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Today we feature translations from the Crisis Core Complete Guide, specifically, from the Keyword Collection which explains and defines certain plot points and terms from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!

Angeal Copy

Subjects of the copy technique where Angeal’s cells were used. Within the game, this includes a variety of monsters and Lazard. When using monsters as the subjects, they were unable to take on Angeal’s form, and instead an image of Angeal’s face appeared to be grafted to a part of their body. Incidentally, though not all of the Angeal Copies that appear in the game are monsters, Angeal’s cells were used primary to make copies from monsters while Genesis’ cells where never used to make copies from monsters.

Furthermore, Angeal Copies do have an ability to call to one another, but they can only have a general understanding of each other’s situations. An example of this ability is how Lazard was able to coax the Angeal Copy living in Aerith’s church to come help him in Banora.

Biorhythm-Testing Materia Equipment

Designed to work in the Virtual Reality System’s cyberspace, this materia works in tandem with the examination equipment. To facilitate Hojo’s observations, a compatible Fusion Chamber had to be built. As it is full of highly specialized equipment, the amount of money needed to repair it after it was damaged by Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal would cost an amount equal to 24 months worth of Zack’s SOLDIER 1st Class salary.

Chocobo Racing

Competitions, both professional and amateur, that allow people to race their chocobos. In FFVII and BC, the Gold Saucer professional races pit six riders and their chocobos against each other.

Cloud and Tifa

Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, both born in Nibelheim. When Cloud leaves the village, he calls Tifa out to the water tower and promises that he will become a SOLDIER. At the same time, he is also made by Tifa to promise that he will come to rescue her if she is ever in trouble.

Following this, the pair experience many hardships, such as the Nibelheim incident which also appears in CC, and the Jenova War in FFVII, and through these the distance between them shortens. And in AC they live together, with Barret’s daughter Marlene and a boy named Denzel. Though there was also a period later where Cloud lived away from them after having contracted Geostigma, they finally reach a commune with each over and return to living together once again. In DC, they rush together to Vincent’s aid, in his battle against Deep Ground SOLDIER.

Copy Technology

Technology which, by transplanting the cells of a G-Type SOLDIER into a physically strong subject, copies the donor’s abilities, appearance, and characteristics onto the subject. However it does not always yield perfect results, and differences in appearance and ability may arise based on the subject’s latent potential. For example, the reason the Genesis and Angeal Copies in the game seem weaker than their originals is due to the subject’s latent potential being inferior to the originals, and are unable to fully utilise the abilities they received.

The influence of the copying process also extends to the subject’s mind, and if the subject’s will is weak their will is completely taken over by that of the cell donor and leads to the breakdown of their sense of self, like the SOLDIER operatives who become Genesis Copies. Conversely, if they are strong willed, they can maintain their identity while still being influenced by the will of the cell donor, such as Lazard as an Angeal Copy.

Five Saints of Wutai

The five men who organized the remnants of the Wutai army after the end of the Wutai War. They are all members of the Engetsu Circle and their names are the First Lance “Maetsuki”, the Second Lance “Shitsuki”, the Third Lance “Satsuki”, the Fourth Lance “Migitsuki”, and the Fifth Lance “Nakatsuki.” Futhermore, in FFVII Yuffie’s father Godo is the leader of the “Five Gods of Wutai” and while the names of the two organizations resemble one another, there is no relation between them.

Genesis Copy

Subjects of the copy technique where Genesis’ cells were used. Though they are all humans their individual differences become more prominent during the process, as seen with the G-Assault and the G-Warrior, showing how an individual’s latent abilities can become integrated into the changes in form and strength that takes place during the copy process. The rate of their degradation also varies from individual to individual, along with influences from the state of Genesis’ cells, and thus his own degradation quickens the degradation of all Genesis Copies.

Genesis’ Dream

In Scene 10-09 Genesis says that “the dream… came true,” Genesis’ ‘dream’ here being to ‘serve the hero Sephiroth a Banora White apple’. So the ‘real thing’ Zack is referring to when he says, “sorry I’m not the real thing,” is Sephiroth, and ‘not the real thing’ refers to himself and Cloud, who are Sephiroth Copies.

Hollander’s Degradation

During the scenes in Gongaga Hollander’s degradation is revealed, because he used the same cells [from Gillian] he had originally transplanted into Genesis, and thus converted himself into a G-Series SOLDIER. The reason why his degradation is progressing at a remarkable rate and why his one wing is so small is because he does not have the same physical strength as Genesis.

Jenova Doll

A metallic likeness of Jenova that was placed in front of her at the Nibel Mako Reactor, which Sephiroth destroys during the game. The details of how it functioned are unknown, but it is assumed that it helped to process and filter the sucked-up Lifestream.


A famous chocobo jockey who rides the jet-black Invicible Teioh, referred to by a female fan who is a Shin-Ra employee as “The Chocobo Prince.” At the time of CC he is only an amateur racer, but years later in FFVII he is working as a professional chocobo racer at the Gold Saucer.

Limit Breaks

When your spirit energy rises to its ultimate limit, for a short while it aligns with and emits from your body. Furthermore, Zack is unusual in that he can copy Limit Breaks, such as taking Aerith’s “Healing Wind” Limit Break from FFVII and turning it into his Limit Break “Healing Wave”. In the same way, Cloud takes his Limit Break “Meteor Rain” from the original Limit Break Zack created based on him called “Meteor Shot”.

Mako Humans (a.k.a. Makonoids)

Humans who have been continually injected with mako, and have turned into monsters. In addition to those who were being cultivated in the mako capsules in the Nibel mako reactor, there are also those in created by the research of Genesis’ group in the Banora underground.


Living things, both plants and animals, who have been over-exposed to mako and thus suddenly mutated. The two causes are roughly divided between beings affected by natural springs of mako that well up from the soil, and those that were produced through Shin-Ra experiments. Therefore, in areas where there is little natural mako monsters are only seen on occasion, and as for the ones born from Shin-Ra experiments, many have escaped over the course of the war and have begun breeding in the wild.

Monster Investigation Program

A program aimed at gathering information about the appearance of monsters all over the world. As it is necessary to make contact with the monsters, this dangerous investigation is assigned as part of a SOLDIER’s duty. After investigating the monsters within Midgar, harsher missions have operatives traveling to uninhabited areas and islands.


Appears in name alone in a question when joining the Premium Fan Club. It is the strongest limit break belonging to Cloud in FFVII; a series of 15 consecutive highly charged sword strikes. In the final stages of the Jenova War, Cloud used this attack to finish off Sephiroth. In AC he also used the same attack to finish off Sephiroth, but the one used there is called “Omnislash Ver.5”, and is an evolved form of the aforementioned attack.


Genesis’ favorite sword with a double-edged red blade. It is a much wider sword than a traditional rapier, and the grip and knuckle-guard are decorated with bird motifs. While attacking, it is possible to draw magic into the blade, making the runes along the surface glow as the edge of the blade is wrapped in the same light. Even when Genesis is transformed into Genesis Avatar, his sword grows to an immense size just like him.

Sephiroth’s Authority

When Sephiroth refused to be dispatched to Banora, he was exercising his privileges as a SOLDIER 1st Class. 1st Class privileges informally include – the use of personal equipment, the use of rationed supplies outside of missions, and the right to veto orders.

Shin-Ra’s Firing Policy

As people who take posts as managers and are privy to Shin-Ra secrets, and SOLDIERs in and of themselves are Shin-Ra industrial secrets, to prevent this information from leaking outside company walls it is very difficult for these employees to retire. Even if they are allowed to leave Shin-Ra, their subsequent actions are constantly monitored by the company. Even if people believed that they have evaded surveillance, Shin-Ra will be following after them for the remainder of their lives, and in a worst case scenario the company will have them killed.

SOLDIER Degradation

A symptom of a particular flaw inherit within the G-Series SOLDIERs and their copies. It is due to an imperfect integration of Jenova cells into their bodies, and the symptoms worsen as their genetic information is spread to other beings. The first signs of degradation are changes in skin quality and hair color, and as the body’s natural immune system is damaged the subject’s skin and muscle tissue begin to degrade. Furthermore, the subject looses their ability to restrain themselves from giving in to brutal outbursts, which can temporarily raise their skills in combat, but they run the risk of eventually devolving into monsters.

Special Bulletin Reporter

A journalist dedicated to revealing the darkness of Shin-Ra. Because he writes reports concerning Shin-Ra’s confidential matters, he closely monitors what happens in the company. In truth, he is actually a member of AVALANCHE, working on gathering classified information from Shin-Ra, and the articles he writes are used to give the public a bad impression of Shin-Ra.

Summoned Beasts

Beings which are called forth from summon materia, many of which outwardly resemble monsters. As seen in the original game of FFVII, many of the summon beasts draw their targets into their own unique space in order to attack. However, Advent Children’s Bahamut Tremor, was a special summon beast who attacked while interacting with the real world.

Super Nova

In FFVII it is the strongest technique that Safer Sephiroth uses, destroying planets with the power of an expanding sun, the resulting supernova obliterating his enemies. Within Crisis Core, it is one of the answers required to pass the Premium Fanclub’s test.

The Fake Save Point

In the middle of a few of her missions, there are a few scenes where Yuffie tries to take advantage of Zack when he goes to use her fake save point. This trick is a reference to when the Cloud’s group first meets her in FFVII, and using one of her fake save points will allow Yuffie to steal their gil.

The Invincible Teioh

The jet-black chocobo that is always with Joe. He has many racing victories under his taloned feet. In FFVII, he appears with Joe at the Gold Saucer Chocobo Races, dashing along the track to numerous victories.

The Last Pure S Cells

Cells from Cloud, who has undergone the Sephiroth Copy experiments and been implanted with S-Cells. The reason Genesis and Hollander deemed them to be the last pure S-Cells was due to the fact that, after having finished examining Zack’s cells in Scene 09-10 and, prior to Scene 09-14, the cells of the Sephiroth Copies roaming Nibelheim, Cloud was the only one who possessed S-Cells which they had not examined.

The Media

Within the game, from it’s press department’s control of the Shin-Ra News, Shin-Ra maintains a tight control of the media at large. Through Shin-Ra’s control of media power, Sephiroth was tailored into a hero, Shin-Ra’s enterprises are white-washed with a seemingly clean image, and prominent employees gain notoriety.

The Water God

The people of Wutai worship the water god Leviathan as their guardian deity. Within the game, this is demonstrated by the inclusion of a sacred statue of the water god in the courtyard of Fort Tamblin. In FFVII Leviathan is a summoned beast, but the necessary materia is officially in the possession of Wutai’s leader Godo.

Virtual Reality System

Equipment developed to allowed test subject to interact with prepared data in a virtual environment. Any variety of virtual simulations can be created, all sorts of monsters for example, so it is mostly used for Shin-Ra Army training and special experiments. However, since the wounds one receives when using it are real, there is danger involved with its usage.

Now, the goggles that Zack wore in the opening of the game, those were equipped to collect data from directly from his body. Thus, because all of the details of the of the training are able to be measured in real time, they must be worn during SOLDIER Class promotion tests.

Water Tower

The water tower erected in the center of Nibelheim. The large wooden cask catches rain water, and filters it to supply the townspeople with water to use in their daily lives. In the game, it is counted as one of the 7 Wonders of Nibelheim, as a place where the water runs red, due to the color of a red summon materia that was in the tower seeping into the water.

Also, the tower at night appears to be a date spot for the town’s young residents, and Cloud had also called Tifa out here and talked to her before leaving Nibelheim for Midgar.

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