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And here is Red XIII’s FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania character profile translation.

Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC

Character Profile

Sex: Male
Height: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon
Weapon: Hair Ornaments
First Person Pronoun: オイラ [Oira, derivative of Ore],
 私 [Watashi] (initially used in front of Cloud and the rest.)
Voice Actor: AC – Masachika Ichimura

He is the survivor of a tribe that protects the planet, living in Cosmo Canyon. His real name is Nanaki. Due to the rare traits that he possessed, such as an extraordinarily long lifespan of a few hundred years, his command of human speech despite being a beast, and his advanced intellect, he became an experimental sample of Hojo. Though he was fearful since he was but an adolescent, in reality he harbored the need to “become an adult as soon as possible in order to protect the hometown’s valley”, a feeling that bordered on impatience.

In Final Fantasy VII
The proud beast that resides in the Valley of the Fallen Star.

Age: 48 (15~16 in human years)

After meeting Cloud’s party at the ShinRa Building where he was held captive as an experiment sample, he then decides to accompany them. Initially scorning his father as a “coward who fled before the enemy”, he resolved to become a splendid adult that was different from him, using words and actions which did not seem suited for his age. Upon returning to his hometown and clearing up the misunderstanding towards his father, he stopped trying to overdo more than what he could and continued on the journey in order to ascertain the fate of the planet.

「 An informed question. But difficult to answer. I am what you see. 」

Instead of escaping, his father had fought alone to protect the valley. After finding out the truth, Red XIII was able to think of his father with pride. His calm composure and usage of elevated speech when they first met made him seem like an aging philosopher. However, this behavior was just an act as he wanted to become an adult faster.

「 I’ll witness it myself. Whatever happens here on . . . . . . to everyone, to the planet . . . . . . 」

Although his appearance is that resembling a feline, he occasionally exhibits behavior similar to dogs.

Trivia 1

Origin of the name Red XIII.

Red XIII was the tentative name affixed by Hojo to manage the experiment sample. The name was derived from Nanaki’s body that was as red as flames and the number 13 used to distinguish between experimental subjects. Amongst them, those of which are judged to be a success have the tattoo of a distinguishing number on some part of their body. In the case of Red XIII, it is engraved on his left shoulder.

[FFVII] More than a name, it is a control number. Red XIII is just “a name without a meaning.” [FFVII] Apart from the XIII tattoo which was Hojo’s doing, the other markings are a warrior talisman passed down through the tribe.

Limit Break

Cosmo Memory

Within the fireball that Red XIII summons, crystals of star energy accumulates. The ball of fire that has become a colossal accumulation of the energy from the stars is then directed towards the enemy, releasing a heatwave.
Huge explosions occur along the places that the heatwave had passed through. Clods of earth are blown up, spreading and causing all enemies to conflagration.

In Advent Children

The formation of a good combination of fellow felines?
To the battlefield where the companions gather.

Age: 50

When Edge was under attack by Bahamut SHIN, he hastened there with Cait Sith on his back. Still young in terms of human years, the form of Red XIII carrying out his tribe’s mission to “protect the planet” and fighting makes it appropriate to call him a full-fledged warrior.

「 There are still children with the stigma. 」

On the airship, he was hit in the head several times by the excited Cait Sith, even up to six times unintentionally. 500 years after FFVII, he roars atop the hill that overlooks the former Midgar. He had been keeping watch over the planet throughout the long expanse of time.

Compilation Check

In fact, we also encountered other comrades in DC.

In DC, although there is a scene where old comrades gathered at Midgar, Red XIII wasn’t in said scene. Among the comrades that saved the planet, only Red XIII didn’t appear but then again, you can see his presence in the ending after the incidents are settled. The sleeping look where he bathes under the sun light in front of Seventh Heaven, isn’t it just too cute to call him a warrior?

[DC] At the side of Shelke the ex-DG SOLDIER, Red XIII takes a contented snooze after yawning widely.

In Before Crisis

He strains his courage and stands up to protect his childhood friend.

Age: 47

Before being captured by ShinRa, he appeared as “Nanaki who resides in Cosmo Canyon.” Together with Dinne, another survivor of the same species, the “Rite to appease the Planet” was to be performed. However, he was hesitant due to an indescribable uneasiness. Just then, he witnessed Dinne being chased by suspicious people. When she was on the verge of crisis, he realized the true nature of the thoughts he held within himself and in order to protect her, he took a step forward as a warrior of the valley.

「 There’s no way someone like Dinne could understand how I feel. 」

He unintentionally had an outburst of anger towards Dinne, who was invited to perform the ritual together with him. He was in fact unsure about why he himself did not want to do the ritual and was perplexed as a result.

「 Anyway, there’s no way that I’m going to go through with the ritual! 」

What would happen if she got captured – Questioning and answering himself with regards to that, Nanaki’s true feelings finally surfaced. Nanaki opposing the suspicious strangers who had came to capture them. The thought of not wanting to separate from Dinne stirs him.

「 Coz’ I’m a warrior who protects this valley! 」

「 Silence! We will not be taken from here! 」

Trivia 2

When was it that his right eye was lost?

When Red XIII joins the party in FFVII, he had lost his right eye due to an injury. On the other hand, his right eye appears intact during his appearance in BC. It is thinkable that the wound on his right eye was inflicted during the one year where he was captured by ShinRa in BC and treated as an experiment sample, prior to his meeting with Cloud in FFVII.

[FFVII] Red XIII saying that he has several scores to settle with Hojo. Could this also be one of Hojo’s doings?

Compilation Check

What is the 「Rite to appease the Planet」 that has been handed through the generations within the tribe?

The “Rite of appease the Planet” is a traditional ritual performed at Cosmo Canyon once every 50 years. A ritual that only those of Red XIII’s species can carry out, it was first established for a pair of male and female together. Finishing the ritual, the female would seclude herself for three years at the altar, offering prayers of appeasel while the male would become a Warrior that protects the valley.

Although Red XIII was captured by the Turks right before the ritual, it was able to be carried out safely due to their arrangement. Furthermore, as a result of his partner Dinne secluding herself at the altar following the end of the ritual, her figure cannot be confirmed in FFVII. Guessing from the amount of time the ritual involves, it would be after the series of events in AC that Dinne comes out after fulfilling her duty.

[BC] The female who is secluded at the altar would not meet anyone and continue offering prayers to the planet for three years. [BC] Even Reno who was concerned with the mission to capture the endangered species seems interested in the ritual that is held once every 50 years.

Compilation Check

Red XIII’s family,
Watching over the planet even after 500 Years

Though Bugenhagen had made a profound remarks like “You may even find a cute girlfriend amidst your travels” in FFVII, the existence of a female survivor named Dinne from Red XIII’s tribe was disclosed in BC. Judging from Bugenhagen’s words in BC that “there is only a single pair of male and female of Nanaki’s species in this village now” and the mutual exchange of thoughts between Nanaki and Dinne, Dinne for sure should be the mother of the children.

[FFVII] Experiencing the passing of 500 years, Red XIII’s form closely resembles that of his father, Seto. [FFVII] The fact that there is no flame on their tail is evidence that the cubs are still very young.

Red XIII Map

— Cosmo Canyon
The hometown of Red XIII. The land of origin for Study of Planet Life, Cloud and the rest were taught the fundamentals of planet life studies by the teacher/sage Bugenhagen.

— Midgar
Red XIII, who had been held captive at the ShinRa Building as an experiment sample, met with Cloud’s party and ended up taking action together with them.

— Cargo Ship
A boat that Red XIII and his companions slipped in. Although it was hard for his disguise to deceive the eyes of the enemy, was not being exposed the fruit of his hard work?

Red XIII – Timeline
[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 1959

· Is born.

· BC – Cosmo Canyon
His hometown was attacked by the Gi Tribe. He was under the impression that his father had betrayed the village people after learning that he had left the frontline during the midst of battle.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0006/10/30

(Age 47)

· BC – Cosmo Canyon

Captured by the Turks as an endangered species, he was handled as a sample at the ShinRa building after the ritual to appease the planet had been finished. Guided the Turks, who had came to expel the anti-ShinRa organization (Old AVALANCHE), while the Mako Reactor was in the midst of construction.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/12

(Age 48)

· FFVII – Midgar
Met Cloud’s party at Hojo’s laboratory and escaped from the ShinRa Building with them. He planned to travel with them until they reached his hometown.

· FFVII – Cosmo Canyon
Fulfilled a return to his hometown in the midst of the journey with Cloud. Learning the truth concerning his father, his resolve to continue the journey is strengthened.

· FFVII – Northern Crater

Entrusted with the black materia from Cloud, he was tricked by Jenova who had mimicked Tifa, permitting the activation of Meteor.

· FFVII – Cosmo Canyon
Visiting his hometown prior to the final decisive battle, he attended to Bugenhagen as he was dying.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008/1

· FFVII – Northern Crater
Victorious together with his companions in the final decisive battle with Sephiroth, the descent of Meteor was halted.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009

(Age 50)

· AC – Edge
Riding aboard the Sierra together with his former companions, they rushed to provide Cloud with assistance.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010

(Age 51)

· DC – Edge
Following the resolution of the DG-related incident, he returned to Seventh Heaven to rest.

[ 500 Years after FFVII ]

(Age 548)

· Running up the rocky mountains accompanied by his children, he watches over Midgar
covered by greenery.

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