FFVIII released on Steam

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In this week’s roundup: FFVIII released on Steam; Akihiko Yoshida leaves Square-Enix; “A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy” concert announced plus the latest from our forum.

FFVII Released on Steam (VIA VG247)

ff8Final Fantasy 8 is now available through Steam and other digital outlets for $11.99, Square Enix has announced.

First released in 1999, the game was the fastest-selling title in the series until Final Fantasy 13.

The game has been optimized for modern PCs and fully integrated with the Steam platform and comes with a range of new features such as a Magic Booster, cloud support, and 45 integrated achievements along with Chocobo World, previously unavailable to Western players on the original release.

Credits go to our members Captain Highwind and Prince Lex for bringing this to our attention. And an extra thanks to our member Shademp for bringing this funny thing to our attention.

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Akihiko Yoshida Leaves Square-Enix (VIA SILICONERA)

tumblr_lfe3hnIZ571qbn7ano1_1280Akihiko Yoshida, who first joined Square Soft in 1995 to work as a character designer on titles such as Final Fantasy TacticsTactics Ogre, and more recently Bravely Default andFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, has announced his departure from the company he’s been working with for almost two decades.

The announcement is in his personal message section of the Bravely Default art book in Japan, titled “The Art of Bravely,” released today with Bravely Default: For the Sequel in Japan.


It hasn’t been confirmed yet if Yoshida is working on Bravely Second, the sequel to Bravely Default, which was announced yesterday, but Yoshida does say he wants to keep working on the series, so keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks go tou our member Fangu for bringing this to our attention.

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“A New World: Intimate Music From Final Fantasy” Concert Announced

1397645_1422276654670816_563056636_oThe producers of the live orchestra performance phenomenon Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY are proud to announce an intimate FINAL FANTASY music experience.

A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY presents fresh arrangements of music from throughout the 25+ years of the FINAL FANTASY catalogue for a variety of chamber ensembles. The programs feature string quartets, piano and guitar solos, duos, trios and other mixed groups of instrumentalists to produce an immediate and personal encounter with the extraordinary FINAL FANTASY musical themes, characters and settings.

With legendary FINAL FANTASY composer Nobuo Uematsu (keyboardist) and music director Arnie Roth (violinist) in a special performance of FINAL FANTASY VI: Dark World, and other renowned performers such as Benyamin Nuss (pianist), and the Navarra String Quartet, A New World joins Distant Worlds as an exclusive, officially licensed production with the renowned game developer SQUARE ENIX. A New World introduces audiences to the music from FINAL FANTASY on a personal and intimate scale that has yet to be experienced.

You can check the official site here.

Thanks go to our member Tetsujin for bringing this to our attention

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