New Translations from the Crisis Core Complete Guide by Hitoshura

by February 5, 2010 9 comments

So after a brief hiatus to allow Hitoshura to complete FFXIII, we finally have some new translations from the CC Complete Guide, in our effort to complete the entire keyword collection section! You can read the following new translations here. Enjoy everyone!


  1. Dark & Divine
    #1 Dark & Divine 5 February, 2010, 19:57

    Thanks a lot for this! 🙂

    And correct me if I wrong, but I think it’s the first time we get to see that Jenova’s form in its entirety.

    Interesting the fact that its base looks like a heart.

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  2. Shadowfox
    #2 Shadowfox 5 February, 2010, 20:16

    Thanks for all your hard work, Hito.

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  3. Squall_of_SeeD
    #3 Squall_of_SeeD 6 February, 2010, 07:29

    Awesome work, hito. Thanks for doing all this.

    Very interesting stuff. Especially the “Zack’s Mental Image” bit, though I wonder how much of that they pulled out of their asses on the spot. XD

    Other matters: Why not reveal Cissnei’s real name? There’s no reason not to, and it’s rather annoying that they haven’t. I’m not even sure what the point of her having a code name is beyond possibly being a tongue-in-cheek reference to her original “name” being “Shuriken (Female)” in Before Crisis.

    Maybe “Shuriken” is her real name? XD

    Also, I’m curious about this “Experiment Cylinder” entry — is that suggesting that Hojo was going to actually try to *fuse* Aerith and Red XIII into one body? I always assumed he intended to breed them.

    Under the “Jenova Project” entry, I see the conflicting accounts of what was up with Gast has reared its ugly head again. So, I guess at this point the official position on things is definitely that Gast realized JENOVA wasn’t an Ancient before resigning — and that this is what primarily led to his resignation, rather than guilt about experimenting on humans.

    But, then, it seems that his involvement in the whole Lucrecia/Sephiroth aspect of things has been removed anyway, per the implications in the developer Q&A in the CC Ultimania, and how irrelevant Gast was in both CC and DC. Hojo’s definitely taken center stage as the mastermind behind the JENOVA Project.

    That definitely doesn’t sit well with me. Nor does removing the dark mark on Gast’s history by taking him out of the equation where injecting the cells into Lucrecia’s womb is concerned.

    Yes, he did something stupid and shitty. But then he felt sorry for it and resigned. That was an important aspect of the character, and also gave his soul its own appropriate marring — something just about everybody in the FFVII mythos has.

    Also, what cock teasing — they mention the Ancients’ counterattack against JENOVA, but still have nothing specific to say. Gah! One of the few really interesting things a prequel could have touched upon and it’s still been ignored, despite all this Compilation business. Right along with the details of Sephiroth’s early life.

    All very interesting stuff in here, but, God, if they could have just stopped skirting so many issues.

    In any event, thanks again, hito.

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    • hitoshura
      hitoshura 15 February, 2010, 11:47

      “Also, I’m curious about this “Experiment Cylinder” entry — is that suggesting that Hojo was going to actually try to *fuse* Aerith and Red XIII into one body? I always assumed he intended to breed them.”

      That was going a bit with what the English game named things. The Japanese name for the room was 配合ルーム. I can’t remember if it was specified that Hojo wanted to breed them, I might look into it a bit more later :monster:

      X-SOLDIER 12 March, 2010, 15:12

      I don’t think that fusion was the initial interpritation. Here’s quotes from the US Version from Hojo before, and Nanaki afterwards.

      “Lending a helping hand to an endangered species… Both of them are on the brink of extinction…” “If I don’t help, all these animals will disappear.”

      “I have a right to choose, too. I don’t like two-legged things.”
      (to Aerith)
      “I apologize for what happened back there. I was merely acting to throw Hojo off guard……”

      I don’t think that Nanaki could “act” like the chamber was about to fuse him with Aerith to throw Hojo off guard. 😉


  4. Aniron
    #4 Aniron 6 February, 2010, 23:09

    The meaning behind that sky/water/feather scene is rather interesting. I had figured that the feather was the representation of Angeal, but the whole Zack and Aerith symbolism behind it is completely new.

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  5. Tennyo
    #5 Tennyo 7 February, 2010, 01:19

    I am definitely looking forward to reading these!

    Also yay you guys picked the fugliest picture of Cloud there is for this entry. XD

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  6. Quexinos
    #6 Quexinos 7 February, 2010, 23:11

    I like how Zack’s Fan Club has its own section XD
    Oh that Zack

    Good job as always Hito.

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    #7 X-SOLDIER 8 February, 2010, 14:28

    @ D&D – I think it is. I really like the huge external heart. It’s nice to finally see her in her entirety.

    @ SoS I agree with you about the “Experiment Cylinder”.

    I think that in the context, especially how Nanaki talks about it afterwards that he was attempting to breed them, though I can see the change being a much more acceptable (and less adult) method. Hojo’s still a messed up individual.


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