Lazard Character Profile from the Crisis Core Ultimania

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Lazard’s character profile is the next featured translation today, coming from the Crisis Core Ultimania. Enjoy!


The kind and popular leader of SOLDIER.

The calm, composed and clever executive manager of the SOLDIER department. While he has no combat abilities, his friendly concern in personnel affairs, and his quick and precise instructions, have earned him the trust of the SOLDIERs. He obtained his current social position at a young age, but there also many unknown portions of his past personal history. In terms of the speed of his promotions, he is often compared to the President’s son Rufus Shinra.

The ambition hidden behind a polite facade.

“The darkness of Shin-Ra”, “the bonds of parent and child”, “unhappy families” – These types of terms fill the newsletters Lazard distributes to the SOLDIERs. Apparently, the contents of these letters reveal his world view, these are his personal thoughts about Shin-Ra that he keeps hidden. In company discussions he is often raised up as “The Ideal Boss”, however a dark fire smolders inside of him, and it is only a matter of time before it rises to the surface.

「 Is that so. Quite a sad dream but a good dream nonetheless. 」

lthough known as an understanding boss, when Zack recites his dream he responds with surprisingly biting words. While he understands his subordinates, no one seems to talk about Lazard. What could be in his past?

「 If it is for the realization of a greater goal, the obstacles and difficulties I will have to face are not
  worth considering. 」

Lazard says that he has never had disagreeable feelings when it comes to the company. This seems to be the type of answer an honor student would give, but at the root is an ambition he cannot speak aloud….

The Duty of SOLDIER
Members of SOLDIER, we thank you for your continuing duties.

A few days ago, we received a great deal of bad news, as is now well known across the company.

In the company there has been a wave of criticism regarding the current military power of the SOLDIER Department. However, that opinion will change; we will transform this critical situation into a golden opportunity to show the high performance of a group that will prevail even with dwindled numbers.

Therefore, continue to do your best so that we may have a swift end to the Wutai War.

The Policy from Now On
Members of SOLDIER, we thank you for your continuing duties.

In response to a certain sad incident recently, we had to consider the bond one shares with their parents.

There are families which are not bound by blood that are happy, and on the other hand, there are families which share blood that are unhappy. The key difference is a “sense of respect and gratitude”.

Without this, “resentment” is often the result. This “resentment” is a tragic consequence, and much “resentment” lies in the background of duty. The quick execution of one’s duty is natural in SOLDIER, but from now on we would like to see our strength directed towards risk prevention.


Notes – A Tragic Familial Relationship

In Lazard’s mail, the hatred he feels towards Shin-Ra is only barely concealed. One example of this, “Families who share blood and are unhappy,” is him implicitly indicating President Shinra for abandoning him as an illegitimate child. In short, he hides the unhappy world of his family behind the facade of a compassionate person, as his unhappiness continues. Though, with a view of the whole story, “Families who do not share blood and are happy,” is exemplified with Angeal learning the doctrine of hard work from his step-father.
Coming to the End of the War
Members of SOLDIER, we thank you for your continuing duties.

The prolonged war is finally at an end. We owe our thanks to you, the members of SOLDIER, including Sephiroth. However, a situation causing tension within Shin-Ra still continues.

If a strong military group like ours waits, the anti-Shin-Ra organization will grow in numbers beyond our limits.

This is an “injustice” against Shin-Ra’s growing prosperity. As members of Shin-Ra, we are needed to sincerely oppose this “injustice”. This should be etched into your heart, and taken with you in your future duties.

The Children of the Slums
Members of SOLDIER, we thank you for your continuing duties.

In this city floating in the sky, we must remember that in the shade of Midgar’s plate there exists the underground village of the Slums. This stands a symbol of Shin-Ra’s “injustice”.

As you may have heard, many children form gangs to deal with being forced to lead especially cruel lives in the Slums. You may also have heard of a rumor regarding a birth connected with the President.

Neglecting this “injustice” will cast a large shadow over the future development of Shin-Ra.

At least, though we are only SOLDIER, we still want you to consider how we may cope with this “injustice”.

Notes – Real Experiences from Childhood

Just like “The Policy from Now On,” Lazard continues to weave his personal grudge into the contents of a letter written under the pretense of having a deep concern for others. Written as though only hearsay, Lazard in truth grew up as a child of the Slums, and this letter acts as a references to his true feelings about that wretched life. And then, “The rumor of a birth related to the president” is yet another hint to him being President Shinra’s illegitimate son.
Shin-Ra’s Darkness
Members of SOLDIER, we thank you for your continuing duties.

Since Shin-Ra has promoted rapid development,
it has produced “injustice” in many places.

This “injustice” that both the President and the Vice-President must face is the darkness of Shin-Ra. And we too are the victims of this darkness.

However, as we are also employees of Shin-Ra we have to take responsibility. And all of you, I believe, will perform with the appropriate conduct, even without my leadership. I humbly request this of you.

Notes – Lazard gets Cornered
In a position where he is liable to get caught and opts to disappear instead, the substance of this greeting is essentially one of separation from his subordinates. The hatred he bares to his father and younger brother, it is directed towards them as though they are the responsible parties for all of the injustice in society.

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