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Zack’s Mental Image

In Scene 09-02, there is a section where Zack is standing on water and looking up at a white feather floating down from a blue sky. When we asked the development staff about their intentions for the direction in this scene, we received the following response.

Even though he succeeded Angeal’s will, Zack finds himself not only unable to help anyone but also confined in Nibelheim, and is racked by a sense of despair and powerlessness. Angeal gets him back on track, and Zack decides to rise up from it again. This decision is represented by the mental image at the start of chapter 9.

The blue sky symbolises Zack, the white feather Angeal, and the water Aerith.

As with its use in the logo of ‘CC’, the blue sky symbolises Zack, the ideal SOLDIER 1st class envisioned in “FFVII”. This is the image of Zack at his best and complete. If you pull back a bit, you could say it symbolises ideals, goals, dreams.

The white feature, as well as being a symbol for Angeal, is also a symbol for ‘wings’. The “wings” which cross the ‘blue sky’ is Angeal, and it also includes the hint that in order to reach those heights, dreams, he needs to overcome many difficulties.

The ‘water’ which reflects and envelopes the ‘blue sky’ symbolises Aerith. From the interpretation that when Aerith hears the voice of the planet, she is accessing the Lifestream, we have the image of Aerith’s consciousness travelling through the water, which is reminiscent of the Lifestream. Or it is a symbol of the Lifestream itself, something like the planet’s will.

By showing the connection between these three elements, it hints at the story as a whole.

Zack’s Parents

Residing in Gongaga, both of his parents can be seen in good health during “FFVII”. When you see them, there is a scene of them worrying about their son, who hadn’t returned since leaving the village saying he was going to join SOLDIER.

They do not appear in person in this game, but they try to talk Cissnei into marrying their son when she visited their home.

Zack Fan Club

The fan club for Zack of which the receptionist from the Shinra Building is the chairwoman, and Cissnei is also a member. In this game Zack himself can also join as member number 012. It remained active several years after the announcement of Zack’s death, but it later disbanded due to financial troubles.


The teacher who taught Tifa martial arts, and in “BC” and “FFVII” he is shown rescuing the mortally injured Tifa during the Nibelheim Incident. Although he is not mentioned by name or seen in person during this game, he is referenced in one of the messages from Tifa. Incidentally, he apparently has 128 students all over the world.

Genesis Army

An army formed by Genesis, Hollander, and Lazard, and comprised of Genesis and Angeal Copies. It was based out of Banora and Modeoheim. The people who were turned into Genesis Copies were those who Genesis took with him during the Mass SOLDIER Desertion.

Genesis Copy

Copies created with Genesis’ cells, utilising the Copy Technology. Just as humans each have individual differences in their growth, so too do Copies. Depending on the latent potential of the subject changes will arise in the abilities and appearance they gain, for example with the G Assailant and G Warrior. Likewise, there are individual variances in their degradation, but this is also largely influenced by the condition of Genesis’ cells, and when his cells themselves have degraded, the speed of degradation for all Genesis Copies is also sped up.

Genesis’ Foster Parents

The landowners of Banora who took in Genesis after he was put up for adoption. They were affiliated with Shinra, and the original motive behind taking in Genesis was surveillance of the failed product of Project G. However, as the years passed their affection for Genesis deepens, and they go as far as funding their adopted son’s fan club. But Genesis did not share the same level of affection, and after he learnt of the secret of his birth he killed his parents out of anger for their surveillance of him.

Genesis’ Desk

Genesis’ desk, located in the Banora underground, was placed there when Genesis used the area as a secret base as a child. That is why there are mementos of his childhood on it, such as the grand prize trophy for the “National Agriculture Awards, Processed Foods Category” and photos from his childhood.


The “life form excavated from the earth” mentioned in the “Ancients Project Outline” document in Scene 03-18 refers to “Jenova”, an intelligent life form known as the “calamity from the skies” which crashed into the Knowlespole on a meteorite approximately 2000 years before. Jenova has an instinctive drive to destroy planets, and utilising its abilities to inject a virus into its target and transform them into monsters, and to mimic other forms according to its opponent’s thoughts, it drove the Ancients to near extinction. It was later sealed away by a counter-attack by the Ancients, and remained dormant in the ground until it was exhumed 30 years ago.

Its relation to Sephiroth is like that of a parent and child, and in “FFVII” it continued to work with Sephiroth to summon Meteor and destroy the planet. After the final battle it was defeated by Cloud’s team and lost its physical body, but its mimetic legacy lived on within the Lifestream, and in “AC” it created remnants such as Kadaj.

Jenova Cells

The cells from Jenova used in the Jenova Project and SOLDIER surgical procedures. Those who have been injected with these cells undergo physiological changes such as improvement of their physical abilities and partially receiving Jenova’s abilities. However, mentally weak people are unable to withstand Jenova’s will, and it sometimes brings about mental abnormalities.

Jenova Project

A project started by Gast approximately 30 years previous, when Jenova was excavated from the earth. This project, also known by its other name of the ‘Ancients Project’, involved using cells from Jenova to artificially create a new generation of Ancients, with the ultimate goal being to make them search for the Promised Land. Project S and G are part of this same project.

This project was started under a fundamentally mistaken idea, that Jenova was an Ancient. When he realised this, Gast quit his post and disappeared from Shinra.

Supply Pods

The supply pods installed in the Briefing Room on the SOLDIER floor of the Shinra Building. The pods are numbered 01~07, and they are used to provide SOLDIER operatives with items for use in battle, such as accessories and materia, before they set out on missions. Additionally, SOLDIER uniforms are also issued in these pods. Zack’s pod number is 06 for regular provisions, and 04 for his uniform. Incidentally, it is rumoured that the reason the contents of the pods are periodically recollected and no announcement given when they have been restocked is a cost-cutting measure carried out by the company.

Cissnei’s Real Name

In Scene 09-12 Cissnei reveals to Zack that the name ‘Cissnei’ is a code name and not her real name. However, her real name is left undisclosed in this game. According to the development staff, “Tian” was another prospective code name.

Experiment Cylinder [Strengthening Pod]

A large cylinder in the centre of the Fusion Chamber, and in this game Zack undergoes one of Hojo’s experiments if he goes into it. Its primary usage is to fuse test samples, and in “FFVII” there was also a scene where this almost happens to Aerith and Red XIII in this cylinder.

Cid Highwind

A man hailed as a legendary pilot, and while he does not appear in person in this game, he is talked about as the astronaut who will pilot the Shinra #26. Incidentally, the Highwind airship that Shinra is developing is also named after him. In “FFVII” he joins Cloud and fights in the Jenova War.

Company ID

The Shinra Building uses a card key system for its company IDs, which controls access the floors 60 to 70, known as the special block. On that subject, only floors 67 and 68 of the special block appear in this game, but in “FFVII” it was possible to go to floors 60~70 using multiple company IDs.

Group Photograph

The group photograph of Zack, Sephiroth, and Tifa, taken just before they headed to the Nibel mako reactor. In “FFVII” Cloud realises that the young SOLDIER 1st Class who visited Nibelheim was Zack, and not him, after Sephiroth shows him this photograph.

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