd. I don’t remember it ever being referred to as an island in the game, but it is a heck of a lot smaller than the big continents.

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    Awesome job Hito. These updates have been just pouring in. It’s lots of little information that’s been filling in the gaps, and giving a really detailed image of everything in the games. Thanks a ton!!!


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    2) In the Black Materia section, the text looks like is not formatted very well.

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    I really like the entries on Corneo’s mansion and Zack’s flirting.

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