New Translations from the Crisis Core Complete Guide by Hitoshura

by November 10, 2009 3 comments

Between pages 274 and 298 of the Crisis Core Complete Guide, lies the Keyword Explanation section, a section of the book that explains several keyword plot points within the Compilation of FFVII. The has hosted a few translations from this part of the book, but these are only a select few of the plethora of keywords contained therein. It is now with great pleasure that we host several more translated by hitoshura, from page 274 of this book. And you can be sure there will be more to come as well. You can read the new translations done here. Be sure to check back for more! A big thanks for hitoshura for working through my blurry scans to do this. We definitely appreciate it! ^^


  1. Celes Chere
    #1 Celes Chere 10 November, 2009, 11:03

    Amagad, yay! Thanks a ton for this. ♥ I have been dying to read more from CC lately, so this is awesome.

    The work is very much appreciated, you’re amazing Hito!!! c:

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  2. Jack
    #2 Jack 13 November, 2009, 00:54

    Great job Hitoshura! More translations are always great for the community.

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  3. Tennyo
    #3 Tennyo 18 November, 2009, 07:34

    Yay! I love you Hito! ^_^

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