Final Fantasy VIII to get PC rerelease

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In this week’s roundup: Final Fantasy VIII will be released on the PC again; Cloud’s Buster Sword recreated in real life; Final Fantasy III OUYA gameplay; plus lots from our forum.

Final Fantasy VIII Is Coming To PC With High Resolution Graphics (via Siliconera)

Quistis, Final Fantasy VIII

Square Enix announced they will release a PC version of Final Fantasy VIII, but it won’t be the same game released over a decade ago. Final Fantasy VIII for PC will have high resolution graphics, Famitsu reports.

The website also says if additional features other than the graphical upgrade are in the game or not is yet to be determined. The PC version had the Chocobo World mini-RPG more accessible since you didn’t need the Japan-only PocketStation to play it. The monochrome mini-RPG powers up Boko’s attack and rewards players with extra items.

Have your say: discuss the new release of Final Fantasy VIII (hat-tip: Captain Highwind)

Master swordsmith creates Cloud’s Buster sword from Final Final Fantasy 7 (via Polygon)

Man at Arms’ Master swordsmith, Tony Swatton, recreated Cloud’s Buster sword from Final Final Fantasy 7. The video demonstrates Swatton in action as he discusses the hefty blade’s creation process. According to the video’s description, he uses high-speed belt grinders, scorching furnaces and pounding power hammers. At the end of the video, the weapon is used to obliterate full soda bottles, pinatas, watermelons and vases.

The Swordsmith recently conducted a Reddit AMA where he talked about his favorite weapon to reproduce (Gimli’s Axe and Raphael’s Sais), how he got into his line of work and how he cut off his nose while polishing a piece of gothic armor.

Have your say: could anyone possibly wield such a sword? (hat-tip: Shademp)

OUYA: Final Fantasy 3 gameplay footage surfaces online (via VG 24/7)

Final Fantasy 3 has been captured running on OUYA by IGN. The clip shows the remake’s visuals and gameplay to give you an idea of how the port fares on the Android-powered rig.

Square-Enix is just one of many big-name publishers that have pledged support for the OUYA platform, but as early reports suggest the console’s store at present is a tad sparse. However, OUYA has responded to early reviews, saying that the console is not yet complete, and that the final build – releasing June 4 – will best reflect the machine’s capabilities and software offering.

Have your say: how much would you pay for Final Fantasy III on the OUYA?

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